PS2 emulator for Android and other media!

No, this time none of the numerous fake emulators available for Android on dubious websites.
A developer has now ported really a PS2 emulator on Android.
Everything is still in a very early stage. The games run only a few FPS and without sound.
For which a reasonably tolerable emulation hardware of the android should reasonably have power already.
On devices with Intel CPU emulator has not come to work. A BIOS of the original hardware is not needed.
It run ISOs your Playstation 2 backup games or PD-games / demos in .ELF format.

Page Developer:

Video how to get the emulator on the mobile phone:

Edit: But you can also as a tester (of course on a voluntary basis) the app to download for free, unfortunately I do not know which mobile versions with the app compatible, I wish you still test a lot of fun and who knows, maybe it will in the near future reasonable PS2 emulator for mobile phones give.

Edit2: Would be very nice if some could inform Here's how it worked on their smartphones and which game and mobile phone was used (with version), thank you for your help.


If you have PS2 games and created know how your ROMs them, so you can of course use it. I can offer no ROMs or links to ROMs. Options there are no other than the display of frames per second.

Certainly Final Fantasy X, GTA Vice City and Gradius V are already running. The screenshots FFX have been created by an LG G2 to the report, the video for GTA Vice City comes from the developers themselves. However, top devices are really necessary to date because nothing has been optimized.

If you want to help to make the emulator better, then what device posting your uses, which run the games with you with how many F / PS, or whether there are error messages do not go in the games. I admit it then to the developer.

A video about GTA Vice City, there are also:

Hello Flavius,

with the "push" please refrain. I beg you no links to Rome noted in here that you yourself have created or you see on the internet, as there is no game manufacturer who delivers the games without copy protection.
Of course you can try and write a feedback to the user that for your private purposes.

Ok, with push will be omitted, but the other user is able post here what they have for games tested them what has been used for a cell phone there and which version had the phone?

Sure, but no links to Rome(!)
Otherwise, if something else strikes us negatively, we will respond accordingly.

Okay it's fine.

Hello Flavius,

I've moved your thread in the appropriate area.

Hello Flavius
Through research on Google, I came across your thread.
I am for some time in search of a functioning Ps2 emulator.
So I downloaded the proposed by you.
Also went to install without problems.
So the problem I have, I tie the ROM and nothing happens.
Within 30 sec. the program is terminated.
I need additional programs?
I use a Huawei Ascend Mate 7 with Android 5.1.1

Why do not you ask for on the side of the community. This emulator is still in the beta phase and will take some time before most games run smoothly and not crashing or otherwise. You need only halt the emulator and the corresponding PS2 game.

I want to ask times as standt now it is at because ps2 emu somehow I find nothing new.

Thomad Löbbe

I want to ask times as standt now it is at because ps2 emu somehow I find nothing new.

Click here for the page:

And here to the download area:

Pay attention to the date. A PS2 emulator now times requires time and a lot of patience, because the hardware, graphics etc ... yes with the smartphone / PC / Laptop / MAC's would also have to fit what the PS1 emulator not so directly the case was or is now.

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