The best eBook reader for Android

You are on the road on vacation and did not want to carry around a whole mountain of books with you? Do you have to either. The Android Market offers many good apps that you can make out of your Tablet a comfortable eBook reader. Therefore, we present the best eBook reader for Android you here. We have our choices to the Moon + Reader adds.

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In my youth I have read many books, or part thereof of Pippi Longstocking, about TKKG, to The Lord of the Rings and books about Greek mythology. At that time, I had to buy the books but in the bookstore and the more books I had bought, the more messy my room was. Books about books piled up in the nursery. If there had only been eBooks, I could browse through my favorite books anytime, anywhere without having to carry equal to 10 kilograms of paper with me. Nowadays, you can buy online and these whenever you want to enjoy on his smartphone or tablet its electronic books easily. One only needs a decent eBook reader app, and here are the best for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Moon + Reader (Pro)

Moon + Reader is an eBook reader app for Android, which is available for several years in the store and has matured accordingly. Moon + Reader supports major formats including epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip and OPDS. Copy-protected eBooks, but can not open Moon + Reader. Cloud files gets Moon + Reader from your Dropbox or Google Drive. The cloud can also be synchronized reading positions. Bookworms can bring Project Gutenberg is further substance from online sources such as the (international), where there mainly English books are available. Access to the German version of the project is not possible.

The user interface of Moon + Reader is clear and tidy - in the library, the individual eBooks can be sorted. Only the import process is somewhat cumbersome especially in cloud files because eBooks from online sources are stored there automatically.

Moon + Reader is free in a standard version, the paid version currently costs 5.10 euros. The standard version is ad-free and includes some additional features, such as multi-touch support and the ability to share notes and bookmarks.

moon reader proMoon + Reader (Pro) / © Screenshot: AndroidPITMoon + ReaderInstall on Google PlayMoon + Reader ProInstall on Google Play

Cool Reader: The eBook reader to feel good

The Cool Reader is one of the most popular eBook reader apps that has Google Play Store has to offer. On the one hand supports CoolReader the most popular formats (EPUB DRM, FB2, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, TCR, DOC, PDB and MOBI no DRM, PML). Secondly, the handling of the Cool Reader is very simple and clutter-free, despite very wide range of functions.

If you start the app, you will be greeted by a parchment paper-like background that makes for nostalgic flair reading, but can be adapted on request even first. In terms of adaptation, many more options are offered that everyone needs good eBook reader app. So let also writing (even gamma values ​​for weak eyes) and other elements, such as the punctuation of the text change on request. Practical: In addition, you can watch also can read texts.

cool reader ebook readerThe Cool Reader offers many setting options. / © AndroidPIT

In the Cool Reader menu you read books can be displayed and also add folders from the internal memory or the microSD card. With the latter option books available in Cool Reader already can be read. If your still on fairly sparse eBook collection, you can also browse the online catalogs provided, such as Project Gutenberg and various others.

Who wants to read an eBook in his own way, has plenty of ways to make this happen with Cool Reader. Because of the font up to the font kerning and image scaling all of the options you are offered. You may of course also use a night mode to save your eyes or just completely customize the background. For beginners Cool Reader is ideal as the app is very easy to handle. For experienced ebook reader app users CoolReader could be a welcome change, since the app especially scores with many customization options that sweeten the reading fun again.

cool ReaderInstall on Google Play

Amazon Kindle: eBook Reader with optional flat rate

The leader in the physical eBook readers, Amazon offers its Kindle eBook Reader App for Android on, so you need not necessarily buy one of the many Kindle eBook Reader, but just installed the app on their Android smartphone or tablet , There is also a big advantage:

Kindle App 1Amazon Kindle Unlimited includes a wide range of books and audio books, but not magazines and newspapers. / © AndroidPIT

About the app you have access to over 1.5 million books comprehensive Online.Bibliothek Amazon. These should be included in German 140,000 books. In addition to books Amazon also keeps a wide selection of newspapers and magazines also available so that you can pick and entertaining discussions in the Amazon Kindle app for Android. The great advantage of the eBook reader for Android Amazon is that the books are all displayed in color. Thus, images and graphics can represent much more beautiful than on an e-ink display.

The good thing about the Amazon Kindle app is also that an extract is requested for each book and you thus a few pages first anlesen may even before buying a book. Almost that's the way my good old times when I was sitting in the bookstore and books have been read. With the Extract function in the Amazon eBook Reader for Android this is so similar. choose book Request read sample and you may have one or two chapters for free trial read and if you like it, even now.

Kindle App 2Great advantage of the Kindle app for Android compared to the Kindle Reader is the colorized. / © AndroidPIT

For frequent readers, there are still the Kindle Unlimited option, which costs EUR 9.99 per month. With this service, Amazon is obtained for the month of access to 850,000 books and 2,000 audio books. In addition, Amazon offers its Kindle readers e-mail address available to you as can send PDF documents to then read this on the app. It is precisely this kind of "Flatrate" makes the Kindle app one of the best eBook reader for Android.

