S5 mini: Best Root?

Hi Guys. I decided to rooten my S5 Mini, because it is not fast enough for me. After this software update last week, it just runs no longer round.

Lovers have for instance me. a cyanogen mod, have never done anything like this, so I turn to you.

Thank you

A big hello B3ne,
Here a root instructions

For CM you do not need root actually just a Custom Recovery example. TWRP at XDA you find everything you need.


Be sure to note the model number !!!

my fingerprint work then still?

Unfortunately, I do not know, I do not use.

Before you do anything you should read up on the subject and let you know you're pretty!

he does but just

Moreover ...... root permission is root privileges. Either you have it or you do not. Good or bad, there is not there.

: $

I'm assuming the B3ne has sought the best way to root and what is the best root is not.

Was already clear to me .... ;)
've got good links sent, let's wait for questions.

Hello back :) I have just one question, undzwar whether the finger printer still works (because TouchWiz). If so, I will immediately reinklloppen the Cyanogen Mod ;)

the fingerprint at CM13 not seem to work,
you can at xda read everything.

G800H or G800F?

Finger printer does not work, did it CM13 system runs quite well with a few quirks. Finger printer, but is missing for smart lock all the better : D