Galaxy S7 nougat rooten 7.0


Yesterday I tried my S7 to root (7.0 nougat).
Has as far as working with TWRP and SuperSU and I had all the rights.

However, then came my camera (crash right after starting from -> is stopped, the same with third-party apps) and S-health was totally bugged.
Everything went very round.

Unfortunately, I've been looking at some point on 6.0.1 somehow the Warranty Void on "1" set.

Well ... now I have certainly flashed back to 7.0 floor and it goes back as far as normal, except that I have no KNOX and thus S-health does not work.
With root I could use S-health again, but I need of course still camera!

Are there an alternative way to root (S7 - 7.0), which runs a little more stable?


Knox you'll never use again, since the device was rooted times. Therefore, the counter is triggered.

In your place I would look around at the XDA, but I think that there is as far as no other option. And stupid question ... Have you after rooting times the part resets / Cache gewiped?

That with Knox's clear to me. but knows but could not as I pass the time is now also not so bad.

What do you mean XDAS?

I had after rooten again have to reset? Oh ... I did not. Have previously formatted internal memory. Thought that's enough.

With XDAs I mean the xda forum. There you will find all sorts of manuals and Rome for different devices.

Ok important question once.

've currently 7.0 floor without root on my G930F.

Would equal without trying to wipe to root for my data to keep without getting full root access.
Can I still use this Titanium Backup and backup my data on the SD card?

Furthermore, I would if the backup worked install a custom Rome.
I had to [ROM] [03 Mar] Helios v7.7.0 * TW * android 7.0 for * DQBH.

After that I would play the backup.
Theoretically, the camera and some other stuff in Rome would need to be fixed.

What do you all mean??
It'll probably try the same times and then sign me (Whew)

PS: Can not post links. Just google.

It's worked out! At least the flash of CFW Helios 7.7.0.


Shealth was right gepatch and runs and the camera makes no problems so everything perfect.
I also have a few more tweaks enabled, which I found good.

Well unfortunately I had to restore (backup was made thankfully) because unfortunately the rooten with TWRP and SuperSU did not work without wipe all apps and files from the cloud. Hab after 15 minutes off bootloop and directly install the CFW over TWRP.

I can recommend to anyone who wants to have Android 7.0 nougat stable and with proper root on his Galaxy S7!


as you have rooted?
Other questions: did Titanium Pro that works for a full backup only with root?
When rooted with TRWP and SuperSu then all data (for example, e-mails) and apps gone?
Currently have Android 7.0 on it and then have to set up everything again - is that so?

Quick question still before: How do I get this icon gone? It appears only when Wi-Fi.
I tried only to root without wipen but then I no longer came in.
I'm not sure whether Titanium root but works me without access to the internal memory. I wanted to try, yes.

Would recommend otherwise everything what is going to be stored in the cloud or PC.

Then you have to Odin 2 specific files to flash (1x BL and 1x CP). You can find the thread on the XDA forum.

After that Odin flash the AP from TWRP and boot.

Then you have the custom Rome using drag map of TWRP via USB to your SD and install. Alternatively draufziehen before.

Installation is easy with TWRP (normal flashing).

Then you have root and the Helios Rome. I can highly recommend.

only times thank you. 'd also try Linea.
Titanium Backup seems to work only with root. Looking for the best tool that works even without root.

try helium

Unfortunately, the icon is still there.
It looks like the chat service JOYN. anyone knows?
How to do away again? See above in my status bar.

And now again something important:

Holy Sch *.
The Custom Rom has not cracked S-health through a prop-file but my KNOX-counter (at least at the operating system level) back to 0x0 set!
I can use all KNOX apps! SamsungPay, DKB-PushTAN (what else is always assumed direct), Shealth, EVERYTHING.

How cool : D. I thought this is not possible.

Pictures here:



I thought the Knox counter is impossible to reset once it has been triggered ... :?

In Odin Dowload mode he is still on "1"So Warranty Void.

In Android it is on "0x0", Warranty Valid.
The apps actually work.


Here is a small demonstration video:

If I now say a can as I above wegbekomme symbol ..... (Smug)

Hello first time.

First I want to clarify a few things: I am familiar with the matter not terribly good and therefore have no idea what all these abbreviations, such as Ap or twpr mean etc. But I want my Sg rooten s7 Ver.7.0 and have not found a suitable guide. I think you know each other better so that (as you can also read up).

Can somebody write a guide me? Without any words you do not understand? I would, if possible, keep my data on my phone.

I thank in advance in advance.


If you want to rooten and not have much of a clue, you should read up first!

I can now say from experience that the effort and the loss of warranty only worthwhile if you need really apps like Titanium Backup, Nandroid / TWRP backup and also use apps or custom firmwares want the thing to change in your system.

If you do not absolutely need, I would like to recommend it first to let sink one month.

If you choose it, then you immediately install a custom firmware so that it is also worthwhile.

I use as I said the Helios 7.7.0. I would recommend to anyone.

For questions, I am available, now that I know how to do it ;).

Mike Peng

Can somebody write a guide me? Without any words you do not understand? I would, if possible, keep my data on my phone.

I can not believe it! Maybe or holding hands recite it? : D

If one is not enough, the 'tens of existing instructions, one does not understand and you do not want to train yourself, then you can do better! : $


you have already tested the new version? So Helios v7.10.0.
If so, the version is better? I stand just before the new device and would like to know whether I v7.7.0. or to take v7.10.0.