Offline Maps in Android: This map services function without Internet

Not enough high-speed volume, expensive data roaming abroad or no reception: offline maps for smartphones are often practical. Google Maps can indeed be used offline, but is not really designed. So here we present you with good apps offline maps before that you could use instead of Google Maps.

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Many card services, unlike Google Maps, specializing on offline use. The following apps should set up your home WLAN and prepare the maps for your journey. It is then stored on your phone or in the microSD card and is also on call, on the road when you have no Internet connection.


In Maps Here you have the choice between online and offline mode. Enabled Internal connection Here also retrieves traffic information in real time and maneuver you around the jam. In offline mode Here takes only toward downloaded maps and information. In the case of Berlin which also includes the timetable which is integrated into the navigation of public transport.

here Maps chose transportationHere navigated offline by car, train, car sharing, taxi, bicycle or on foot. / © AndroidPIT

Unique for Here is the display of the route suggestions. This sorts the different transport to duration. If a route can be the shortest mastered by bike, this is represented as a first option. Even car-sharing and taxis are integrated in Here Maps. This shows that Microsoft with the mapping service strives many partnerships. The customers are pleased because it can cover with an app many services.

here Maps views driveThe map is displayed 2D, 3D, or for driving (right) - then in landscape mode (not in picture). / © AndroidPIT

Here is good to use as a navigation app in the car. In driving mode, the viewing in landscape mode is then possible. Of course there is a voice output for turning. And if your too fast ride, are Here Maps warning sounds.

here Maps nearby meta informationNearby requires an Internet connection; then get additional information added to attractions. / © AndroidPIT

The navigation while walking provides great additional features. In shopping malls you can see the shops of all levels within the shopping arcade. Outside, you can find sites and read their description by Wikipedia data. However, this requires an Internet connection. Offline navigation including offline Wikipedia is available with OsmAnd.

here Maps offline download directoryOffline maps are quite large pieced. / © AndroidPIT

The offline maps are pieced by province. You have to know exactly what areas you need before traveling. solves it more elegant in two ways. Your searches for a route, the app automatically fetches the required map sections. These are also fine patched so as Bayern is cut into ten sections which are respectively between 40 and 50 MB.

HERE WeGo - Route Planner & GPSInstall on Google Play


OsmAnd is the Android app for easy viewing of OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is sort of Wikipedia for maps: A swarm of volunteers makes with and helps to constantly improve the maps. The card itself is not mobile-friendly and here OsmAnd comes to interface into play.

Osmand download maps interfaceWithout Ayganyan remains the map white (right). / © AndroidPIT

With the app you load you tickets in advance by State down. You have six slots, which therefore are not sufficient for the entire federal territory in the free edition. Outs that are not offline, are not searchable and are not presented as a rough preview if your the World Overview Map not 'downloads. This is, after all, none of the six slots download the free version.

In addition to the cards you can also download the Wikipedia entries of the map area for offline use. So the complete description of places of interest (Places of Interest, POI) is available for you, even if you are not connected to the travel destination to the Internet. This option is unfortunately only available in the paid version.

Osmand poi navigation interfaceThe list of interesting places is extensive. / © AndroidPIT

Overall, the app is indeed extensive and well prepared for the massive data set of OpenStreetMap, but so often seems overloaded. In addition, there are regular presentation and performance problems in the test with the Mate 9, which limits the enjoyment of the app.

cards & Navigation - OsmAndInstall on Google PlayMaps GPS navigation OsmAnd +Install on Google Play


MAPS.ME has by far the smartest download function. Plant your route and the app automatically tells you what cards clippings need to be downloaded. In this case, you will notice that the cut-outs are smaller than pieced OsmAnd or HERE. This results in smaller downloads and less ballast in your smartphone memory.

Maps me download interfaceMAPS.ME has the finest offline maps. / © AndroidPIT

The navigation itself offers the minimum: car, bike, foot and additionally Uber - but by extra download and logically online. The bicycle navigation shows you on the slope on the route. Unfortunately, you have no choice of alternative routes. And the calculation of the bicycle route usually takes on fast smartphones quite long; much longer than with the other apps.

Maps me map car bikeThe bicycle Navi is beautiful, but takes forever. / © AndroidPIT

The MAPS.ME cards also come from OpenStreetMap. They can therefore browse the same POI out: ATMs, car parks, bus stops. There are too many stores metadata such as opening times, phone number or web address. Hotels can partly be booked directly with Booking.

MAPS.ME map with route plannerInstall on Google Play


Here Microsoft / Nokia is fantastic and shines especially because you can use the app as a free navigation device. Since the other two apps can not match. MAPS.ME shines through the smallest memory footprint and is developing better than OsmAnd. This can be seen especially in the much friendlier user interface. OsmAnd but gives you access to more data from the OpenStreetMap. His ingenious Wikipedia integration (paid) makes it an offline travel guide; can no other app.