Install Android 7.1 nougat: Samsung Galaxy S5

For Samsung Galaxy S5 is no longer to be expected with an official update to Android 7 nougat. So you have as a user to lend a hand, will you have the new nougat features. This guide takes you step by step to the goal and provides you with long-term updates for the Galaxy S5.

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Why should I install nougat on the Galaxy S5?

Samsung is ending support for the Galaxy S5. The device was introduced in spring 2014 and has now two successors. For the S5, this means that it will not get software updates more from Samsung. For you, this means that the S5 increasingly easier to attack. So you should you worry about the software updates itself, so that new vulnerabilities are closed. And that is surprisingly simple and without detriment to you. But see for yourself.

Nougat on the Galaxy S5: Preliminary Steps

Secure data

Make a backup first. Your contacts should be synchronized via Google account anyway. The WhatsApp chats can you also copy into Google Drive. Your Photos You should also advance to either a computer or push to the cloud. From the app configurations you can watch adopt largely because few app developers use Google's backup feature. Suitable products we have for you:

  • Transfer your contacts, data and backups from the old anew Android phone or iPhone

WhatsApp and your photos really remain untouched. Still, worth a backup, since you might want to use the standard firmware again. As it is installed, you can read in the update articles.

connect the PC and Galaxy S5

Unfortunately you need Windows for the tools used. In the test, it worked with a VirtualBox machine with Windows 10th In it you need the Samsung drivers for Windows PC and Odin. Installed after downloading the first Samsung drivers. Then you unzip Odin and launches the application.

root s5Such is the Odin mode of the Galaxy S5. / © AndroidPIT

Now start your Galaxy S5 in Odin mode. Turns it off to. Hold down on reactivation home, power and volume down half the volume rocker. Confirms appearing on warning Lauter. Now connects your S5 via USB to the PC and now checks if your computer can communicate with the Galaxy S5. Looks to for in Odin in the log area if a Added !! appear and turns up the device in the port list.

Should problems occur, you may have to dodge and follow the instructions on the ADB Driver Installer. More tips for Android debugging we have here for you:

  • ADB: drivers, tools, commands and error messages
odin galaxy s5 TWRPIf your Galaxy S5 recognized by ADB, it should also communicate with Odin. / © AndroidPIT

install Recovery

Next, your exchanges the software for the recovery mode (recovery) by the Custom recovery of TeamWin. The Custom Recovery Recovery allows you to interact with the partitions of your smartphone. This is essential for the next steps in which we change the Android system and install system apps like Google Apps.

So download the latest tar file of TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP Recovery) down here for the European Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. In Odin you click now on AP and selects exactly this tar file from the download directory. Click Start, so that the new Recovery is flashed.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6 TWRP recovery install 2About as welcome you TWRP Recovery. / © AndroidPIT

When the process is complete, you have to start again in the recovery so TWRP is not immediately replaced on the Galaxy S5 again by the standard recovery. Keep it pressed when switching home and the volume up half the volume rocker. Confirmed the initial warning to a wiper to the right on the bar. Make your way into the area after Mount and ensures that you can see on the computer files on the Galaxy S5.

download and install firmware

After installing the recovery we can finally move on to the main part and install it on your Galaxy S5 Android nougat. You can find the appropriate firmware on the download page of CyanogenMod. In the column CyanogenMod build your ZIP files get with so-called snapshots of CM 13 or nightly builds of CM 14.1. The former are based 6.0 marshmallow on Android, so are less up to date, but stable. The latter is based on Android 7.1 nougat, are updated almost daily, but are not yet fully mature.

For the Store and the Google services you still need another ZIP file with Google Apps. This gets your easiest with Invite the ARM version downloaded for your version of Android. We recommend the Micro package for a more beautiful calendar and Gmail. but the pico Image is also sufficient as a base.

  1. Copied the ZIP files on your Galaxy S5.
  2. Changes now in the TWRP Recovery on Wipe, and then click Advanced Wipe.
  3. Selects there the partitions data and system to clear Samsung's Android version from your Galaxy S5.
  4. Confirmed by a mop to the right on the lower beams.

Your app settings will be lost, but your data and photos are not affected, since they are in the Internal Storage.

TWRP wipeClears first the data and system partition. / © AndroidPIT
  1. Make your way then the home screen of the TWRP Recovery and type there Install.
  2. Select by ZIP embark your you now in the directory with CyanogenMod and selects first.
  3. Per Add more ZIPs can and should your same Google Apps install afterwards; later installation provides for the authorization management for conflicts.
  4. Sets, if you will, the check in the Reboot after installation is complete.
  5. Wipes at the bottom to start the flash process.

The contents of ZIP files will be unpacked into the previously emptied partitions.

TWRP flashAdds the two ZIP files to and flashes. / © AndroidPIT

newly set up unit

Since you have lost your app and phone configurations, you must repeat the initial setup of the device. So it requires a new Google login and re-install all apps. Rejoice future of updates, long after Samsung has stopped them. Future updates are automatic and do not require installation so complicated.

Opinion by Eric Ferrari HerrmannMit CM 14.1 is the Galaxy S5 again as neu.Stimmst you to? 5,050,917 participants

Advantages and features of the Galaxy S5 CM14.1 on

We tried our quick test with CyanogenMod 14.1 on the Galaxy S5 and have noticed no flaws. Even NFC and fingerprint sensor ran flawlessly. The camera lost its HDR support, but still yielded good results. See Test gallery.

CyanogenMod 141 casemate s5 featuresFormatted microSD card as internal memory. Uses NFC and fingerprints as usual. Look forward to free memory. / © AndroidPIT

I was surprised that CM 01/14 truly mastered all the relevant features of the Galaxy S5. Often called criticisms as the camera quality, I can not confirm. Through the enhancement features and exposure control with the CM-camera, the S5 camera like it even better.

CyanogenMod 141 casemate s5 camera appsThe camera apps has its own optimization and gives a lot of control. The number of pre-installed apps your determined. / © AndroidPIT

Overall, the S5 feels much fixed on thanks to the new firmware. And since you can buy for about ten euro new batteries for the Galaxy S5 at Amazon, you should your Galaxy S5 can still move using another year.

helpful links

Our community continues to help you with problems like. Especially the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 is well documented.

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As you stand for modding?

What do you do if the manufacturer sets the support? Your installed the update then himself or buys your next device and give the old ones? Or you will not keep your smartphones for so long that their life cycle is for you a problem? Or your content yourself with the firmware, even if their support has been discontinued? like to discuss the subject in the comments.

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