Forgot your unlock pattern? So you unlock your smartphone anyway

If you have forgotten your unlock pattern, that is no reason to panic. Here we show you three ways out of trouble and how you unlocked your phone and you can get around the pattern. We also show you to whom you must contact you, if none of our tips to help.

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Only yesterday you have you even read the latest safety tips to Android and dutifully protected your device against theft, and now your running even in the event that you wanted to actually make thieves. You have the unlock forgotten and can no longer use the smartphone. With one of the following three methods you can reuse your smartphone.

1. Enter Lock PIN

Many smartphone manufacturers were smart and have sensed that the moment is coming when you will forget your unlock pattern. The backup PIN that did you have (at least on the Samsung Galaxy S5) filed with the creation of the pattern, then serves as an emergency function and is one of the three options at the bottom of the lock screen if you have entered the pattern several times wrong. Forgot pattern? Enter the PIN code. PIN forgotten? No problem. we solve the problem in point two.

unlock phone forgot pattern extracting pinForgot your unlock pattern? Time for the backup PIN. / © AndroidPIT

2. Enter the primary Gmail account

Instead, the backup PINs you also can use your login information for the Gmail account that uses your as the primary account to download about app updates from the Play Store. Of course, this assumes that you know the e-mail address and password by heart. Typing this forgotten pattern.

unlock phone forgot pattern alternativeAlso forget the PIN? Just take the Google login. / © AndroidPIT

overwrite the third pattern by Device Manager

You have forgotten your unlock, sipped the backup PIN and no idea how your e-mail address in the Play store is? Now you must find a computer and start the Device Manager. Hopefully the matching service is enabled in your Android phone, otherwise you will be shown on the following page, not a smartphone:

  • Android Device Manager

Login you one with the Google Account. In the case of two-factor authentication via SMS You need your SIM card for it stuck in a pilot smartphone and receive the confirmation SMS that. Selects the locked smartphone, pushing Lock.

unlock phone forgot pattern device managerWhen Android Device Manager you can bypass the unlock pattern and replace it with a new PIN. / © AndroidPIT

Created using the Android Device Manager simply a new PIN, which you then typing in your smartphone.

unlock phone forgot pattern device manager callThe Device Manager can exchange among others your unlock pattern by a new PIN. / © AndroidPIT

The device manager thus solves the problem remotely. In addition, you can send on the screen and set a number that can call the finder a message. Interestingly, this has not yet work with the Nexus 5 under the Android M Developer Preview. But the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop helped further this trick us exactly.

Forgot your unlock pattern and nothing helps?

If none of the above tips will help you unfortunately have to call you to the smartphone maker. For all other tricks would help thieves to make stolen phones useful. We do not want to spread on the site such instructions. So looking for the support for your model and calls to the respective service hotline, so that you can be helped quickly. Here are a few appropriate links:

  • Samsung service at forgotten unlock
  • Sony advice forgotten password
  • Motorola's forgotten about Entsperrmustern
  • LG Support
  • HTC Support