Android memory full: So you can empty it

Again and again I get smartphones in the fingers, which make no photos or let install updates from the Play Store. The reason? The memory is full. Since this is incredibly frustrating for those concerned, I have decided to do with the storage issues today and for all end. This time I present to you before an app that is popular with old hands and over the years has been really good.


  • So you can delete and uninstall your pre-installed apps
  • Chaos in the phone book? So you can delete duplicate contacts in Android

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A full memory is about as annoying as any leftover high-speed volume or an empty battery, for your smartphone is not only slow, but you can no longer do with him some things also. And then you stand with the camera app in front of your buddy and says: "the crocodile holding a little longer still, I first have to delete some pictures!" That's a No. To ensure that such situations do not occur anymore, you must follow a few steps that we show you here.

1. Mistet your memory from

The phone memory is largely occupied in Android smartphones from three things:

  • App data
  • Cached data (cache)
  • User data (images, videos, music)

All three fall happily in your sphere of influence, so that you can very quickly to shovel a lot of memory by your app data delete, uninstall unnecessary apps and disabled, and now and then the buffer (cache) empties. The app SD Maid, which we present to you the same, makes much of this automatically, an app like ES File Explorer can help you, a clean uninstall apps. But even without Apps can avoid a full phone memory.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s5 review 20Photos are for many of you certainly memory hogs number one. it shifts as often as possible on the computer, the SD card or in the cloud. / © AndroidPIT

The user data you naturally do not want to delete but simply slide to another device. Connects your your smartphone so to a computer and unlock the screen, you have the directories DCIM, movies and music just about everything you need.

You can delete almost everything on the store

If you sit on a Mac, you still need the Android File Transfer program to download and install, so you can see the files. Also WhatsApp directory often contains images that are of interest for you. All four directories can you cut without loss of function and paste it on the computer; at all you can delete all visible directories without wrecking something in the Android system, because the really important files are hidden from you. save only some apps configurations in this area and are then reset. With WhatsApp that was not the case.

Memory usage analyze Disk Usage

Disk Usage hierachisiert your internal memory and gives you a structured overview of how it is occupied. Quickly identifies your savings potential: What is the app how big your cache? still needs your all the MP3s? Which app actually takes up the most space gone? Let's show you graphically and then make the decision about what can get away and what remains.

disk usage detailsThe maps we do not need now. we delete 700 MB fast. / © AndroidPITDisk UsageInstall on Google Play

Android memory clean up by app: SD Maid - System Cleaner

For quite a few years, the memory card cleaning lady SD Maid is available for Android. This is a whole toolbox file explorer, startup management, Dead Finder and other tools that will help you to clear your system memory and keep clean. Selling point is the body Finder, which searches for you by remnants of uninstalled apps. In my case, so that hundreds of megabytes could be released, even though I had only three days previously installed CyanogenMod and the most essential apps. An additional 100 MB of system memory empty were added when I had root access enabled.

sd maid app management deSD Maid empties full system memory and manages apps. / © AndroidPIT
  • Android rooten: The ultimate guide

Installed Apps You can optimize only with the Pro version of SD Maid. This can also be enabled if Unlocker for 2.96 euros. Note: For a large part of the functions in SD Maid root privileges are needed. Some cleanup features can be used nevertheless, although the root access improves their effect.

sd maid root efficacy deWith root authority SD Maid can empty more Android store. / © AndroidPITSD Maid - System CleanerInstall on Google PlaySD Maid Pro - License KeyInstall on Google Play

Unused app remover

Should you have the smartphone memory filled mainly with apps that help you the remover unused app on the long term. This shows you how much memory to use apps and when they were last used. The apps can be sorted either unused time for a name and size. Here your unwanted applications can uninstall directly from within the app.

unused app removerThe unused app remover helps to make unused apps find. / © AndroidPIT

At first you will not help the unused app remover. You have it one week run in the background and wait for its notifications. Then you can decide whether you really no longer need the app, or if you wish to not be informed because of this app in a particular case.

