Sony Xperia Z3 – Z3 Sony has suddenly garkein network more (phone) is not the Internet!

Moin ...... So we wonder at times with the fakts
Equipment etc is clear so far, update to date.

Have Aldi Talk with the nano sim .... Now the problem ..... Overnight, I had no more power .... phone calls and mobile Internet just gone ..... sporadically once again pure and most of Gar simply no power (as I said then stands up only emergency calls possible).

I then Settings -> wireless & networks -> more ... -> mobile networks trying to achieve something. Result so far have zero, then searched a bit and it is often called sim card broken well ..... So call service and ordered new ones. (By the way with the sim tested my girlfriend and went immediately) the new sim I arrived I called the designated hotline and it was called activation may take up to 24 hours ..... Yes that are now up to length and still achja no power ...... the phone rebooted several times and also as described above trying to get power ..... but there are always only network 2g as well as 3g and stop the big providers such as Telecom, Vodafone etc .... I .wähle one of the error message it could not connect to this network made later try again ..... am at my wits now at the end and just hope you can help me.

Ever controls the apn settings?
Aldi is still e plus as far as I know.
Under Settings - Other - mobile networks - access points check your attitude.
Here is the e plus:

The APN are not responsible for the network, but for the Internet and MMS.

Because I would call again and hope that I get another supporter who is familiar with the matter.

have you Oh, I got something confused right Matze.
If even read a closer ��

.... I would download the settings of Aldi talk HP and save deselect rooming before. it is usually at the national rooming o2 and e plus the the Z3 "swallows" ....

What settings should I as down load? :O

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So little update, and again the information for all who want to help.

It's not about internet connection but also generally to the reception of the mobile communications network (telephone and Internet) where the Internet does not work normally without a phone.

Update: I called at Aldi Talk today and the lady has the first such recorded and sent to the technology further, but she also said that if I had to stand medionmobile a mobile network search there and not "network" So the etc with 2g and 3g .....image This problem is usually solved with a so-called silent SMS which is then accesses the sim and something changes so then properly recognized there.

Vill knows her ne solution that is faster than the service of which
LG pateick

The network is only because instead of your provider I know also, my wife and I both have base at my Z3 is as ProviderBase + and my wife her Compact is also available as only network.
After calling the hotline was told that that simply is only up to the first generation of SIM card and own just heard my to newer generation.
Although only power is with her because she is still logged on base.
Calls ever, mobile Internet works only where LTE is removed when no LTE is available it also has no mobile internet.
Very bad and ne Remedy I have not in sight.

With me standing there and just network. but everything works well.
Whether Telephone / 2G / E / 3G / LTE. Although one must say that, of course, now-a-days all for more than Whatsapp is good slower than 3G, anyway.

The problem that I have ..... If I then with the "network" or is there now "medionmoblie" wants to connect whether 2g or 3g comes "Registration in xy runs " and then a black box appears at the bottom where it says "currently can not connect to the network, please try again later " I then, as I said garkein network no phone no Internet simply nothing!

Because the problem is not so with the SIM of your girlfriend the error should probably yes are the provider.