Samsung Galaxy Tab – Galaxy Tab no longer goes to :-(

Hooray, that was a very great tip :-)
After loading my tablet no longer went to (3 months old) and I've tried all the keyboard shortcuts.
Until I give this forum was the right answer.
If everything goes again. Thank you !!!!!

Hi Guys,

for me the problem is that I no longer get my Tab 3 also started from today and I tried everything to get to start it again:(
What else can I try?

Mir is now completely the same happens.
I wanted to turn on the device and it was not one. Then I hung it on's charging cable and then it flashed briefly but then did nothing more.

After much googling and research I am dr emerged that when you press the power button and the left button of the up / down keys then writes the tablet that it gets too little energy. (3 V it takes and the original plug can not bring)
it works allegedly charging plug with the iphone. 5 I will try tomorrow and see if it will run again :) So keep your fingers crossed : D

I just held the power button and the volume up button. Then stood "no order" and it turned out again.
I war only after long time and then it also lubricates almost directly again .... ._.
What can I do?
happens when I plug the charging cable absolutely nothing- broken but the cable is not.

I would say the battery is gone. The device is already a few years old.
It was the first Android Tab.

@Bianca Jess

I also have the Galaxy Tab and it works more slowly, despite once exchanged battery and Cyanogenmod 11th I gave it as an ebook reader already 1.5 years ago my little demanding mother. But now it is even annoyed. Guess there should be nothing left to try. Time and money prefer to invest in a new acquisition.

If you think about buying a new one, I can recommend the Sony tablets. I have 2.5 years, the Tablet Z and never had problems, even updates I got 2.5 years to 5.1.1.
Apart from Google with the Nexus no other manufacturer offers as I know, as long as updates for its tablets.

For me, it was so. It stopped responding and could no longer be turning on. Until I saw that it was hanging down on my Samsung magnet case one cent piece. Have it done away with and it went again, so maybe your desk somewhere magnetic, it does not work. I hope you could helfen��

Hab grad nen get a shock when my tablet no longer was concerned. But thanks to you am back. Thank fine.