These apps you should uninstall immediately

Certain apps are preinstalled on new smart phones, although they are useless to the owner, or may even have drawbacks. Here is a small selection of apps on you should do without. We show you alternatives. updateWe have restructured the list and supplemented by advice to social networks and manufacturer bloatware.

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Whether increased battery consumption, too much demand for mobile data or too much advertising: Apps can be annoying in many ways. Nevertheless, some people too many installed it. Now cleared and tidy. Deletes these apps and enjoy your smartphone again.

Table of Contents

  • RAM Saver and App Killer
  • Clean Master
  • Antivirus Apps
  • Battery Saver
  • bloatware

1.) RAM Saver and app killers are useless

Apps running in the background memory occupy and consume even in standby still current. So the idea seems reasonable to include these apps systematically. So-called RAM Booster or app killer promise to do so. Unfortunately, the attempt often backfires.

multitasking free ram sonyinstall some smartphone manufacturers manual RAM management before even. / © AndroidPIT

For apps that are running in the background, usually try to restart after closing itself. This back and forth so increases the energy requirement and makes your smartphone at worst unstable. Only with root privileges can work off the automatic reboot your apps. Actually, however, it is not necessary to close apps because Android automatically manages memory and does not need help deciding to run an app or not. Backgrounds on Android's memory management, we have explained to you in detail in a separate article:

  • Android and the RAM management: We teach rather than empty

Best alternative to RAM savers and App Killer: Not necessary

2. best uninstall) Clean Master

Cleaning Apps promise to free unnecessarily used space. Actually left after uninstalling apps residues in memory. A widespread cleanup app is CleanMaster. but these promises more than can keep the app: A CPU cooler is supposed to lower the temperature of the smartphone. Another function warns you against potential data leaks. But the developers, it is difficult to describe the operation:

  • Clean Master: Developers explain functioning inadequately

Therefore, hip skepticism CleanMaster. Clean Master is one of the apps that you do not need - on the contrary: the different warning messages can you pretend even dangers that do not exist on your smartphone.

Many features of CleanMaster are therefore questionable or simply unnecessary. And residues at uninstalls can you avoid even without App. Go for it before uninstalling easy in the Android settings. Under Apps Downloaded and you'll find the app. There you go first Clear data and then click Uninstall.

sd maid app management deSD Maid is largely ad-free. / © AndroidPIT

SD Maid is a recommended app that you supported, free up space. This clears app residues and cached app data. Both forms of data take up memory and can usually be safely deleted. SD Maid will help to identify the correct locations, including without deleting. Detailed background information on the procedure explains the developer darken AndroidPIT readers:

  • SD Maid: Developer talks about tuning and Cleaning Apps
SD Maid - System CleanerInstall on Google Play

Best alternative to CleanMaster & Co.: SD Maid or not necessary

3.) So-called antivirus apps does not need it

Your Android device and the Play Store can all antivirus apps also can. For theft protection is provided thanks to Android Device Manager without additional app. And whether hidden behind an app actually malware, Google will automatically check the Play Store. So does not use apps from unknown sources and already you are protected against most malware attacks.

So-called antivirus apps are only useful if your 'downloads often APK files from Dittanbieter App Markets or Web sites and installed. Then the anti-malware app can examine these installation file before opening it and warn you. However, you can not disinfect your smartphone. This makes your best - ironically - with no app.

  • Remove Android Virus: To delete your malware or adware

Best alternative to antivirus appsNone required

4) Battery Saver sucking your battery flat

Similar to the RAM Booster is in battery saving apps often are pure hogwash. To access the most popular smartphone problem of low battery life and promise to work wonders. It is in fact only a few exceptions to effective assistance - most apps of this kind are only billboards in the guise of a useful app.

To really increase the battery life, it is necessary to reduce the energy demand of the operating system and all running services and apps. So the energy-saving apps have to engage in the process control of Android. Since Android, however, does not allow this without root privileges, the apps available in the Play Store just can not intervene in the process control. You can at best provide advice or alert you when striking an app consumes much power. If the app then will close the power-hungry app, the latter is most likely automatically reopen by itself. Thus, the effect is reversed and the energy consumption is effectively increased.

AndroidPIT nexus 5 end of day two battery dozeTaps the listed app to stop them and to empty their cache. / © AndroidPIT

The alternative? Opens in settings battery. Find the app with the highest consumption at the top of the list that appears, forcing her stop and delete where applicable their cache. In this way transient errors in the app can be solved have provided in many cases for the increased energy demand.

  • find cause of poor battery life and resolve

Best alternative for Battery Saver: Needless

5.) bloatware the manufacturer is often difficult to extinguish

Ex works countless apps are pre-installed on many smartphones. Whether Apps for hotel bookings, games or functionally questionable Office apps: Many manufacturers install in addition to the obligatory Google apps before a number services that you may not even need. Ideally, the only space take off, at worst, they suck on the battery, the app launcher rob - ahem - Overview and can not even be uninstalled easily.

So, it pays to look after the establishment once the app list and delete pre-installed apps. The easiest way is by that grabs your respective app in the App Drawer (ie long after tapping) and then moves to the appearing Icon App info. Then you can see if the app is uninstallable or has deactivated. The latter means that the app is no longer started and disappears from the App Drawer, but she still takes up space - you can uninstall those apps with root access.

Some manufacturers make a joke of it and force you to tolerate apps from Facebook, Twitter or other social networks on your smartphone. Often no uninstall is possible here, though for many users, the mobile website would be sufficient or, for example, only the Facebook Messenger is needed.

Remedy to buy smartphones from manufacturers that allow the uninstallation of bloatware - as is possible with Huawei and Honor. but or buy smartphones that already appear with little third-party apps - including Google and Lenovo are to be mentioned here.

Best course of action against the manufacturer bloatwareUninstall or disable

Which app saves you remember?

The summary data impressively demonstrate how unnecessary some apps. That in many cases the best alternative is the complete renunciation or manual approach, but also has a historical reason: Today's smartphones are much more powerful than those of five or six years and some tuning tips keep notoriously in the minds firmly. Battery Saver or RAM Booster? Some were able to achieve apparent effect years ago - today they are completely unnecessary.

Opinion by Hans-Georg KlugeRAM boosters and other tuning apps today need not mehr.Stimmst you to it? 50501687 Participants

Which app do you have uninstalled after it has bothered you with excessive battery or data usage? Which app finds you with their advertisements on your nerves? What are good alternatives, with or without additional app that your other smartphone users like recommends again and again? happy to share them with us in the comments.

This item has been restructured and extended in some places to new tips. Some comments can therefore relate to repaid passages.