MP3 use as a ringtone: Android

You have on your computer or an MP3 collection? If you want to set your favorite song as a ringtone, you can do it with your Android smartphone easily make. What to note when you copy and how to tailoring an MP3 file ringtone, you learn here.

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Just copy to mobile phones from your computer: MP3 as ringtone

Android goes wonderfully easy with the MP3 ringtones. You can copy them to your phone and then select as a ringtone file from your computer. Closes the smartphone to the computer and typed in the notification appearing on file transfers.

android marshmallow usb connection deSo you see the phone files on your PC, you must enable file transfer. / © AndroidPIT

If you use a Mac, you must first install Android File Transfer. After that, it automatically opens a Finder window with the visible to you part of the Android file system. In Windows, the driver should install automatically. Then you ask the Explorer if you want to open the directory. Of course you want that.

then copy your ringtone MP3 Ringtones in the directory, which should already be created on the smartphone. If not, you can create it yourself. Pay attention to the capitalization. Your ringtone may incidentally also be in a different format. Android supports a growing number of audio formats. You can find the list on the Android site.

If you want to change to another notification, you must copy the file to another directory. However, later we go to a detail in another article.

  • So your personalized Your Smartphone

Set ringtone: MP3 as ringtone

Before you can use your MP3 as a ringtone, you must of course still set as a ringtone. It works like this:

  • Opens the Android Settings.
  • Changes to tone & Notifications.
  • Taps ringtone and select your MP3.
use own ringtoneSo your sets your MP3 one as a ringtone. / © AndroidPIT

Set only a section of the MP3 as ringtone

You want to only select the portion of the song as a ringtone? Captures the epic guitar riff on only at minute 1:30? No problem, because the app Ringtone Maker you have tailored in no time your ringtone mp3.

Ringtone MakerInstall on Google Play
  • Starts the ringtone maker. You already should see a list of available audio files.
  • Selects the MP3 that want to use your set as ringtone, by hitting the green arrow on the right.
  • Presses on Edit to load the editor.
  • Uses the slider to set the start and end points of your MP3 ringtone. You can fine tune also use the magnifying glass and the plus and minus buttons.
ringtone maker mp3 ringtone editSelect MP3, edit and set it as a ringtone. / © AndroidPIT

When you're done, press the upper right of the disk to store your new ringtone. Determines the type (music, alarm, notification, ringtone), forgive a meaningful name and then click Save.

ringtone maker mp3 ringtone storeWhen saving you can set the MP3 as ringtone equal. / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, the Ringtone Maker not supported all formats in the test. Therefore, we could not open FLAC files.

download new ringtones

If you have no MP3 file, you can resort to an online database. Including, among other Zedge or

Zedge Ringtones ™ rear GründInstall on Google Play