Reset Android and securely erase data

You are owner of a new smartphone and want to pass on your old device? If you are planning that the new owner should not be able to get to your data. We explain you how to reset your Android phone and you can safely delete your data.

  • So you can sell your old smartphone for the most money
  • Android app data secure with and without root

What you prefer as a back-up? External private storage cloud or on the Internet?

Choose External memory or internet cloud.

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  • Preparatory steps: Backup, Encryption
  • Reset: In the settings, or remotely from a PC
  • Cleanup: remove cards, delete accounts

preliminary steps

You want to pass on your smartphone, but the new owner will not have your photos, addresses, and other data. According to your wish, of course reset your smartphone, but do not lose the data final. Then you should first back up the data. A backup can be carried out in different ways that we show you in the articles:

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  • Android app data secure with and without root

Your data is on a different device, you can delete the originals. Although this happens automatically when you reset to factory settings, but resourceful users might be able to restore the data. The second step of preparation should therefore be a full device encryption. This is optional activated with Android devices running OS version 4.4 KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop.

Devices that Android 5.0 Lollipop only received an update, are usually not encrypted. Devices that 6.0 marshmallow were delivered werkt other with Android should already be encrypted. With them, you can skip this step.

Make your way to encrypt in the settings for the internal memory. There you will find the point "encrypt device", Enabled him so your data is encrypted using a standard key. In addition, you should an encryption PIN or pattern to enter in order to protect the data in addition. In this process, your smartphone is restarted. It will still not lose any data.

htc one enable full disk encryptionBefore deleting you should, if not already done, encrypt the file system. / © AndroidPIT

Encrypting a result that the next owner can recover your data does not fast even with special software. If your in the following steps will delete your data from your phone, including their residues through the encryption can not be read.

Reset phone

The actual step of resetting is quite simple. You go to the menu, see Back & Reset to default. There you tap on reset to factory settings and confirmed with the code of your lock screen.

  • As the screen lock thieves puts the craft
factory reset protection 1Set your device back on the menu only to factory settings. / © AndroidPIT

There is also the option to reset the phone in recovery mode (recovery). Then, however, the reactivation lock engages the first set-up process and asks for the most recently used on the device Google Account. Such unpleasant incident was documented again in our forum:

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Reset phone remotely

If you no longer have the smartphone and already works next with it, you can delete the data stored on it from afar. The command to erase is performed as soon as the phone connects to the Internet. Data on the MicroSD card remain but may receive. Go to the following site and report to the Google account that is enabled on your phone:

  • Android Device Manager
android device manager device reset deDeletes the smartphone remotely. / © AndroidPIT


After deleting the data you must also remember other details: Do you have the SIM Kate removed? Have you taken out the MicroSD card? Will you eventually remove out of your Google Play balance with the unit now? And if you want to completely from Google's ecosystem out, you might want your Google account including all data to delete.