MTP driver does not load windows 10

I have since 2 months Ulefon One Touch 3 has connected properly from the first day on Win 10th Since three days now I can connect the unit to a mass storage device or as MTP.
In the Device Manager appears when you try to reload the driver this message to:

MTP device
it was found driver software but with the installation an error has occurred:
A service installation section of the inf file is invalid.

under a virtualbox with win7 I can phone the appeal properly
can ace2 my old samsung Also under w10 remains as MTP device address
Download and install the manufacturer driver (unsigned, with some problems, but has folded) brings nothing.

does anyone have a tip? I can not think this really nothing more one, google is unproductive, have three long searched for hours everything - indeed but the error occurs variously on the solutions offered fit all not with me.

I know in monent not even obs on mobile phone is (is indeed under w7) or on w10 (samsung works! Yes)



it is even more exciting: visited a friend who has two w10 and one w7 computer:

at a w10 entered exactly the same on, with exactly the same error messages.
the 2nd w10 machine has detected immediately handy, as I know it from earlier
The W7 has also handy detected immediately.

I'm really confused ....

The problem I've also, it is up to a Windows update,
if I do a system restore, it will work again,
reinstall until the updates. More I've not yet found out

LG Ben

I've found a solution.
And you go to the Device Manager and there on the MTP device.
Then right click ->Update Driver Software -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Select the computer from a list of device drivers -> then there select MTP USB device -> Continue
Already it should work again.

Tell me if it works well with you like that.

There's probably other software that bites that you have installed on the PC to communicate with the smartphone.
Show are times to which programs in this respect in the startup.
Why does it work on Windows 7 in the box, because you have something not insrtalliert there.
Has something to do with the ADB drivers, some devices need something special, because obviously programmed unclean. And then again ADB driver is installed, then it is no longer then .....
A program has been what it almost always works after installation is My Phone Explorer. There is the Windows program and the required client app for Android.
So can make man backup, use the device on the PC and can show and more .... good German-language support.

Ben Harder

I've found a solution.
Tell me if it works well with you like that.

You are my hero! Just as it worked at first attempt! Many Thanks!!!

Cool I'm happy about that!!!

I have already posted at many similar threads that in such cases, the device manager must be checked. If it shows any entries with yellow or red warning be included is likely there the problem.

Quiet even discuss the device present at open Device Manager and unplugging and observe whether doing something in the Device Manager.

The driver update is a way, but does not always work. Please uninstall the driver in question and then "scan for hardware changes" let (right-click on the computer name at the top)

But beware! Not uninstall wild something. Normally, Windows finds the correct driver again but one can thus make his system properly broken. Structured and deliberate act!

If a driver is not found, it helps to install suite the manufacturer's latest software. Samsung Kies. There, the current drivers are included.

Oh my God, thank you, for me it has helped ... Had to go before on the USB device, then I could select MTP drivers and it comes, thank you xD.

Well fine, pick and choose a MTP driver from the list worked. : D

I adore you as well : D You my savior ;) You saved my day! Many thanx :) !!

Nice forum here

I had the same problem FAST.
My Junior a China Mobile has bought "MORE FINE MAX1", Ansich not bad nice price - cool design.
while I had this on my USB port, the adopted, in the operation.
It only came said MTP error in Device Manager.
Got scolded only through the China mobile phone, and not thought about it :)

today I noticed that my Acer (and any other Android device) brought this error.
damn Oh, there probably the More Fine has installed an old driver ^^

However, I had to take out with compatible hardware view, select, then left (standard Excessive MTP device) and then select the right MTP device the hook in the driver installation. Then a warning message appears "blah-blah" -> but the folded gat ...

thank you for the inspiration :)


Jep worked right away, to again say the need to select their MTP USB DEVICE, not MTP Device !!!
Many Thanks

Many Thanks! How to get to such a mischief !?
Honestly XD

Many Thanks Ben Harder,

Have already Ner week a lot of time looking at unfortunately spent without success.
But your tip Engineered and went immediately :)

Thank you also from me. I'm working for days on the problem, Your tip has now helped right away!
The error is M. E. appearing after a Win10 update.

Super forum here!

Greetings Reinhard

You're the hammer, had searched for hours.
Thank you

1000 thanks! Just as it worked!
Was really already on despair and had datein transferred via USB stick.

Did Nexus tablet was which easily worked under win10 and overnight no longer recognized as a mtp device.

Left me with great work-until the next PC Neustart.Alles as before and the same nochmal.Nicht the ideal solution but at least fuzt

Super, thanks ... it worked out that way.
Samsung had the driver on it and now a Leeco Le 2 Pro (× 625).