Sony Xperia Z boot loader for N00b unlock & apos; s

Hello Dear Android fans,

I own a few days ago Sony XZ, and want to be happy now CyanogenMod have it and to have to I think because unlock bootloader, but since I have no idea how to do that, because I'm new to Sony etc. I do know how to Samsung Rootet, etc. To upload but with Sony I am a Proper N00b I hope here in Therad Help at best, on a step by step instructions.

Greetings from Hamburg,


Lad you simply "Towelroot" down, worked great for me. : b

Hello Fikret,
can you possibly help me. I have the problem that I do not always fully understand the instructions and some things I can not do on the pc or never find these things. would be nice if you or another could help me I