“Account Action Required” – with slaked account?

Hello together,
I have the following problem: I use on my S4 multiple Google accounts.
One which I never use, I deleted on my browser on a home PC, as there is no use for it.
Since then I have the duration of notification: "Account action required", I click on the message, should I sign up for the account, which is not possible, since I have already deleted it.

When I think about the account "settings -> accounts -> Google" want to delete, I'll come back out when the account registration.
What can I do?

Thank you in advance for the help!

I guess now that the account which you deleted the account which you registered on your phone first?

If so you get the because the device is firmly linked with the first account only off by means of a factory reset. Since all the apps and possibly contacts and appointments of the device with the account were linked, you lose probably what the factory reset. Backup make of all things.

If that was not the first account, then you would have actually been able to delete ....

No it is not about the "main account", No contacts or apps are associated with it. I have it connected only to Gmail to retrieve the mail.

Then tell me please times as ^^ .. I go to Account Settings -> Delete your account or services -> select the appropriate out -> Forwarding to google.de and to register ..
That has to be without a factory reset at all possible.

For me it's like this: If you are selecting the account top right three points, there you can select "Remove account",


Sun looks at me out ... among the three points is hidden only "Help", I'm going to delete the transduction.

Hello Christoph,

welcome to our forum :)

I've moved your thread times in our general Android area because it fits a little better ;)

Google Play services - Notification I've now disabled, so is the annoying part of the problem - the length of time - resolved.

Would still be great if someone has an idea how I can banish the account permanently from my smartphone!

I have the feeling that you are in the wrong place anyway because of your screenshots.

Go but please times in the Google Account pure, where you can see which items are synchronized and there then in's menu.


So I do not want sunk, but since Lollipop there is this anti-theft device, through which the device will be blocked until one logs in with the appropriate account ... and there is nothing delete account and also a factory reset will bring nothing. You should contact Google and which describe your problem, but I see as black.

Probably you have now found a solution (I'm a little late: D), But for those who could not solve the problem:
I had the same problem and have solved it this way:
settings -> accounts -> Google -> [...] @ gmail.com and then the top right of the (three) points "Remove account",

I hope it helps;).

If you had read the thread, you would have noticed that this is not present with Him.

The thread I've read, but I notice now that there probably was a little misunderstanding !? On the screenshot it is in the account settings. When I click with me there on the points, also appears only "Help", but instead he has to the side "synchronization" Go and click on the points, so you meant that probably ...

Thank was really already desperate.

exactly this response was the solution that had the same problem ...

Hey, I know I know I'm late ^^
Only I have the same problem only these three points do not occur to me!
Can someone help me please anyone?

I have the same problem :( The account is more likely caused by accident and was not really linked to anything. Now I have deleted and have the news "Account action required" the screen.

I also nowhere points. Whether under account settings or synchronization. I find nowhere a solution :(

Had just half an hour looking for ... The option "Remove account" is actually on the side with the synchronization settings (the account to be deleted).

Top right the three points .... Yes, I have not seen ... I still draufgetippt top right time with your finger and see there: the menu with the possibility of extinction!

Whatever the reason, these three points are not displayed ... (it is at least for me).

So for me so far none of the above solutions seem to work. So if anyone has a solution, it would be very nice if he could tell me, since I can not find
Thank you in advance

Hello Christoph,
yes I do not know if you had already done it in just 2 years it or have become bze smarter. Today I also had the same problem and I try out everything, have already made a few minutes ago.

And you ought to "settings" go up there "User u. fuse" then "accounts" Click to go to Google and click the top right of the 3 points and remove account. For me, the message has since disappeared. ☺

If it is already done by then everything is good! ��

I have the same problem.I have a Samsung S8.
I accidentally a second Google Account created. Now I have deleted this successfully.
Unfortunately, there still appears in Google Play and also shows the top of the display the error message "Account action required",
If I go there it is: "You have been signed out of their Google Account. Log back in to continue."
I'm going to continue he will always register with the deleted account (can not be here typing). and password does not azeptiert.
I find nowhere with the three points. I also do not think are spoken of here the settings. (Has indeed changed everything somehow in the current Andoid-versioenn.)
Can anyone offer a solution foolproof me?

Have it but then found!
Here, the approach with Android 7.0:

In "settings" go
-> "Cloud and accounts" open.
-> there on "accounts" Click here and
->"Google" open. (Now the Google accounts are listed and here there are also ominous "three Punkete" top right!)
-> Here then the "three points above right" press and
-> "Remove account" Click.