Battery solved problems.

I have since 2 weeks the same problem and it now wants to solve on your way, but I'm an absolute layman in this matter. possibly Can you tell me how I should proceed or even enter into the recovery in short simple steps explaining ????
And often in via facebook pn or mail.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Frank,

Quote: In Recovery Mode it comes, however, and there my tab then ran with the monitor for several hours merrily. Until the battery at the end REALLY was empty.

It would be nice to know how that goes. I have the same problem and am a little inexperienced with Android.

Have you found any older posts? ^^

I have problems with the battery on my Samsung Tab 4 as described. Unfortunately, I am a layman and do not understand the discharge described. Please help!

My Samsung Galaxy Tab4 had the same battery problem. I've done the start of the recovery mode, but then did not do anything. I leave the selection screen of the recovery mode until the battery was empty. After reloading the unit started normally, it was not deleted and the battery again has the initial capacity. Evil to him who thinks evil of it :-)
The suggestion has saved me with battery replacement. thank you very much

Hello Ulrich,

I have a similar problem. Suddenly, the battery is charging only extremely slow. For a complete night there are morning only 50%!

What choice do I have in recovery mode for meetings or have you just started the selection screen?

So I start the switched tablet "power". "volume up" and "Home" Button. Then the recovery mode home screen comes on, similar to an old "DOS" Mode.

Here I can make the following selections:

Reboot System nowReboot to bootloaderApply update from ADBApply update from SD cardWipe data / factory resetWipe cache partitionMount / systemView recovery logsPower off

If I stay I choose on this screen and wait until the battery is empty or "Reboot system now"? I then my travels, the tablet high normal ???

I would like once completely suck empty the battery.

Thanks and regards


Hello community,

also own a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE. And for me the problem was that my battery has only held only 1 hr to run without any compute-intensive application. Within about half an std my Tab has discharged from 100 to 50 percent, even though I've made a few settings. A Complete reset has brought nothing. So I suspected a defeketen battery. But then I came across this theard and thought this would solve my problem. But what I have then realized even if the tab was discharged at 1 percent, I could work felt 4-5std so on. Only the brightness leveler I could no longer be operated manually. Well, the solution to the recovery took me enormously too long and too one nor the one nor the pixels would burn afterwards. So I looked for other solutions and behold found.

The best way I explain it step by step:(Important This method works only with the originals Samsung Rome)

1.First invites euern Tab on to 100%. Best in the outcast state.

2. If this is done turns the Tab. Important not separate the tab from the mains.

3.So now you open the Option key and type in the following code: * # 0228 #

A window opens with the concept "Battery status",
At the very bottom to see the aufschrifft a button "QUICK START",

4.Nun if your battery shows 100% pulling the power cable out and presses on anschleißend QuickStart.
This sets the battery status which is internally managed back. And calculates again the whole of New.

Now you can just lie there in the ON state or uses ed until the battery has completely discharged again.

that's it : D

Edit: oh since reset keeps my battery is now about 15h. And again some pictures



Hello everybody,
I would like to implement this tip, but have no plan what should be the Option key.
I beg your explanation.
Thanks in advance.

Just like in the picture. By the way, I have a galaxy tab 4 LTE.



Many thanks for the clarification. Since I have no LTE, which is probably nothing with this problem solving, or are there other ways other than the above described recovery mode?

@ Hansemann64

In the wireless version you have to do the following.

So first you open the pocket calculator app that is preinstalled on the tab. There you are, this one following combination (+30012012732+ out appears a keyboard and there are you following code * # 0228 # a.

And so the service should open menu.


finally a good Overview Description Parameters, I thought (provisional).

However, I have also just a Wifi version and would like to try the tip.
Only with the calculator variant does not work. However, it is probably because the 000th appear and I / German / garnix must adopt the variant English ...?

In short: Is there no Tastankombination when switching to d. to achieve Battery status with Quick Start?

Thanks greetings.

(PS: Since it is an old device, I see that a software update follows (Samsung / Android) and thus possibly the tip obsolete?)

Whatever. I would like to try out the above description, but just the restriction -WifiGerät-.

@marc tuna

To which tab exactly is it? And what Android is it? That with the 000. If there is no problem was with me too. Anyway, I have the following equipment successfully Try using the calculator trick on galaxy tab 4 galaxy s7 and galaxy s6.

Here are some pictures again



Here's what to complete: Since Android 5, it is no longer necessary every time the battery stats delete this happens automatically when you fully charge.

@ Stefan Z
Yes that's right but with the Samsung Tab, it is unfortunately was therefore a bug this manual away. In my Android was already 5.0 on it and yet I had this problem.

For me it worked. Thanks for the hints.
best regards


I have the so trying as described above, but for me it was called then only "no connection or invalid MMI code", Did I do something wrong or are the codes for the Galaxy Tab S2 again different? Many thanks for your help. Greeting Bernd

This is easy to solve: above is the code 0288 and if you look at the screen shot, then there is the 0,228th make it work well.