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can work wonderfully on an Android device. And with the right office apps it is often much easier. But which Office app for Android is the right and what features I really need? We answer these and other questions here. updateThis office app suite is the AndroidPIT community favorite.

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This Office apps prefer AndroidPIT reader

We asked you who your Office apps used. This revealed that the apps from Microsoft for more than a third (34 percent) of the participants represent the best office apps. By far the Google office suite ends up in second place (18 percent). SoftMaker Office Free remains the third place (17 percent), while the Office Suite + PDF comes in fourth place (16 percent). Relegated to fifth place lands Andropen Office (7 percent).

In a follow-up of the survey we are interested in, which features for you are with an Office app is most important. Do you want to see especially documents or edit or print? Does your special table or script functions? Or you enough if you can show presentations?

What features are especially important for you in mobile office suites?
  • view documents
  • Edit documents
  • Print documents
  • consider tables
  • Editing tables
  • Print tables
  • consider presentations
  • Edit presentations
  • Print presentations
  • Giving presentations
  • PDF features
  • Cloud sync
  • Other function (see comment)
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Lacks a particularly important role in the survey? Then they write but please in the comments!

Microsoft Office Mobile

For whom these Office apps are suitable? For users who want to edit their Microsoft Office documents on the smartphone or tablet.

In January 2015 Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for tablets published. Since the end of June 2015, there are three Microsoft Office apps now available for Android smartphones that are accessible so on all Android platforms. Users of the Microsoft Office package for the desktop PC can edit Office documents on your phone now. Of functions the tablet and smartphone version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is identical.

OfficeWord, Excel and PowerPoint is now also available for Android smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

To create documents and also to process, you need a Microsoft account that you will gain free. By registering You may also store documents in the cloud, inter alia, Microsoft's own cloud service OneDrive and Dropbox are available. The ability to place the files in Google Drive and edit the user receives but only through a paid subscription to Office 365. In addition, the user is then even more features, such as the Review changes and customize page layouts in Word. Other premium features for Excel and PowerPoint will be included in future releases.

  • Download Word Play Store
Microsoft ExcelInstall on Google PlayMicrosoft PowerPointInstall on Google Play

SoftMaker Office Free Apps

For whom these Office apps are suitable? This free Office apps are almost as good as the Microsoft apps.

Those who work with the Office apps Microsoft has to pay for the use of money. While the subscription fees are not very high, wants to save the money, the user simply accesses the free Office apps from SoftMaker. These apps Free Office include: TextMaker Mobile (Word substitute), Free Office: PlanMaker Mobile (Excel replacement) and Free Office: Presentations (PowerPoint replacement).

Free OfficeFree Office: The good alternative to the Microsoft originals. / © AndroidPIT

The apps are not as good as the apps Microsoft equipped for simple word processing or creating a table but rich functions from perfect. The three apps are also distinguished by a simple and intuitive operation of the Microsoft documents, as well as some useful extras.

So app users can access documents that are stored for example in Google Drive or Evernote. But the processing of Doc documents or PowerPoint files works perfectly on both the smartphone and tablet. Own texts, spreadsheets or presentations can be using the free Office apps for Android also create. This then can be stored under various formats such as PDF, docx or htm.

SoftMaker has in addition to the free versions for smartphones Special Office apps for tablets on offer. There are five different editions of the individual components in the Play Store. SoftMaker Office HD scores with an adapted for tablets surface. Although you can also use for free the tablet apps, but only the paid HD version contains the full functionality.

FREE Office: TextMaker MobileInstall on Google PlayFREE Office: PlanMaker MobileInstall on Google PlayFREE Office: PresentationsInstall on Google PlayOffice HD: TextMaker FULLInstall on Google PlayOffice HD: PlanMaker FULLInstall on Google PlayOffice HD: Presentations FULLInstall on Google Play

Andropen Office

For whom these Office apps are suitable? Who wants OpenOffice on his mobile device gets Andropen Office

In Andropen Office is basically a copy of OpenOffice for mobile devices. Instead reshape the menus complicated Andropen Office brings just the well-known design on mobile platforms. The porting of the original software that opening even the most complex documents created on a PC without any problems on your tablet or smartphone and continue to edit the advantage. About the Office app for Android new documents can also be created.

The Office app Andropen Office can be installed for free, from time to time there are commercials. Who does not want to see advertising, installed for 3.49 euros (January 2017), the Professional Pack.

OpenOfficeNot really nice, but full of features and settings / © AndroidPITAndropen OfficeInstall on Google PlayProfessional PackInstall on Google Play

Office Suite + PDF Editor

For whom these Office apps are suitable? Office Suite + PDF Editor provides three Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in an app.

Office Suite + PDF provides a program for word processing, spreadsheet, and an application for presentation purposes. It can also be edited PDFs. The functions of the four programs are impressive indeed, but as extensive as the Microsoft applications and each app SoftMaker Office Free they are not. For normal use, that is, for example, write a simple text, this Office app ranges in the free version (with advertising) but more than made.

For 16.99 euros (January 2017) disappear advertisements and You must protect your documents with passwords, you gain improved Excel support and you can use older file formats.

Office Suite + PDF EditorInstall on Google PlayOfficeSuite Pro + PDFInstall on Google Play

Docs, spreadsheets, presentations

For whom these Office apps are suitable? Who wants to use Office applications on multiple mobile devices.

Nowadays it is not uncommon to work on a document on the go using a smartphone or tablet and it is then called again later in the desktop PC. While this feature to store documents, spreadsheets, or presentations via cloud offer, other Office apps for Android, but the advantage of the apps from Google is the very good integration into Google's network - at least when the app users want that and he thus feels comfortable.

So documents can be easily shared with other users of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The Office applications also have plenty of setting options to make changes to documents or presentations.

In addition to the three Office apps for Android you should you also install Google Drive. There you can take, for example, photos and documents.

Google DocsAlmost always available everywhere: the Office apps from Google / © AndroidPITGoogle DriveInstall on Google PlayGoogle DocsInstall on Google PlayGoogle SpreadsheetsInstall on Google PlayGoogle presentationsInstall on Google Play

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