Google Play services has been completed, there is a solution?


when I start my mobile phone is the message "Google Play services" was ended. Have quite a bit but tasted no solution found. The problem came from one day to the other, otherwise worked all without problems. Have installed any new apps.
emptied Cache / Dalvik
Data deleted Play Store
Different versions installed
Cell restarted

The app Google Play services I can not uninstall, since the fields are gray.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000
OS: Android 4.4.4 Kitka
ROM: CM11-20160401
Google Play services 9.0.83
Google Play Store 6.7.12

Would appreciate any help

Have you installed the Gapps properly? So in recovery?

yes the Gapps have been installed properly, then made my recovery. Google Play Store does not work because of the problem, unfortunately, crashes immediately without an error message.

The other tips on the Internet do not work, such as cache etc. Full Wipe I will sogut it is possible to want to avoid :?

I would still try it with the Full Wipe ... I so is not a state. My

Ne I prefer to wait for help, maybe someone had a similar problem :(

Hello Waldemar,
I'd newer Gapps re-flash and then again wipe cache and Dalvik

Hello, Jens,

I then took the minimum version. What do I have to pay? Only the release date?

Hello Waldemar,
I'll take the Pico,
You have to pay attention to the Android version and platform
So when CM 11 poor 4.4

Hall Jens,

thanks for the link. Have the Pico version flashed and then deleted cache and Dalvik. Unfortunately, the error message comes back immediately.

Exact description: Google Play services has been terminated

CRASH: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Do you have any idea why this might be?

Waldemar S.

CRASH: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Sorry, Waldemar,
I must fit, the error I can not read well.

I had this before the have the Gapps of not work.
I was then invited to that to the version of Media Fire that were a bit old, but has been available.
Had just flashed over it empty without Dalvik.
The Play Store automatically updates itself just as the Google Play services.

Did you watch Stock Gapps it, if not even the times. May be the possibly at the Mini, Pico, Nano things any libraries lack the you have now used Augrund any function that can not be found, and has now crept a mistake. As I see it, you can edit this error by very complicated but solve this, you'd have you already read himself. Can even the error message once Google Enter. There options are shown.

Have fixed the problem today. I installed the latest version NIGHTLY plus the Gapps with the same release date (20160612) flashed it.

Cache + Dalvik emptied reboot -> see no error message more.

thanks for your help

"Google Play services were canceled", every second!
Play Store could not be started. "Data must be checked."
Have tried everything: full wipe, new roms partly filled with various gapps.
The services stopped caches emptied and cleared updates, date and time tested,
Location mode is changed, system / etc / hosts editert etc. Nothing has helped.
After weeks of experimenting, I finally found a solution for me. from the side I looked at the google play services (10/05/35 beta (438-147654167) March 3, 2017 poor Android 6.0+) as .apk downloaded and on my old GT-P7510 (Android version 7.1.1 with gapps pico) installed.
No more error messages, Google account can sign up and play store runs without problems.
I guarantee, of course, for nothing, but it would be happy if you also this simple way
Greeting Armin