Disable Rich Communications Pop Up – Samsung Galaxy S8

Hello everybody,

Since this morning, I keep getting a window with the title "New messaging features" To use and information rich communications displayed. Every time I "No" click, the window reappears after a few seconds. If I turn off the Internet completely, the message is gone.
I've read many older posts is where that you can disable in the settings of the news app Rich Communications. This possibility, however, I do not find in the settings of the S8. The search function of the phone no matches. In the chat settings I have also heard of "Automatically" changed to SMS / MMS, on / off and still remain unsuccessful. Currently I have installed Android 7.0.

Does anyone have the same problem or can help me turn this annoying message?

Best regards

Have it now but even solve : D The whole thing is now called "Extended calls and messages",

For others, my solution here:
Standard News -> settings -> IM settings -> Extended calls and messages -> Slider to "Out" put

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Then here probably :?