Unused app removerInstall on Google Play

System memory empty without app: Clear the cache

Your installed apps keep in data they will reuse later. Unfortunately, this has the same effect as a cluttered desk, Ye have no more room for new things, and no longer can work. So does every now and then an end to the chaos and empties the cache.

Depending on the smartphone maker is the point at different points in the settings. Galaxy S5 is settings > General > Storage > Cached data. In the standard Android marshmallow on Nexus devices it's settings > Storage and USB > Data in the cache. If you do it for the first time, you can quickly share hundreds of megabytes Android memory in this way.

clearCache samsung nexus deEmpties the cache, much space give free. / © AndroidPIT

System memory empty without app: Completely Uninstall Apps

Android has many quirks and one of them is that apps clutter your memory sustainable. Apps never tell when uninstalling "bye", but only "Goodbye", Because the internal memory they left their data that your no longer loswerdet without much effort after uninstallation. That's one of the reasons why it is called a day "Device memory is full",

To completely uninstall an Android app, you must first make a detour via the settings. In Samsung's TouchWiz it's settings > applications > application Manager > App name > Data Delete, then Uninstall. Nexus says Settings > Storage and USB > Apps > App name > Data Delete, then Uninstall. Especially in apps like Dropbox is partly to large data mountains that are so removes instantly.

clear app data uninstall dealways deletes only the application data, as your otherwise not so easy approach comes at her. / © AndroidPIT

muck Photos

One of the easiest ways to remove the photos from the internal memory, goes through the cloud. Google Photos app, which is probably already installed on your smartphone, is perfect in it. You can upload an infinite number of pictures when you rich 16 megapixels and you realize no loss of quality in Google's compression.

google photos device storage optimizingDeletes already uploaded pictures from internal memory. / © AndroidPIT

You have infinite amount of space, at least for photos on the way. And they are certainly the main reason for full memory for most of you. Google Photos there are alternatives to push your files to the cloud for free. The best providers together with upgrade costs, we have listed here for you.

  • Free cloud storage: Good provider and great apps
  • Google Photos: Tips and tricks for Google's new photo app
Google PhotosInstall on Google Play

2. Clears the internal memory using an SD card

Inserted an SD card into your smartphone and open the camera app. It provides you whether you want to save your photos on the memory card immediately. Yes! In the way the majority of your storage worries of the past should already belong. But MicroSD card can do more.

  • MicroSD card in Android Tips and Tricks
AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge storage solutions Leef AccessThere are also USB flash drives and card reader for smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

Since Android marshmallow your MicroSD card can also format the internal memory. This is either from the menu item space & USB out, or on the command line. Then the internal memory for the operating system and system apps is reserved. All installed apps of you are completely written to the memory card.

3. Music Moves to the Cloud

Music can your Google Play Music from your computer to the cloud and then play back on your smartphone. If the Android store so once full, you can stop the music easily again remove it from the cache (see above).

AndroidPIT google play music play goalsStores your music easily with Play Music in the cloud. / © AndroidPIT

To synchronize your music collection on the PC with the Google cloud, you need a companion app for your PC or the Chrome extension. The instructions for setting up gets your Play Music in the My Music > Add music. Then you can add for free and get in the Android app, if your same Google account uses up to 50,000 tracks from your MP3 collection.

When you open an album in it, you see a small pin icon next to each album. So you can download the respective album and make it available offline.

Free memory: Conclusion

You see: The trouble with the full storage is easy to fight. Garbage data can easily return to the door, outsource images and synchronize the entire music collection completely wireless via the cloud with the devices. And thanks to the new MicroSD integration into Android Marshmallow you can actually increase the storage space in your Smartphone.

This product was added to Disk Usage and the SD card gate has been revised to reflect the new facts for Android marshmallow.