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No matter what tablet type you are, with us you can find your suitable device to you. Who likes to read, or for example on the tablet Android games played will find it here. The revised index has a new leader from Samsung, but also numerous alternatives.

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  • The best overall Android tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • The best tablet laptop hybrid with Android: Google pixel C
  • The best tablet hybrid with integrated graphics tablet at a fair price: Lenovo Yoga Book
  • The best compact tablet with top sound: Huawei MediaPad M3
  • The best tablet for kids: Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

The best overall Android tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Strengths at a glance: The 9.7-inch wide tablet is the latest in the Lsite. It is available from 669 euros, can be operated with the S-Pen and has an excellent sound.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in the test: An almost perfect working Tablet
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 2134The S3 Tab has a sketchy compatible stylus. / © AndroidPIT

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is available in two versions, with and without LTE module. The WiFi-only version costs in Germany 679, - Euro, the version with LTE module is 769 euros. The Book Cover keyboard costs another 129 EUR. The Android tablet is available in black and silver, with the frontal mat is always in black.

The display is dissolved in 264 ppi on the fast Snapdragon processor 820 provides good gaming performance and with 32 GB tightly dimensioned internal memory can be expanded with microSD cards. The biggest weakness is the battery, which makes limp after two days of intensive use.

Cheapest offer: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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The best tablet laptop hybrid with Android: Google pixel C

Strengths at a glance: The pixel C has 64 GB twice as much memory as the Table S3 (above), and is also slightly cheaper. Together with the keyboard, the tablet will cost around 80 euros less than the Samsung device.

  • Google pixel C in the test: Another tablet or even a netbook?
AndroidPIT Google pixel C 8750Google pixel C is a tablet that can be converted into a netbook. / © AndroidPIT

When Google pixel C is a hybrid tablet that you 1,800 pixels even offers a 10.2-inch display surface with a resolution of 2560 x 308 ppi. Although the device weighs 517 grams proud, but that is partly due to the large battery, which provides with its 9,000 mAh for a very good life.

Inside the tablet a Nvidia Tegra X1 processor with Maxwell GPU with which also can run graphically complex games functioning without problems. Who wants to work with the device, use the optional magnetic wireless keyboard. Is this connected to the pixels C and folded the device, the keyboard is inductively charged. A stylus like the S-Pen does not exist for the Pxiel C but.

Cheapest offer: Google pixel C

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The best tablet hybrid with integrated graphics tablet at a fair price: Lenovo Yoga Book

Strengths at a glance: In yoga book, the keyboard is not only in the delivery, soindern firmly connected to the device. This serves as a graphics tablet on which you make with the supplied pens sketches or notes simultaneously on paper and on the tablet. The highlight: The device costs despite similar Echdaten to Google pixel C (above) below 450 euros.

  • Lenovo Yoga Book in review: Android tablet special
AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0172Writing and character makes it ideal at the Yoga Share Lenovo. / © AndroidPIT

The stylus of Yoga Book trumps all input pins of the competition. Lenovo has in collaboration with Wacom yoga book donated this unusual input option. Here, the Halo keyboard in a complete digitizer can be transformed for the stylus. The unusual is that it recognizes thanks AnyPen function also inputs by centimeter thick stack of paper. Notes are thus digitized immediately, whether your sets with the stylus directly on the Halo keyboard or above a writing pad.

then it takes it out the keyboard to write longer texts, the Halo keyboard can be activated. By activating the keyboard, a touch pad is activated, so that one turns the Yoga Book almost in a notebook.

Cheapest offer: Lenovo Yoga Book

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The best compact tablet with top sound: Huawei MediaPad M3

Strengthen a glance: The 8.4-inch version of the Huawei MediaPad M3 is perfect for mobile movie experience or gaming. Besides the very good display waits to make up with really good stereo speakers. Again, the 32-GB of expandable memory via microSD card can be expanded. The LTs version costs only 45 euros extra.

  • Huawei MediaPad M3 in the test: Sounds good, runs well that ends well?
AndroidPit Huawei MediaPad M3 9720The Huawei MediaPad M3 is one of the best tablets from the previous year. / © AndroidPIT

The best compact tablet in this series is still the MediaPad Huawei M3. Its 8.4-inch large 16: 10 display has a resolution of 359 ppi. Thanks to the surprisingly good stereo sound Netflix makes traveling fun. The colleagues of Notebookcheck could watch almost ten hours of video. This should, however, provide on your MicroSD card and not streaming, otherwise the power consumption of the LTE or WLAN antenna is still added.

Cheapest offer: Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4

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The best tablet for kids: Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Strengths at a glance: This reasonably priced Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition has parental control tools that allow parents to select the contents displayed. The seven-inch tablet also has a special guarantee for damages.

  • Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition in review: The kids tablet for stressed parents
Amazon Tablet 1 8The kids tablet is family-safe, but with costs. / © AndroidPIT

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet is a sensible purchase for parents with children aged 4 to 12 years. Thanks to the two-year all-inclusive warranty parents need not panic if their child is taking the tablet and accidentally throws on the floor.

With FreeTime Unlimited parents also receive a growing and well-maintained range of children's content. After expiry of the first twelve months Amazon requires a monthly fee of up to 9.99 euros. But you do not subscribe FreeTime Unlimited if you do not want.

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