“Android OS” sucking my battery is empty

Hi guys,
Night as I was traveling yesterday was my phone (Nexus 4 with CM) extremely fast empty even though I had it loaded in between in the car. The battery has also since hardly loaded (AC adapter actually has enough power). When I was able to use it at last I looked in the statistics which has yet said the battery. The result:
User uploaded photo

What's this? Because I have always thought that the operating system itself "Android system" be?

Best wishes and thank you ever for any help :)

Had the same problem. Here is the link to the thread


See grad that you das nich really helps .... Sorry


Hello miteinenader,
the question is certainly not new but I can not find a proper solution to the problem
My Samsung S2 Android 4.1.2 draws for some time massively more energy we previously. In battery consumption Android OS is with about 35% .Habe already read that it is a bug and can fix it with a delete the Google Accounts again, but this I want to avoid! Does anyone have another solution / idea / Vorschlag.Der battery 8h goes into flight mode from 100% to 20% down :-(.
Battery is (almost) new and more power, before the problem occurred.
Thanks in advance Axel

you have not drinne an original battery? with supposedly more efficient?

Android OS drawing excessive battery

This is a bug.

Hello Axel,

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I have your thread attached at times these existing thread on the topic.

What can I do about this BUG? Reseten ???
The old battery had 1600mA, the new King of battery 1850mA

with the battery that has certainly nothing to do, because that will be a software bug. The Internet is full of articles about this problem. Also Androidpit has - I mean - already reported.

  • Phone restart.
  • Remove Google Account.

Maybe it helps.

Hello everybody.
Short Report.
First (unsuccessful) step was save a & Defer the smartphone.
Then followed a "downgrade" on 2.3.6 For some reason, the Android OS share battery is 60%! :'( In the beginning there were "just" around 30%.
Pay the daily drive to a Samsung store and hope that can help me ...

There is a bug that Google can not fix. The user who
a) ruled no percentage calculation
b) the information misinterpreted
c) both together

If you do not use the Hnady, Android OS will always be near the top.
Each installed app is also trying Android OS
You're probably used to play more and now the mobile phone is often unnoticed around.

Percentages must be read as what they are: ratios. And about the conditions of your use we know nothing.

This is also clear to me.
But if I have my phone fully charged overnight in flight mode, the next morning, the entire battery is dead, I can make this "users BUG" exclude or not ...

If no app it is, except the pre-installed and they are configured in the smallest way, yes. I do not want to come near you, but this "Android bug" is overused something. There are cases, but often the reasons are elsewhere. It just so wonderfully simple, seems if an explanation to fit. ;)

Maybe an app does not come with the flight mode clear and plowed to death - or rather suck the battery empty.

But you have even tried several versions of Android and reset. But you've installed apps only gradually, tested over several days and then installs another app to see if it does not quite other reasons?

Have you ever wanted to wake locks that can be caused by Apps?

after reset and after the downgrade I have no apps innstalliert ...

Install it out a WakeLock detector and see whether the so what out find.

Since this morning the phone goes after power about 15 seconds and then on again. And this all the time. therefore can no longer use it:'(
What can I do about it ???
Have the Android 2.3.6 played over Odin again on it and still Faktory reset, but has been of no use ...

That sounds like EOL :(
Either the battery or the entire device.

Hello again.,
So the battery it is not, had a battery from colleague indoors and the error was da.Kann it vlt of the power button are ???
As I said, the smart phone is functional for 15 seconds (full) then the screen freezes and it starts from neu.Dies repeats itself ... Greetings Axel

Short info in case anyone has the same problem, have the phone at Samsung investigate lassen.Platine defekt.EOL