Where is my phone? So you can locate your lost or stolen mobile phones

You let your phone be anywhere and it does not find? You can lost and stolen mobile phones locate in several ways. Find your smartphone again, it makes smartphone thieves heavy and saves your data. We give you help to prevent and recovery. In the update we tell you how to make it difficult to thieves.

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If you lose your smartphone or it is stolen you, that is a huge damage. Not only you lose an expensive device. In addition, you lose a lot of private data, contacts, pictures and so on. How do you survive the loss or theft of the smartphone with the least possible damage, and perhaps finds the lost phone, we'll tell you in this article.

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Tricks of Thieves

it often thieves quite easy to get to your smartphone. The restaurant is located just on the table. On the open road and the bus or train you hold it casually in one hand. Whether Internet browsing, Facebook Booken, Tweet or make phone calls - thieves can quickly grab it. Much more often than those raids but rather secret thefts should be: one in four smartphone theft is done according to a survey IDG in bars or restaurants.

AndroidPIT in a bar on the phoneBars are the favorite for smartphone thieves. / © ANDRODPIT, Shutterstock

Popular is the trick with the label: "I am deaf and dumb and homeless. I ask for a donation." This list is hidden for a moment your on the table lying smartphone. While your whips out your wallet, the thief does his typical gesture. Then he disappears with your donation and your smartphone. Very often, it should also be a newspaper that the thieves hand serves as a privacy screen.

The other trick is the quick grip. The subway door's closing is an excellent opportunity for thieves. You reach for a product, either from outside by just closing door or hatch in the moment from the path, so that You can no longer follow. lying on the passenger seat of your car smartphones arouse desires. Here you can quickly gripped by the slightly or fully open side window.

On the open walk you can protect you better by the phone when speaking do you think easy to the ear, which faces the building facade. Let's between you and the wall is not enough space for a scurrying thief.

Preventing theft

  • Secure data
  • annoy thieves

back up data regularly

You should keep images and data not only on your smartphone. Contacts, pictures and much more you can save in the cloud. Not only Google offers for free services. Normally, this synchronization should already start when setting of your smartphone. but look again in Settings > accounts > Google > [Account] > Sync to see if the contacts is activated.

make phone unusable to thieves

Locks your screen with a PIN, password or pattern. Lodged with the fixed device is that the code must be entered when switching on the device already. So thieves can not reset your smartphone, since the internal memory is fully encrypted and only you can decrypt it.

eric lockscreen hero galaxy s5Drives thieves with the lock screen to despair. / © AndroidPIT

Uses a Google account. With him reactivation lock is set. This ensures that the smartphone asks also after complete reset reactivation with your Google Account. the thief knows not your Google Account, and the unit will remain worthless for him. A similar functionality was the number of reported thefts shown to reduce already in the iPhone, according to Reuters reports.

Disables the power button with Cerberus. So thieves can not switch off the phone and you have more possibility to locate it with online services.

locate stolen phone and find

The Berlin police recommended in a PDF document to record the 15-digit IMEI number of the phone to know the make and model and write their own customer number from the network operator and its telephone hotline number. With this information, it then falls slightly, to report a device as stolen and lock the SIM card.

If the SIM card is removed, but the smartphone has not been turned off, it can still locate on the IMEI. You can read the IMEI by typing # 06 # * her in the phone app. Among other mobile phone insurance companies offer a matching service to do so.

The Android Device Manager finds your smartphone

Using the Android Device Manager Your smartphone can let the phone ring at maximum volume. So you can locate quickly a home lost phone. If it is elsewhere, you can locate it in real time. However, the stolen or lost phone must be switched on for it and be connected to the Internet. Removes the thief the SIM card and separates, switches the WLAN or the entire phone, eliminates this possibility.

AndroidPIT sony xperia x sim sd slotRemoves the thief the SIM card, the location is complicated. / © AndroidPIT

You can bear the Device Manager to remotely lock screen with a message, so the finder can call you faster under a different number. You can delete all data on the device from a distance.

The great weakness of the device manager that your phone must be connected to the Internet. In addition, you must sign in with the same Google account that also your phone is logged you on one computer. Does your confirmation in two steps, you are dependent on replacement options to locate your stolen phone.

android device manager antitheftThe Device Manager helps in locating geklauter phones. / © AndroidPIT

Report to the web interface of the Android Device Manager with your Google credentials in to locate your (stolen) equipment to call or delete from a distance. Checked beforehand whether the service is installed. Opens for the Android settings, changes to point security and presses device administrators. There, the Android Device Manager should be listed. Enables the hook right next to it so that you can lock or erase your device remotely.

Android Device ManagerInstall on Google Play

Individual manufacturers and apps offer similar services. Samsung (Find My Mobile), Motorola (Motorola Device Manager) and Sony (myXperia) have their own services for their devices. This is a good addition if you have a Google Account or not you can access it.

sony samsung antitheft deSony, Samsung and others have separate theft protection systems. / © AndroidPIT

In the Play Store, numerous third-party apps like Cerberus, Avast, Android Lost or Where's My Droid find. Some of them, such as Cerberus also communicate via SMS with your smartphone. So you can send, as long as the power is on and the SIM card is inserted without an internet connection commands to your smartphone. Also, make apps can take the thieves the opportunity to turn the not unlocked smartphone what you or the police helps in locating.

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