Play-store alternatives: Uptodown, Aptoide, F-Droid, Amazon App Store

you have as Android users an alternative to the Play Store? In fact, there are a number of useful app sources. But these are secure? And the advantages and disadvantages bring Uptodown, Aptoide, F-Droid and the Amazon App Store with it? Consider the Play store alternatives compared. Now we tried the new APKUpdater.

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Android can also be used without Google. Whether by your denied setting up the Google Account or be it by your flash a custom ROM without a Google Apps: In both cases, you have to an alternative to the Play store find, because that gives you without a Google account any Apps ,

One note I want but to allow me. It is advisable from the perspective of security to relate Android apps exclusively from the Play Store. For there the most effective anti-malware algorithms are active, so malicious apps are available in the Play Store rarely long.

Nevertheless, the Play Store has significant weaknesses which we have discussed elsewhere:

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APKUpdater: get updates earlier

Unlike shown below Play Store alternatives APKUpdater pursues a more simplistic goal: It provides updates earlier than others. You want to use the new features WhatsApp earlier than your friends? With you Facebook pulls again far too much on the battery or jerky? Then you need to APKUpdater, for which provides information as early as no other Android App Market on available updates.

apkupdaterThe APKUpdater is simple but fast. / © AndroidPIT

The new versions are downloaded from either APKMirror, APKPure or via Evozi from the Play Store. All have a good renown, but are not as safe as F-Droid or the Play Store. Also, you have to download every time on each site whose advertising is sometimes intrusive and dangerous.

In random comparison with the app stores below the APKUpdater is actually faster and shows new versions so early like no other. However, the handling is more complicated. In addition, the updater has no search function and updated only apps that you already have.

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F-Droid: Anonymous, sure, but no play-store alternative

The "free and open source Android app source" F-Droid is the holy grail especially for friends free open-source software. Unfortunately apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, threema, Öffi and others are missing. Instead, however, we find interesting alternatives from which you would otherwise never know.

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AndroidPIT f droidThe home page of F-Droid. / © AndroidPIT

F-Droid can not and will not be a play-store alternative. All apps in F-Droid are free, open source and you can it without prior notification, so download anonymously. The source code of the applications will be reviewed by the operators and protected so apps from F-Droid are almost guaranteed to be free of malware.

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Aptoide: large, decentralized, malware dangerous play-store alternative

One of the most sophisticated App Sources represents Aptoide. He works with a distributed network of different store providers to which you can access with the unified platform. However, this has significant security risks result.

Aptoide menu updates home loginRegistration is optional for Aptoide. / © AndroidPIT

App updates come earlier to you than the Play Store Aptoide part. Even beta versions of WhatsApp or Nova Launcher are available. Some of the apps offered for free in the Play Store Aptoide cost money, raising doubts about its origin. If you make addition of one of the many third-party stores use, the number of obvious fakes is growing.

Functionally similar Aptoide Uptodown: You can update apps and replace older versions. The scope of the catalog is likely to be greater by the numerous stores. But the average quality of the apps is suffering enormously. If anything, Aptoide should therefore only be used by experienced users with a good sense of software counterfeiting.

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Uptodown: App Store, which is vying for your trust

With 2.5 million malware-approved applications Uptodown seems to be a veritable Play store alternative. The number of Android apps is officially "30,000" significantly lower, but proves to be sufficient. Already on the website you can download the installation packages and install them. However, it is advisable to install the Uptodown app first. It informs you of available updates in the future.

AndroidPIT Uptodown appstoreThe home page of Uptodown. / © AndroidPIT

In the brief, anonymous device you determines whether you should inform Uptodown new app versions, or whether you want to be left alone. Then you find yourself in a big store. There, you will notice a gap equal: There are no paid content. Uptodown does not have a payment system. So no paid apps or in-app purchases make them pay. So Paid apps are either not found or are installed but not started with an error message.

Uptodown play store alternative categories deUptodown financed through conventional advertising. / © AndroidPIT

For sensitive issue App Quality explains Tomás Ratia, Advisor Strategy and Growth that Uptodown initially VirusTotal used to automatically check the 2.5 million APKs with 50 anti-malware engines. Moreover, an on-site editorial care of manual quality control and creates neutral tests in text and video formats.

Uptodown update downgrade deUpdates and downgrades of apps: As the name derives Uptodown. / © AndroidPIT

In fact Uptodown looks tidy. In several test searches are not fakes fell to us that you get to see more often in the other play-store alternatives Aptoide or Amazon. For those looking for free apps we can make a recommendation for Uptodown so. Unfortunately, the apps in comparison with those from Aptoide or even from APKUpdater are the oldest.

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Amazon App Store free apps Underground

The App Store Amazon has only one-third (600,000) of the app selection of the Google Play Store (about 2 million). Important applications are missing such as push Bullet or telegram. In particular, the Underground Apps make Amazon but tasty: There are free apps that are available for a fee in the Play Store. They are free because Amazon has paid them for you with its marketing budget.

AndroidPIT amazon appstore underground"Actually Free" are subsidized Amazon apps. / © AndroidPIT

When Amazon App Store you to report on with your Amazon login information. This means that you can pay apps with your payment information.

amazon underground illegitimate apps deUnfortunately, the app store is full of fakes. / © AndroidPIT

In addition to the many good apps abundant rubbish, unfortunately located in the Amazon App Store. Some apps are called similar apps known, but are unmistakably forgeries. Why the billionaire consolidated Amazon this matter is not the master, while F-Droid can do that, is questionable.

Away from the Underground apps we can Amazon App Store recommending more with reservation as play-store alternative.

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Conclusion to the Play store Alternatives

Uptodown impressed me. It has almost the same number of apps like the Play Store by its own account. However, paid apps are not available. Threema, Minuum keyboard or Nova Launcher Prime gets your mostly just in the Play Store. But the other apps are anonymous, free and secure updated.

Aptoide and Amazon, however, have let me down and get me no confidence. Too large, the number of counterfeit and too high the potential to infect their smartphones with malware, or at least zuzumüllen with advertising spam.

F-Droid is not an alternative, but a supplement for modders, hackers and friends of the open-source culture. can confidently install as an add and get to know a new and at the same time the original site of Android as an open system it is.