Best Android Root Apps

Root privileges grant you access to all features of the smartphone. To fully benefit from it, you can choose from the following apps. These use the super-user privileges safe and help you get the most out of your rooted Android smartphone. The Xposed Framework and its modules

  • Android rooten: The ultimate guide
  • Should I rooten my smartphone?
Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503566 participants?

How do I roote my phone?

In order to root Android, you need to find a reliable, tested guide for your smartphone. In addition, you must be willing to many risks. How do you find the right place in the AndroidPIT community and what pitfalls you must be aware you are learning in our rooting guide.

Sringt the tasks

  • Google Apps update with open Gapps
  • Android update with Flash Fire
  • The smartphone as a system administrator manage the ROM Toolbox
  • Remove system apps with the system app remover
  • Flash memory optimize the trimmer
  • manage updates with Flashify
  • Battery life analyzed with the BetterBatteryStats
  • Create backups with Tutanium
  • manage modifications to the Xposed Framework
  • Full memory empty with SD Maid
  • Conclusion

Open Gapps

In keeping with the release of CyanogenMod 14.1 is open Gapps its new app. This has a few advantages to the project site. So you can use the app simply download the appropriate for you Google Apps, because it automatically detects the processor architecture of your smartphone and the latest version of Android - so therefore saves a little research.

open gapps appThe Open Gapps app is handy. / © AndroidPIT

With root access, the free app is even more practical. Then you can initiate the installation directly from the app interface out, awkward to handle in place in the recovery. Also, the cache is automatically deleted and the permissions are reset - both common sources of error in Android 6.0 Marshmallow and newer.

Open GappsInstall on Google Play

Update Android without data loss: Flash Fire

The rooting brings with it the disadvantage that the simple update function of your smartphone to stop working. Flash Fire of Chainfire, the authors of the established root tool SuperSU, solves this problem in Nexus and Samsung's flagship smartphones.

flash fire root appFlash Fire is still free. / © AndroidPIT

During the development phase FlashFire is still free. Chainfire suggests that he might later introduce a freemium system. Flash Fire does not provide links to the update images for your device. These need your help with the community of XDA-Developers for your device specifically find. Thus, the tool updates with root makes it easier, but still not completely effortless. After all, it gets root for updates, so that a process step is required.

[Root] Flash FireInstall on Google Play

ROM Toolbox: The Ultimate Toolbox

Once you've rooted your phone, you really need only the ROM Toolbox to install, and already you are the absolute smartphone professional. For the Toolbox combines everything you've unlocked with the rooting of your smartphone.

Changes the kernel secures your data, moves apps to the SD card, change the boot screen, freezes apps in their current state one, creates startup scripts, change the processor configuration and much more. The Pro version costs 5.25 euros.

rom toolbox liteThe ROM Toolbox can do everything that is possible and useful with root. / © AndroidPITROM Toolbox LiteInstall on Google PlayROM Toolbox ProInstall on Google Play

System App Remover removes preinstalled apps

One of the main reasons for rooting is that you finally Apps is going on that you do not use. But is not the no and can lead to massive error messages. That's why you need the ability to make his mistakes reversed.

systemApps remover deThe system app remover removes preinstalled Samsung Apps actually completely safe and secure. / © AndroidPIT

The root app system app remover forgiving. You can recover deleted apps when errors occur. If only all goes well, you can delete the backup data and free memory.

  • So you can delete and uninstall your pre-installed apps
systemApps remover de2Thanks to the Recycle Bin you can recover the Samsung Apps in case of errors. / © AndroidPITSystem app remover (ROOT)Install on Google Play

Trimmer optimizes the flash memory and makes the phone faster

Perhaps you know the phenomenon that your smartphone feels more slowly over the years. Really dramatic it is if the flash memory is almost full. Because then the control electronics have to clean up the data blocks, rearrange and so on.

trimmer appAcknowledges your ausgemisteten flash memory correctly so that he runs again how the first day! / © AndroidPIT

Optimized recently shared storage with the trimmer. The access times are shortened significantly. The free app root trimmer actually leads only one command to your smartphone dominated without app, but if you like typing commands in white-on-black consoles?

  • Memory full? So you can flush the system memory
Trimmer (fstrim)Install on Google Play

Flashify waiting your recovery partition

Root users are familiar with the problem that they can not easily install updates from the manufacturer of their smartphones. Therefore, many pan sooner or later to a custom ROM to, because there is, despite root access automatic updates.