Kindle App 3In many books you can also buy the audiobooks. / © AndroidPIT

Who has in addition to the app still has a physical Kindle Reader, you can share the purchased eBooks and audio books with an account with one another. So you can pretty reading the books on multiple devices.

Update Version 4.19.0

The new update brings some features. So you can now on the menu "About this book" try and Buy audio companion addition, can now be also share quotes and recommend books. This goes via E-mail, SMS or various apps. For new customers free, personalized book recommendations are beyond available.

KindleInstall on Google Play

Aldiko Book Reader: The universal eBook reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is one of the most used Android apps for e-book reading on the go. On many devices, it is pre-installed and offers a very attractive user interface. Who has written many books, can create collections in his library filing and the books in different folders. Unfortunately, the app sucks pretty much on the battery and the import of own files are not designed quite so simple. In store this eBook reader for Android Your access to eBook stores of Feedbooks, Smashwords and other have. Similarly, eBooks are supported by public libraries. It is a pity that was not available in my test of the best eBook reader for Android, unfortunately, the O'Reilly ebooks shop. But that's only a small flaw in this eBook reader for Android.

Aldiko 2Clear: Shop and own collection view. So you always have quick access to their own eBooks. / © AndroidPIT

You will also can add other eBook collections from the Internet via the menu item My catalogs, such as Caliber. All in all, I like the Aldiko reader very well because, unlike the Amazon Kindle app Aldiko is not limited to one store, but can also access other stores. A paid version with some extras like markings advertising freedom there is for 2.99 euros.

Update Version 3.0.21

With the update, the app receives numerous improvements and bug fixes. Also included is a new feature for the Library menu. From now on you can even add local libraries and borrow eBooks from there, without leaving the app. Unfortunately, there is no German libraries that are supported by the app. However, your access have on countless American libraries, and also a few in Switzerland, Canada and France.

Aldiko Book ReaderInstall on Google PlayAldiko Book Reader PremiumInstall on Google Play

read books - Kobo: eBook reader for statisticians and parents

Also from Kobo, there is an Android app in addition to the hardware eBook reader to make reading books on an Android tablet or smartphone without special hardware possible. In principle, this is the Kobo eBook reader for Android to a system similar to the Kindle app from Amazon. Here, too, of course, own the store and the eBooks contained therein is to be sold. Since there is a book prize bond for eBooks in Germany, prices for individual books are identical between the two stores. Unfortunately Kobo can not come up with a "flat rate" as Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, in which you pay a monthly fee and access to nearly gets the entire eBook Store.

Kobo ebook reader 2Beautiful Store and interesting statistics about reading habits are the strengths of Kobo Books. / © AndroidPIT

But visually affects the Kobo eBook reader for Android much more appealing and it is my view easier to use. Reading books, the differences are but then only marginally, because after all you can not change much an eBook. Font sizes and brightness can be adjusted via icons and simple pinning notes to the pages quickly. More the bookworm does not need in an eBook reader for Android.

Kobo ebook reader 1When reading eBooks with Kobo books you can quickly and easily adjust font size and brightness, and add notes. / © AndroidPIT

Interesting and fun as feature is the statistics function. Here you can see at a glance how long and how many pages you've made in total or per hour per session. This feature makes the Kobo certainly one of the best eBook reader for Android for parents who want to see what so read their children a day for books and how much.

Update (as of December 29, 2015)

The latest version of Kobo offers more overview by conducting a sorting feature that you can sort by authors your reading lists and books. The arrangement can be also filter by open, unread or downloaded titles. In addition, you can now read samples for cookbooks, children's books and comics download and view the download status.

Reading books - KoboInstall on Google Play

The best eBook reader: Conclusion

Of all the eBook readers for Android, the Amazon Kindle app I personally like best, mainly because Kindle Unlimited. With the monthly subscription of 9.99 euros you have access to 850,000 books and 2,000 audio books Kindle from the Amazon store. Frequent readers of price is particularly attractive because a book can easily cost up to 10 euros and also you can read with Kindle Unlimited month many books and thus save your wallet. In order for the Amazon Kindle app is the best eBook reader for Android, which is available currently in the market for me.

For non-copy-protected PDF or ePub files are suitable apps without connected eBook shop quite well. Here the Moon + Reader stands (Pro) out, but also the Aldiko reader makes her a lot.

Basically Apps as an eBook reader on the tablet are a good solution, because it requires no additional equipment and you can enjoy the books in color. Unfortunately, reading eBooks on an Android tablet or smartphone also has a weak point: the display. The typical tablet displays are usually not bright enough to browse on vacation and in the blazing sun on the beach with relish in an eBook. The special eBook reader like a Tolino Shine, Kindle Paperwhite and Co have their great advantage thanks to the eInk displays. So you have to decide: Brown will read in the sun or a book on your tablet ...

You know any other good eBook reader, would like to include in the list of the best eBook reader for Android with here, this here like posting in our comments.