Where is the Task Manager?

Hello. I own the G3 from today. am very pleased with everything. Only one problem I have. I find no task manager, like there was this at G2, where all apps running in the background and not really needed, can make.
And now comes with me please do not "these are the 2 rectangles", No, that's just the running.
I want to know if there is a task manager, or whether I should play so tore get from me what I though not necessarily make möchste

What do you need to, then? And in the two rectangles you can get out wipe the app, it stops gently. With a Task Manager, the app will simply killed and the whole RAM management gets confused because the system then terminated Apps gently when more RAM for example, a game is needed, otherwise the apps running at idle speed and run faster. (On Android, the following applies: Available RAM is RAM verschenkter :)) Under Settings> Apps>Active you can still kill apps when there is a problem. If the "Recent apps" Menu no task manager is, there is probably no more because the eh do not make sense.

I n l90 should be relatively similar.
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And since then on running applications