KingRoot can not be uninstalled.

Hello community,
I have my S3 mini with the KingRoot app gerooted.
Everything seemed nomal, so I gerebooted it a try. When it came back on came the message "KingRoot stopped",
But there were several times and also schließte apps from me. I have tried many things, such as ADB or a reset in recovery mode. But the app is now part of the system and I do not'm gonna release it. The error messages also come. I did it then with Odin gerooted, but when I open SuperSU is there that my SU binary is outdated and I need to update them. I have my phone with gerooted Clockwork recovery, but it does not matter what I select at SuperSU, because at "normal" crashes the app and cwr comes back the error message. Then I did it with times "System app remover" tried yet, here comes the error message and I can not use that too.
Does anyone have an idea what I could do?

Again from the beginning:

and read the next time first, then make. ;-)

Got it solved by KingRoot I have reinstalled :). I went to the FX File Explorer and have the app in addition to system apps, simply click on it and reinstalled. Then also works and in the app I was able to uninstall KingRoot itself. Hab's it gerooted again but this time with the correct version SuperSU xD. Works now everything.
Thank you anyway