Every few versions you have but also with system updates of custom ROMs problems if the system recovery is no longer compatible. The easiest way to keep the custom recovery on the state of affairs is through the root app Flashify.

flashify root appWith Flashify your saves you going through the recovery. / © AndroidPIT

Flashify invites you custom kernel, custom recoveries, Google Apps or ZIP files from the net and To upload them instantly, if you will. All partitions can be backed up as well, so you can restore them at a later date, the respective partitions. Flashify is three days free, then an in-app purchase for 2.99 euros will be due that unlocks you additional backups to the cloud.

flashify actual flashingto renew the recovery was never this easy! / © AndroidPITFlashify (for root users)Install on Google Play

BetterBatteryStats analyzes battery usage right

Who wants to really starting to troubleshoot, is very early push the limits of Android usage statistics. Because often the Google Play services be declared a scapegoat there. In reality, it was a third-party app that calls the Play Services over again. In the battery stats of Android that is not unraveled. So you need a better tool.

  • Battery life prolong made easy
betterbatterystats 2 deWith BetterBatteryStats your exact information obtained from the battery statistics. / © AndroidPIT

Improvement promises to root app BetterBatteryStats, which significantly increases the level of detail and allows more accurate error reporting. Are you an app developer or want to support that at work, these statistics are essential.

betterbatterystats 1 deBetterBatteryStats finds the true scapegoat. / © AndroidPITBetterBatteryStatsInstall on Google Play

Titanium Backup backs up all app data

When moving from one to the next Android smartphone, it is particularly annoying that you have to reconfigure their apps completely. Save very few apps their configuration from online, and a backup can trigger only from some apps out. This is a huge drawback of Android, can circumvent the various backup apps. The best of them is the root app Titanium.

  • Transfer your contacts, data and backups from the old anew Android phone or iPhone

Power of popular competitor helium backup even stop before the app data from WhatsApp stores, Titanium them without batting you in the cloud eyelash. Also, all your data located in the internal memory come to the cloud or to an SD card if you would like that.

titanium backup deHolt you your app data of WhatsApp and copies them to the cloud. / © AndroidPIT

A number of additional features, such as, among others, the important cloud backup, are only available with the PRO version for 5.99 euros.

Titanium Backup ★ rootInstall on Google PlayTitanium Backup PRO Key ★ rootInstall on Google Play

Xposed Framework Your Smartphone modified gentle and reversible

The Xposed Framework opens an interface with which you can install as comfortable as apps your system modifications. The framework itself must you install on your custom recovery (TWRP mostly). The required zip file you will find in the XDA forum thread in the Xposed Framework. There you load you down the Xposed-vxx-sdkXX- [...] .zip that suits your API level and kernel version. Both values ​​you can read with the free app CPU-Z.

CPU-ZInstall on Google Playcpuz android api level kernel architectureCPU-Z shows in the system area API level and kernel architecture. / © AndroidPIT

Then you install the app using Flashify or manually in your custom recovery. In addition, you still need the APK installer file. This takes you in the same thread. If your will for the first time the Xposed Framework starts calling you to install the latest frameworks in the field Framework. After that you have to perform a software restart, which should happen very quickly.

Xposed framework installer deLatest Framework version active? Excellent! Now the module invites down. / © AndroidPIT

In download you will find a complete catalog of available modules. Sub-modules you can activate, prompting another software restart is needed this.

Our most popular Xposed modules are:

  • Gravitybox
  • Xprivacy
  • Amplify

SD Maid clears app arrears for more free storage

For quite a few years, the memory card cleaning lady SD Maid is available for Android. This is a whole toolbox file explorer, startup management, Dead Finder and other tools that will help you to clear your system memory and keep clean.

Selling point is the body Finder, which searches for you by remnants of apps that you've uninstalled a long time. In my case, so that hundreds of megabytes could be released, even though I had only three days previously installed CyanogenMod and the most essential apps. Another hundred MB of empty system memory were added when I had root access enabled.

  • Android memory full? So you can empty it
sd maid app management deSD Maid empties full system memory and manages apps. / © AndroidPIT

Installed Apps You can optimize only with the Pro version of SD Maid. This can also be enabled if Unlocker for 2.38 euros. Thanks root privileges, another chunk is enabled functions in SD Maid. Especially the effectiveness of cleanup features improved measurably.

sd maid root efficacy deAs the root App SD Maid can empty more Android store. / © AndroidPITSD Maid - System CleanerInstall on Google PlaySD Maid Pro - License KeyInstall on Google Play

Also popular root apps

Many modders are also popular apps that record the screen or block calls. But those are supplied ex works with many smartphone manufacturers and some of them will be part of future versions of Android. It is therefore no longer necessary in the long term to erhacken these features.

Ad blockers also have many fans, but unfortunately they cause that app developers have come up with new, more onerous financing options or completely dispense with free apps. Since we do not want the app ecosystem that damage, so we can not recommend any ad blockers.

Root Explorer or overclocking tools can make your smartphone useless too easy, so we do not want you into the hand of those weapons.

Android Root Apps: Conclusion

As you can see, help a root apps on very well, but their content is actually nothing more than a collection of gap closers of the Android system. reliably secure Could Android on its own app data (not necessarily to Google servers) unravel, battery consumption information or simply provide only critical patches, many of the above presented tools would be superfluous. But until then, we are very glad to have them.