The best calendar apps for Android

to find the right calendar app for Android, is not so simple. The Google Play Store, there are a lot of calendar apps, but what's really good? Most of us need a flexible app that adapts to our habits and is easy to use. And all apps can not do it. We have picked out five calendar apps that earn our recommendation.

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aCalendar: Simple and efficient

aCalendar is a popular calendar app from Germany. Its simplicity has been able to convince many users, but why exactly she deserves a place on this list?

Design / Operation

First you will see a short tutorial when you open the app. You will redirected to the website of the provider, on the explains to you the basic functions. It is extremely simple: a horizontal swipe across the screen alternates between the display modes (month, week or day), a vertical scroll through the month, week or day.

AndroidPIT DE aCalendar 2aCalendar / © AndroidPIT

The design of aCalendar looks very sober, almost classical. Top left is the current date or the calendar week and an option to enable multiple calendars on and off. Top right you will find a plus icon, which you can add your appointments, an option to jump to the current day and other features like search.

The app also brings an informative widget with it that provides a quick view of the current entries.


The app offers a synchronization with the Google account, so there is anything that is created there after the first start aCalendar.

AndroidPIT DE aCalendar 1aCalendar / © AndroidPIT

You can add birthdays and assign them directly to the appropriate contact or manually add a normal appointment. can date, exact time, place and a description of your add each entry. Of course, you also can enter recurring events and reminders to help you never missed a meeting.


aCalendar offers a simple and intuitive operation and in this case has all the features you expect from a calendar application. As the developer also explained in the description in the Play Store, there is no unnecessary frills. The app can be downloaded for free and contains no advertising, whatever we like. There is also a pay version with which you can support the developer voluntarily and discover the full extent of the app.

  • Tested version: 1.8.4
  • Download size: 2.84 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 2.1 and later
  • Business model: Free with in-app purchases
aCalendar - Android CalendarInstall on Google Play

DigiCal: classic with a twist

DigiCal is also a popular calendar app for Android. It resembles aCalendar in many ways, but brings a few crucial specifics with them, of which particularly stands out a feature.

Design / Operation

After the first start, a brief summary of the basic features of the app you will be presented. Also in this calendar app design is quite simple and unexcited: The app presents itself mainly in white with blue and black text. DigiCal is divided into two clearly separate areas: one is a classic monthly overview and on the other a typical agenda list with upcoming events.

AndroidPIT DE DIGICAL 1DigiCal / © AndroidPIT

Top left is the menu from which you can switch from one map to another. On the right you will find similar functions as in aCalendar: A to return to the current day, another to create new events and a final to open the settings.

The app provides multiple widgets in different sizes. The settings are quite diverse: You can choose between a classic agenda list and a monthly view and set many other options.


DigiCal synchronizes with the selected Google account. When creating an appointment you can choose between different colors, select the date and time, frequency, callback options, location and many other options.

AndroidPIT DE DIGICAL 2DigiCal / © AndroidPIT

The options are wide-ranging. For example, you can the language and the default view, determine a theme and the main color itself. The configuration of appointments and notifications is also possible. If you wish, you can add directly to calendar overview weather forecast for the next few days; This can especially be helpful when you are traveling a lot.

DigiCal offers a very interesting feature further: Using GPS, the calendar app can you show the exact distance to your next meeting.


DigiCal is intuitive and easy to use. The two-window setup not everybody will like, but the GPS feature is undoubtedly a useful extension of the Calendar app. There is also a pay version, but the free version has actually already everything and does not display annoying advertising pop-ups.

  • Tested version: 1.7.4g
  • Download size: 8.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 2.3.3 and newer
  • Business model: Free with in-app purchases
DigiCal CalendarInstall on Google Play

Today Calendar

Based on the Google Calendar Jack Underwood, the calendar app developed Today Calendar. This extends the Google stock to some useful functions.

Design / Operation

Today Calendar is based entirely on Google's requirements of material design. A floating over most screens plus sign allows you to add appointments. Today Calendar supports multiple calendars, and fully integrates with the Google Calendar Sync.

AndroidPIT DE today 1Today Calendar / © AndroidPIT

Formerly one of the key features that has now found its way into the Google Calendar in a slightly modified form, is the dual view that displays a month view and including the day's schedule. So the two main planning tools are always visible.


An important feature is Todays widgets. Here you can find the most comprehensive changes to the Google Calendar. The widgets can easily shine through the background, so that the wallpaper is still visible.

