Samsung Galaxy S6 – charging problem – S6 invites incorrect


sorry if this question was ever asked or if it is a simple problem.

I have the following problem with my device (Galaxy S6):

Since yesterday I can not charge my device sometimes. I was able to rule out a problem with my charging cable (works with other mobile phones and my phone works - if it just does not want to - not with other charging cables, but if it just feels like it works with all cables). I can not remember a particular incident (water, shocks, falls or other).

Can perform remote diagnostics to my problem or do you need to have other information or is it simply to repair the phone wisest.

thanks for your help ;)

lg Alex

This may be due to the battery or the charging electronics .... let it repair.
You can also times to factory settings so as to exclude software problems, but that probably does not help.

Thanks for your quick reply.
to factory settings unfortunately nothing has brought, thanks anyway :)


Hello Alex,

Welcome to our forum :)

I have allowed myself time to revise slightly the title of your threads. Please make but next time sure to choose a more descriptive thread title.

To your question: it may be that you have some dirt in your USB port? Try it out, they blow out something


thanks for changing the title. I have already cleaned the socket. Unfortunately, it is not the :(

Where would you be to repair your S6. About problems with the battery there has been here in the forum no entries.
Please keep us informed.

Greeting jori

I come from Austria and bought the phone with contract with T-Mobile. Will go tomorrow after work there and send it even let (usually have warranty on it, 1-2 years is there - depending on the provider - and I've just not a year).

I have since yesterday a problem with loading my S6.
Charging cable into the phone, it hums, then, is not the same entspanntesLaden.
No, the screen goes black, first on the left is a small cross and then it's right and then the screen is visible again. Only then is no longer loaded.
Charger works, I've tried to other equipment.
Cable is also fine, tried it on another device.
There must be at S6, especially now and then the mobile phone can be charged.
nor has anyone this problem or is there a Solution?

Had it today and on the PC, otherwise without any problems, the two could not kommuniziren together.

I cleverly everything to factory settings, I could give it to me.

A year ago I had joined this black screen with the little cross before, only came the message dock and then the phone went down, just as the mood takes the S6 up again.

Moin I'm new here. I have the same problem as Peter Witt for days, just as it also occurs. Fast charging is also no longer possible.

Exactly the same problem as my two Vorposter I have now. Went from now in los immediate.
Bildschim flickers briefly, then black. a small cross at the bottom left then right below.
And then everything is back to normal.
Load the phone can also no longer correct. Sometimes it does not again go fo 3 minutes then. Fast charging is so or so not there. Yesterday came wähend I in WhatsApp written suddenly have a pop-up message. It said something about power sharing, how much battery power I want to give the other device. I was able to choose between cancel u. OK! 've decided to cancel.

I can not remember any app to have downloaded nor have I any device that wishes I load my phone.

I ask for urgent help. Perhaps the two have already found a solution to the problem above me.

Many Thanks

exactly the same thing I had. with a black screen and a small cross in the corner. since my s6 invites no more errors. only thought any ne harmful software. had all apps deleted. This blaxkacreen with the small x was only very verachwunden after I had real racing 3 uninstalled. believable but not it was because. the charging performance is still there. in the forum I had found nothing until now, just happened to confess surprise here about it

Hi, I found something here ......

Although the edge, but same problem.


thanks for the link. probably seems to be related to the loading beech. after with attached cables I do something "messing around" have that kontackte seem to be in korreckter possition again. invites since yesterday optimally without rumzuspacken. hope it stays that way xD

I'm glad if it would work ��

Keep us on the running.



Hi, I have since 2 weeks also this problem. My phone is not too old and I would like to send it back. Does anyone have any experience, how best indicates the technical fault? Since the problem always occurs very irregularly I'm afraid that there will be a demonstration effect in repairing. I am grateful for every tip!
Regards, Lisa