Android Nougat: release, features and news

Android 7.0 Nougat is the successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. He brings the multi-window mode, optimizes power management features and beautifies the animations. We show you here the new Android nougat functions.

  • Android 7.0 nougat: These smart phones and tablets to get the update
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow: features and patches

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  • Android nougat Release
  • Surface features
  • Technical innovations

Android Nougat: release of updates and patches

  • Android 7.1
  • Android 7.0

Android 7.1 nougat: Daydream for all - in theory

Android 7.1 brings the VR platform Daydream with optimizations for your system. So Google has reduced, for example, touch screen and display latency and integrated the Daydream-VR mode. VR apps will also receive an optimized thread scheduler, which regulates the utilization of CPU cores. Manufacturers indiviuell decide whether to activate Daydream for their smartphones. Most refuse to date, even if the devices were Daydream capable. We have analyzed the:

  • The dream is: Why not start Google Daydream

Android 7.0 nougat: release on August 22, 2016

Google has announced the availability of Android 7.0 nougat on 22 August 2016th First of Nexus smartphones received the update.

  • Android nougat Update: Summary for smartphones and tablets

Since then, Google will regularly publish bugfix and maintenance releases. This was announced in the developer blog of the company. This should lead to further improvements for the platforms. The maintenance releases will get even own Developer Preview. The monthly security update will still appear.

Android Nougat: New surface features

  • App shortcuts
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Display App origin
  • Kitten in Easter Egg
  • parent multitasking
  • Multi-Window
  • The notification system is more complex
  • New Quick Settings menu
  • Revised setup menu
  • prettier animations
  • Multilingual menu

We show you below what new features in Android 7.0 put nougat.

App shortcuts

More and more smartphone manufacturers and app developers take advantage of the new app shortcuts. Home Screen icons can thus be provided with a context menu. Haltett your down an app icon, you are suggested various possibilities for interaction.

Google AndroidPIT pixels Event2016 0010App shortcuts are dymanisch-almost-good. / © AndroidPIT

Some apps dynamically use the Shortcuts: The first entry is then your most frequently or most recently active contact. If you want to have the feature, but does not get a nougat update, to take a look at our guide:

  • Android-O-Launcher: So is the pixel look on your smartphone

Enhanced and interactive notifications

The display and functionality of notifications will change radically with Android nougat. The new system is considered mandatory feature and with that comes all the smartphones that will receive the update to Android 7.0. Sort stacked Notifications already in the notification area for apps.

android nougat notificationsWorks notifications of apps and interacts immediately. / © AndroidPIT

Some chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram even have a line of input in these notifications. So you can react without the respective app to open to incoming messages. This notification system will be implemented very similar on Smart Watches with Android Wear 2.0 and is a serious improvement of Android.

Play Store, or not, the app appears origin

In the information about individual apps is finally made visible where their APKs come. So you can later distinguish them from the rest of Play Store apps. Unfortunately is held not accurate, even where Third Party Store apps have been downloaded.

android n app originPlay Store or package installer? Nougat shows the origin of the apps. / © AndroidPIT

The nougat Easter Egg makes on Grumpy Cat

After namey McNameface Frolic Google rows back and changed the nougat Easter egg again. As always, you reach it by repeatedly tapping the Android version in settings. Following Your sees the nougat-colored N. Tapped Your this several times to appear since the last beta version a kitten or a no parking sign.

android n easter egg catThe cat there only once. / © AndroidPIT

Behind the Easter Egg is played in the Quick Sets a mini-game hidden. We explain it in a separate article in more detail.

Recently opened apps: Overview is intelligent

The Recents be smarter and finally equipped with a Clear All button. Intelligent, because for a long time ignored cards automatically removed from the list.

android n recents clear allFinally there is the often requested Clear All button. / © AndroidPIT

Multi-Window Mode

The use of the new multi-window feature is simple. Tapping on the button for recently opened apps touches one of the cards and draws them to the top of the screen. then taps the second app so that it is displayed on the lower half of the screen. Pushes the black bar in the middle to change the aspect ratio. To end the split screen mode, you need to hold only the soft button for recent apps.

android n multi window gestureSkims over the square for the multi-window mode. / © AndroidPIT

You can change access to the multi-window mode via the System UI Tuner. Enables you enable split-screen swipe-up gesture, you need to wipe only from below on the right navigation button. Then the active window moves in the upper third, while the active apps are aufgekachelt in the lower two thirds.

New Quick Settings

At last you can edit in the Quick Settings items in stock Android. Previously it has only been in the user interfaces of many smart phone manufacturers. Now, this flexibility is a native Android feature. The first five speed settings you also indicated by the notifications.

android n quick settingsThe first five Quick Settings can be accessed after the first wiping. / © AndroidPITandroid n edit quick settingsYou can select the entries free and sort. / © AndroidPIT

In the long term it will be easier for app developers and smartphone manufacturers to place their own entries in the quick settings. Thus the functionality of this portion of the Android interface is finally significantly upgraded. App developers they should use for their apps. This led Google in some preview versions before using the calculator app. The special thing: Sun launched apps can also operate without unlocking the phone.

android n calculator quick settings appThe computer serves as an example for the new Quick Settings API. / © AndroidPIT

Better structure and proposals in the settings

The settings menu has finally been structured better: All the main entries of the settings can be at any time summon from the left. Your embark you in a sub-menu item, you come this way quickly to a different sub-item. In addition, be submitted to you at the top two places suggestions, so who can be found frequently accessed settings there.

android n settings suggestionsSettings are re-sorted and there are proposals. / © AndroidPIT

The settings provide much more information at a glance. Already in the first overview you can see the basic information about data usage, volume, installed apps and more.

android marshmallow vs android n settingsThe Android-N settings provide more information at first glance. / © AndroidPIT

beautiful animations

The Quick Settings are now animated even more beautiful. The new, continuously visible Quick Sets the front row move now against each other in the view that we know since Android L.

