So your files, pictures and apps hidden with Android

Smartphones take half our lives in it, but they are not exactly impregnable fortresses. With these apps you secure your data and privacy in three stages: Hide Apps, hide files, encrypt files. update: LockMyPix and Privary added.

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Hide Pictures - Hide it Pro hides your photos - and himself

The smartest hiding places are those who also camouflage themselves and not divulge. Hide it reveals itself as a Audio Manager and continues to operate as such. But if you hold down the top of the logo, you get into the back room and come to an app to hide pictures.

audiomanager hide it per 1Hide Pictures not can be recognized as an app for images hiding. Of the "Audio Manager"Lettering is the back door to your photo hideout. / © AndroidPIT

First, you must specify a numeric code or a password, behind which you want to hide your files into the app. need the code you type later if you want to open the app, or Enter the back door. A login is not required, but it is useful to specify the e-mail address if you forget the code again.

audiomanager hide it pro 2And Zack is hiding the photo. In the file manager Eric no longer appears. / © AndroidPIT

To hide the app images, you type in the main menu Pictures, then an album and only then the top right of the + symbol. There are all of you photos and screenshots displayed. Taps on all the images that you want to hide, so they are highlighted in blue. Typed then hide at the bottom of selected files to hide the images in the app.

audiomanager hide it per 3Left you see the crux of the matter: Hide Pictures hidden images and provides hidden photos right restores. / © AndroidPIT

To remove the images from their hiding and make them visible in normal memory, your typing long on an image and then click Show. then tap on the small blue folder icon to the right of the path and selects the best / storage / emulated / 0 / DCIM / Camera / or the like from, so the image ends up with your other photos.

What we like good, the sophistication of these images hiding app. It runs at no time in the background. Pressing the home button is enough to completely remove it from the short term memory of your smartphone. About the app launcher, you can not retrieve, so that you always have to approach via the audio manager at her. Even if your your images safe are open, let the smartphone and shut off the screen after a few seconds of idle time, the app when computer resumes of your smartphone is no longer visible. This is smart and very commendable.

Hide Photos - Hide it ProInstall on Google Play


AppLock allows you to block certain areas or applications of your smartphone with a password or pattern. This is particularly handy for users who do not want to terminate their homescreen. In the main menu you will find a list of all applications that are included on the device and can specify there, which should be password protected and which not. Also, specific telephone functions can be blocked, for example, to accept calls. Finally, there are a lot of customization options, which are mainly reserved in this case, the paid premium version.

AppLockAppLock / © screenshots: AndroidPITProtect (AppLock)Install on Google Play


Privary hides and encrypts your photos or videos. The app is protected by a PIN from unauthorized access and will not appear in the multitasking menu. In the encrypted file space your folders can create to keep order. Who would frequently snap photos, can record them directly from the app to the encrypted storage. In our test with an Android smartphone nougat but that has not worked. is unusual that a tip closes on the logo the app and Privary immediately prompts you to re-enter the PIN.

The basic functions of Privary are free. With the Pro version, however, monthly or yearly results as a subscription to additional cost, the app brings for example, a cloud backup and waiving advertising.

AndroidPIT privaryPrivary / © screenshots: AndroidPITHide pictures with PrivaryInstall on Google Play


LockMyPix encrypts your photos and videos. You have to protect against unauthorized access, the app when you set up a PIN code. After that, your imported the images that you want to have removed from the normal gallery. It is nice that LockMyPix does not appear in the multitasking menu of Android, so that no accidental view of the content is possible. Each time you start you have to enter the selected PIN.

Also LockMyPix can be upgraded via in-app purchase or paid app on an ad-free Pro version. We recommend that interested the Pro version from the Play Store, because you can do so from the family library and other family members.

AndroidPIT lockpixLockMyPix / © screenshots: AndroidPIThide images & videosInstall on Google Playhide pictures - LockMyPixInstall on Google Play


This app is not only useful, it is also pretty. Modern in fresh flat design, it hides files behind a password. Andrognito itself is secured by a four-digit PIN that secures files in a 3-layer encryption. Here, pictures, documents, videos, apps and more that can be hidden. Here Andrognito encrypts files so they can not be read without the app.

To hide a file, you open the app and create a safe, if you have not set up yet. Then you can add your individual files. In the corresponding entry you have to press and hold on the file and then add them to the vault. Have you all to be hidden files together, so your encrypted your selection with the button in the action bar at the bottom of the display. In Andrognito you can access the encrypted files. Other apps, however, see no more of the files.

In the multitasking menu Andrognito is visible. This is initially not a problem because when you start the app always requires a PIN or fingerprint. However, the encrypted contents are then to be seen.

andrognito 2Andrognito 2: Hide files with Andrognito / © screenshots: AndroidPIT

Ex works Andrognito is visible in the App Drawer under his own name. This changes the Invisible mode, which must be activated manually, and leads that you can just open the app by posting your PIN eingebt on the dial of the phone app.

With the currently in beta testing the new version 3.0 Andrognito many of the previously free features disappear behind the in-app purchase for the Pro version. Andrognito used by this version jump also as an encrypted cloud storage, for which, however, an additional Andrognito cloud subscription is necessary when generating the additional costs.

Andrognito is available for free in the Play Store, but calls for many features an in-app purchase, which currently costs 3.94 euros (as of December 2016).

AndroidPIT andrognito 3 betaAndrognito 3 / © screenshots: AndroidPITHide Files - AndrognitoInstall on Google Play


A number of reasons suggest to hide files. Work best apps that you set an encrypted container on your smartphone. Then it does not matter if others see that you have installed, for example Privary: Without the app, there is no access.

Depending on the application presented here Apps come into their own. Will protect their photos, but other file formats from unauthorized access, Andrognito looks good. This app encrypts your files and displays them in a clear surface.

Those looking for specialists for a safe hiding of images will find it at LockMyPix. Privary is also very safe, but costs for the subscription-financing considerably more.

Hide Pictures hidden not only themselves, but also images - in this case but is no encryption used - which reduces the usefulness considerably. AppLock again the complete package, with the eyes your files and apps from prying eyes is you can protect.

Finally, of course, you can also encrypt all the data on your phone. How this works, we have described here.