Best Android Keyboards at a glance

Which Android keyboard is the best way to write? There are two fundamentally different systems and a number of alternative software keyboards to use them. How to Compare the concepts and keyboards and provide you the most important representatives before.

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Keyboard Concepts: Tap or swipe?

It is spoken by two basic methods for text input in smartphones. The conventional method requires its own touch of the screen for each character. The second so-called swipe method makes it possible to wipe all the words. Both models have gained acceptance as equal alternatives. In the video from 2009 you can watch the test run an early swipe keyboard:

Meanwhile, many standard keyboards by smartphone manufacturers dominate the Swipens option. Samsung is necessary to activate the Continuous input to the keyboard settings. Install Sony and Huawei SwiftKey (see below) even as a standard before. The Google Keyboard offers the swipe input and activates them by default.

GBOARD - Google KeyboardInstall on Google PlayOpinion by Eric Ferrari HerrmannIch prefer to use Tip keyboards as swipe Keybords.Stimmst you listening? 50502377 Participants

Android keyboards for typing

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum shows all the letters in only one row, making the keyboard wasted very little space on the screen. You need only type in the right area of ​​the desired letter. The AutoCorrect does the rest, usually delivers the right proposals.

  • Minuum in Test
minuum keyboard appMinuum: More screen space / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Minuum also offers a full, three-row keyboard view next to the greatly reduced mode. This is the better view just for password fields or URLs. In it, you can turn off the auto-correction, so you no longer interfere assistance.

improve the corrections, so that the keyboard adapts to the user's writing habits over time. You can also tap in two languages ​​at the same time. For even more space savings you can make hide the space bar; Spaces are then inserted through swiping to the right.

The free version expires after 30 days. The full version costs about three euros.

Minuum Keyboard Free + EmojiInstall on Google Play


Fleksy is for fast typist. The AutoCorrect, delete whole words as well as placing spaces are controlled by swipe gestures. Early in this way creates a good flow of writing, if you can climb the steep learning curve. The controls are quite complicated compared to that of many other keyboards.

fleksy keyboard screensFleksy is the keyboard of the Quick Tip-record holder. / © AndroidPIT

The free keyboard provides is partly paid extras on the project is financed to a large pool. These include text stuff, skins or GIF search tools. Thus Fleksy is more diverse than most competitors.

Fleksy Keyboard + EmojiInstall on Google Play

Android keyboards for wiping


Also SwiftKey was quite expensive for a long time, then changed direction to a free model. Thanks to the cash infusion from Microsoft to it no more likely to also change. Some manufacturers install SwiftKey before even.

  • SwiftKey: Tips and Tricks for intelligent Android keyboard from Microsoft
SwiftKey keyboard screensSwiftKey have seen many of you determined. / © AndroidPIT

The strengths of the Android keyboard SwiftKey are mainly fast and accurate text input and the excellent settings. So no matter what screen size you write the lyrics can write very easily using the app. Who wipes rather than the screen, or through letters, will also feel at home with this Android keyboard because the app recognizes finger movements very well.

Who not only writes in German and often switch to another language, can store up to three languages ​​simultaneously. A very important issue at a keyboard is of course the word recognition. Here SwiftKey quickly learns and can even predict whole sentences. So that the look of the keyboard always corresponds to your ideas, there are many themes that can be downloaded separately.

SwiftKey keyboardInstall on Google Play


Swype is the inventor of the method of entry. The same Android app can you try for 30 days. The paid version is just over one euro. Swype learns continuously to and increases its accuracy for your input.

swype keyboard screensSwype is the class leader. / © AndroidPIT

The learning profile and your own dictionary can you associate with your Google account. There are themes for keyboards with different colors. Gestures facilitate post-processing of the text passages. You can tap into multiple languages ​​simultaneously. which is useful if your used many foreign terms.

Swype Keyboard TrialInstall on Google Play


Because you can try all five featured keyboards for free, You are strongly advised to do so. Especially when asked wiping or tap are the ghosts. The most important thing at the end that does not increase by the keyboard, the number of false corrected words. These result in chats and e-mails to misunderstandings and embarrassing situations.

Is a keyboard for you there? Which is your favorite? What you especially important for a software keyboard? like to discuss with us in the comments.

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