AndroidPIT EN today 2Today Calendar / © AndroidPIT

Who uses an alternative launcher, such as Nova, looks a little gimmick: The app icon changes every day and displays the current date. Do you want to estimate at a glance how tight your schedule is clocked in a day? Today offers you to optional, summarize in a sentence, whether the plan is rather empty, normal or quite filled.


Today Calendar has several functions on whose behalf the installation is worthwhile. However, there are features make in the default calendar of Google, so Today especially adds value when you use an alternative launcher or used widgets to keep track of your appointments.

  • Tested version:
  • Download size: 9 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 or later
  • Business model: Free with in-app purchases or Pro Unlocker
Today CalendarInstall on Google Play

Business Calendar 2: The best combination of features and comfort

When you start the app you can watch choose between two design options: either select your the more classic or more lighter palette. Frankly, you do not have the impression that doing this in everyday life a big difference. But at least you can choose you.

Design / Operation

The user interface adheres more to classic design guidelines and the overview takes up the whole screen. At the bottom of the screen you will find all your calendars, easily distinguishable by different colors.

This feature is very useful when you work every day with multiple calendars that definitely need your turn on or off every 2 minutes otherwise. You can on the calendar view themselves choose how many days should be displayed simultaneously - a very handy feature.

AndroidPIT DE business calendar 1Business Calendar 2 / © AndroidPIT

Top right you will find well-known Shortcuts: The first goes back to the current day, via the second can you create a new entry and the third includes other options. You can find top left, the Hamburg-menu from which you can switch between the different views (year, month, week, day, calendar), and can display your tasks, options, birthdays and other items.

The application is intuitive, and admittedly in this regard, my personal favorite. Widgets for the homescreen complete the offer also.


Like other calendar apps in this review, Business Calendar 2 synchronized with the Google calendar. After that you can add your events, always follow the following principle: date, time, location, description, memory frequency. Nothing extraordinary, but the necessary information is available.

AndroidPIT DE business calendar 2Business Calendar 2 / © AndroidPIT

Many options are available: Time, appearance, theme, memories, language maintenance. You can in the app is a Theme Select (some require the pro version), the notifications and the vibration set and more.

You can let you see the weather in the calendar overview.


This app is my personal favorite on this list. Although it has no GPS feature as DigiCal, but for me it offers the best compromise between ease of use and great functionality.

  • Tested version: 2.14.3
  • Download Size: 12.5 MB
  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
  • Business model: Free with in-app purchases
Business Calendar 2Install on Google Play


SolCalendar is one of the most solid calendar apps for Android, is always easy to use and does not complicate things unnecessarily. Especially the latter is one of the main reasons why we have added the app in this list.

Design / Operation

The app acts consistently cleaned up and you find your way around quickly. The main screen can be customized to your preferences, to choose is a month, day and to-do view. you can above the tabs additionally display the weather. The prerequisite for this course is that you give the app permission to read your site.

AndroidPIT DE SolCalendar 1SolCalendar / © AndroidPIT

The greatest strength of SolCalendar undoubtedly lies in the wide range of widgets for the home screen. There are all kinds of ways: from a simple overview, a widget with integrated weather display until full agenda list. Here really left little to be desired.


For synchronization, various services. For one's own Google account can of course be used, as well as iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo Calendar and even more to choose from. In addition, you can also your to-do about Google Tasks with integrated and also get a continuous overview.

AndroidPIT DE SolCalendar 2SolCalendar / © AndroidPIT

Events and to-dos can be marked with different colors to make them clearer. You can then share the created appointments via the normal parts of functions with friends and colleagues. SolCalender implemented Google Maps, so you can add dates and specific locations and retrieve.


SolCalender is a really great calendar app that makes mainly by the large number of different widgets fun. Everyone will find the right widget for his taste here. Functionally, the app can also convince all the important features that you are required for a calendar app available. Overall, the app is very tidy and had no performance issues.

SolCalendar - Calendar / To-DoInstall on Google Play

Conclusion: Which calendar app convinced you?

Five calendar apps five good tips. We hope that you have helped in the selection of our tips. For calendar apps but it is important that the application meets your needs and supports the features that you really need.

Which calendar app do you use?
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  • DigiCal
  • Today Calendar
  • Business Calendar 2
  • Google Calendar
  • Default Calendar by the manufacturer
  • Another
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Stands with you a different calendar app at a premium? Write your tips in the comments and maybe it creates your tip in the next update to push one of the mentioned calendar apps from the throne.

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