How your individual apps can lock in Android

If you want to give one another your smartphone short, one should not be able to open all your apps. WhatsApp, e-mail or picture gallery containing sensitive content that will you probably keep it for you. You can protect you from the looks and still pass your smartphone. Here we show you how to protect apps.

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Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503566 participants?

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App Lock Apps

The Play Store teeming with apps that are suitable for blocking Aps. Keywords "App Lock" provides dozens of results. We chose two examples that call for too many permissions from you. The following two apps we looked at in more detail:

  • App Lock of KeepSafe
  • CM Security AppLock Antivirus by Cheetah Mobile

We have all Apps with the Google pixel tested ran Android 7.1.1. None of the apps was able to hide apps before opening. Thus, that App-Lock apps are useful restricted can judge. The apps can make Although inoperable, but you can often spot previously viewed content without unlocking. Until the Android interface and the apps work better together, you should resort to a method that brings the Android system already at the factory. This we continue on down there.

Tip: Locks definitely the settings app, otherwise a resourceful person can easily uninstall the app lock app and so round.

App Lock of KeepSafe

KeepSafe can make us any screenshots, so we explain the observations in words. First, like the fact that the apps demands no privileges. The setup wizard asks for the closure: PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. The latter do not have to re-register your: The app makes use of the fingerprint that is already stored in your Android phone. This creates trust, because it means that the app can not communicate back to their makers your fingerprint.

As a security deposit your e-mail address. But this point you can skip. Then sends you the app in the system settings where your app grants the use of data access. Without this, the app can not tell if an app to lock has been opened. After that you come back to App Lock where your selects to lock apps. Popular apps like WhatsApp or settings are listed just above, the rest will follow in alphabetical order.

When trying we only have WhatsApp locked. Then we went to the home screen and Whatsapp started. App Lock is positioned as desired over WhatsApp and prevents its operation. A stranger can not read Send message or other messages without a PIN, pattern, or your fingerprint. Unfortunately App Lock does not react fast enough. For a short time, WhatsApp can still operate despite App Lock. So if a a curious person several times alternately opens your WhastApp and goes back to the home screen, he can shimmy through your chats and read the latest news. Even screenshots are quite possible in the short time. A disappointing result.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus by Cheetah Mobile

CM Security works similarly to App Lock of Keep Safe with a pattern that spreads over protected apps. Alternatively, it is also with the fingerprint. When setting up the app asks for access to your contacts. We could refuse permission without adverse effects. As Plan B for a forgotten pattern CM uses a security question. Also, CM asks for the device according to the usage data access.

cm antivirus lock de 1The App Lock CM does what it should, but also much more. / © AndroidPIT

Note: Cheetah Mobile also offers to the app CM AppLock that we have but omitted. It requires package to access location, files, camera, your number, and more. Data that are unnecessary for the core function.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus is actually good and well thought out. The app can even hide your notifications when you granted her the right to request. but unfortunately it does not create too CM to disable the app quickly enough. A quick look at the most recently displayed content is still possible.

cm antivirus lock de 2CM has some thoughtful features - unfortunately, less thoughtful. / © AndroidPIT

Another Cheetah Mobile typical drawback is the annoying internal advertising. CM will recommend you some more of its products and explain that your smartphone is terribly bad optimized. Our recommendation for optimizing is to uninstall the CM App.

Alternatives: Apps lock with Android onboard tools

Unlike apps on-board means of Android function reliably. Unfortunately they are not available to everyone. The following features were introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop in autumn, 2014.

  • use a second user account
  • fix an app

Sets a user or a guest account

Since the apps mentioned above become unreliable, you should also use options of the operating system. The Lollipop feature is not enabled on all smartphones, even if they have Android 5.0 or higher: The multi-user mode. You can thanks to him quickly create a guest account or a second account on your smartphone. Does your via a button that is located on the Quick Settings at the top.

AndroidPIT multiuser 2985Tap on one of the icons on the Quick settings and adds a user. / © AndroidPIT

The new user is simply created. He has his own Google account may only install apps from the Play Store, not on a call, not send SMS and especially not access the data of other users. Of course, this also includes your apps. Sets him as your user, not as a guest, you can even pass on a regular basis to another, which can store its data on it as a personal safe cell phone.

Split screen

Perhaps the reverse logic to the App-Lock apps right for you: Determines which app to use the other. Thanks to the screen fixation of Android 5.0 Lollipop Android mastered this trick just from the factory. As you serve this function, we have explained to you the following article:

  • attach Apps for more safety
android nougat screen pinningSticky apps. / © AndroidPIT

Pinned Apps can be transferred simultaneously pressing the Back button and the multitasking button again while solving. But then Android will ask for the pattern lock screen, if you have the set that way. So all of your apps are basically locked except just the fixed.