#androidn beta, gorgeous as ever # IO16

- Eric Herrmann (@reporteric)May 18, 2016


You can adjust 7.0 nougat more than one system language simultaneously with Android. This caused on our review unit for a rather strange behavior after we had set English as the primary and German as a secondary language. The main level of the settings was then still appears in German, the menus below, however, were in English.

android n dual languageSounds vs. Ringer volume ... Android nougat becomes bilingual teaching. / © AndroidPIT

Technical innovations in Android 7.0 nougat

  • Fast charging only USB standards
  • Protection against Ransom-Ware
  • Real Android 7.0 nougat apps come
  • fast start
  • A further reduction in battery consumption
  • Virgin VR and Daydream
  • Volcano API for better gaming graphics
  • No "Apps are optimized" more at Updates
  • new technologies

Google documented several so-called Android "Behavior Changes"So changes in behavior. While they mostly first notice only app developers, they still have an impact on how we deal with Android smartphones. To what extent, to show you the following examples.

Bye bye Quick Charge, Vooc and Co .: fast charging only for USB specification

Google changes the guidelines for compatibility with Android 7.0 nougat. The new specification threatened proprietary rapid-charging solutions such as Qualcomm's Quick Charge. Literally, "Type-C devices are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to not support proprietary charging methods", Instead, one should stick to the standards of the USB port. The document goes on to say, Google will possibly make the recommendation in future versions of Android a requirement.

While this is called out as "STRONGLY RECOMMENDED"In future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers.

From a user perspective, this decision is repeatedly well. Type C chargers are then all equally well suited to charge your smartphone. Until now you have to find a charger with the matching, proprietary standard to charge the phone gently and at full speed. The costs resulting from license fees often separately. These additional costs attributable to a uniform standard.

Malicious apps can not change your password

So-called Ransom-Ware has 7.0 nougat harder to take with your Android device hostage. The security company Symantec has discovered a new nougat feature that Apps is to make the change of your password impossible.

The report says this "[...] Nougat] will introduce a new condition in the reset password-API that can be passwords only change if you have not previously set." So this security feature applies only if you have your phone protected with a pattern, PIN or password; but this should in any case be one of your first steps in setting up the smartphone.

API Level 24: At last real Android nougat Apps

Google pulls the final stroke in developing new programming interfaces for Android nougat. Thus the approximate Develop environment is finally able to package apps aimed against API level 24 for the Play Store. For you this means that native Android nougat apps in the Play Store.

Typically apps in beta channels are the first to use the new system features. Known apps with beta programs are WhatsApp, Facebook, Nova Launcher or Spotify. Report back to the betas if your Android uses 7.0 nougat and sends us early screenshots when you see the new features.

faster startup

We have to pit two Nexus 6P against each other; the first with Android 6.0.1 marshmallow and the other with the first developer preview of Android nougat. Both devices were hardware-encrypted and had installed immediately about many apps. In fact, the test device running Android nougat was faster than the ready marshmallow device.

However, it can not involve the improvements by Direct boat, as they were not active. To activate it, you need to convert file encryption into the developer settings and your device. Here, all your data and settings will be deleted. However, Direct boat is not very mature, and there are errors with Bluetooth, NFC and ringtones.

Battery consumption drops

The Akkuverbauch should be further improved. Introduced with marshmallow power saving feature Doze is extended by Doze on the Go. So that the energy-saving features of Doze be applied more frequently. So the battery life is further extended with Android nougat.

Android 7.0 nougat gets a native VR mode

The presented on the I / O 2016 VR platform called Daydream and is based on Android. You should provide the standard that has been lacking in VR area for smart phones. As a hardware partner Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Asus, Alcatel and Xiaomi were named as The Verge reported.

AndroidPIT google logo daydreamGoogle's VR platform called Daydream and comes up with new Android nougat devices. / © AndroidPIT

In the special access to the app settings you will find the new entry VR support services. Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica has the permissions the warning "this app wants VR mode Show Notifications" discovered. Another discovery is the ongoing performance mode, which promises a permanent load without overheating the processor.

android n vr special accessThe VR-Helper-entry is no more than an ominous indication until now. / © AndroidPIT

Volcano API: Better graphics in games

Gamers can look forward to the new graphics interface volcano because it provides the same hardware for faster and more detailed 3D gaming graphics.

Console-quality graphics on mobile? It's not just possible, it's coming soon! # IO16 #vulkanhttps: //

- Google Play (@GooglePlay)May 18, 2016

JIT compilation for faster updates

When updating a preview of the next one will notice you that after restarting caching of installed apps eliminated. This is a new advantage of Android 7.0 nougat. Instead after an update precompile all apps at once, Android nougat does this only when you first start an app. While this takes a little longer, but the first system reboot after installing a system update is significantly faster. This is gratifying, but also necessary, as monthly security updates with the usual cache method would have been torture.

Further points from the developer report

Google's report on the interface changes include interesting aspects on which we will discuss in more detail in the coming days. Exciting is the following:

  • file server
  • Further improved access apps on the SD card
  • RAM optimizations with Project Svelte
  • OpenGL ES 3.2

We finally introduced the new notification system. In addition, the first patches are mentioned.

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