The best apps for Android Wear

Which Android Wear app is it then? Will you only beautify the SmartWatch with the appropriate Android Wear app, make it better or to watch play? No matter what you're planning, here you will find the best Android Wear apps. updateWe have added useful Wear apps for everyday life.

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Mandatory: Install Android Wear apps and find

Nothing goes without the Android Wear app. Installs them to link it to the Android Wear watch on your smartphone. In the first synchronization some Android Wear compatible are already made apps on the SmartWatch available. Google Apps such as notes, calendars, Authenticator, Fit or Hangouts are considered flagships among Wear apps and, of course, already fully compatible. For iPhone users, there are, unfortunately, the only apps that really work well with an Android Smart Watch.

Android Wear - SmartWatchInstall on Google Play

So you to go even on App Search

If you is not enough choice in our curated list of the best Android Wear apps, you can watch even embark on research. In addition to the Android Wear category in the Play Store, there is also a store for Android Wear, which is maintained by a third party and also builds on the trusted Play Store. Your serve him out from your smartphone, where he is listed as Android Wear Center.

Smart Watch Center Android WearInstall on Google Play

Android Wear apps are available in two variants

First you have to decide between the apps that Android Wear only support and those that have been developed for the clock. The latter are autonomous run on the clock and exploit their full potential out there. Among them are music player with offline storage on the clock or apps that take advantage of the clock sensors.

Since the newer versions Wear your apps will start by you open the App Drawer from the right edge of the display ago.

The best Android Wear apps for everyday

DB Navigator

Rail passengers are likely to have the DB Navigator installed on your Android smartphone. And for several months, the railway also Android Wear smartwatches supported: Central is the function "My travel", On the smartphone you can change your current connection in this area store. On the clock then the Navigator shows you to, for example, track information and transfer times.

DB NavigatorInstall on Google Play


Bring is a digital shopping list: On the phone you click your purchases together and in the shop you have all the items on the list at your wrist quickly in view. Shopping lists You will also can share with friends, roommates and partners, so you can always maintain common shopping list. The refrigerator list is obsolete with Bring!

Bring! Shopping ListInstall on Google Play

One Football

Football fans: With One Football you missed a goal of your association more. On the smartphone you will select the teams on their Torerfolge You want to be informed. On your watch, you can also immediately Statistics currently running games to retrieve.

Onefootball BundesligaInstall on Google Play


"OK, Google. Make a note!" Wunderlist is an excellent to-do, and note-taking app that is ideal for users who want to organize many different tasks. Thanks to the excellent Android-wear operation makes you even faster notes. More App Wunderlist and other good notes apps, you can learn in this article

Wunderlist: To-Do ListInstall on Google Play

Google Calculator

The Google calculator capable of the four basic arithmetic operations in its Android Wear version. probably this is enough for most purposes, especially since the display space is limited at Smart Watches. As well as the keys of the calculator are they quite small - for complex calculations, the handle is recommended for Smartphone.

calculatorInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear Apps: Multimedia

Spotify Play Music & Co.

Who uses his smartphone also for playing music, you can use this for remote control thanks to an Android Wear smartwatch. Spotify gives you on the SmartWatch access control functions, but also playlists and Spotify radio stations. Google Play Music even has the option to use the watch as an audio player.

Spotify MusicInstall on Google PlayGoogle Play MusicInstall on Google Play


Also Shazam has developed an app for Anroid-wear watches. Shazam recognizes what song is playing and works just as good as the smartphone app.

discover music - ShazamInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear apps: Messenger


Google's SMS app messenger comes and this supports Android Wear. You can browse this application your text messages and even send text messages. Messenger uses this voice input of Android Wear, so you do not have to tap with a fiddly keyboard. Of course, you must use the Messenger on your phone as the default SMS app.

Android messagesInstall on Google Play

Facebook Messenger

With the Facebook Messenger you can answer using the clock to messages quite comfortably, mark with "Like" or mute without to fetch the phone from his pocket. This saves mobile phone battery and nerves.

MessengerInstall on Google Play


Google's chat (and now also Voip) makes client Hangouts fit for its SmartWatch operating system, is actually a matter of honor. Read messages directly on the Android Wear watch, and she answered on the voice input.

HangoutsInstall on Google Play


Even the chat client threema did not have to wait long with the Android Wear update in coming.

threemaInstall on Google Play


The news from Telegram not miss out for more on the Android Wear watch.

TelegramInstall on Google Play


Compatibility with devices has always been the strength of WhatsApp. Therefore, it is not surprising that the chat client your messages on Android Wear watches - can display - even images.

WhatsApp MessengerInstall on Google Play

Talon for Twitter

Twitter addicts amongst you will have determined missed the opportunity to sell via SmartWatch tweets. Talon supports just that: create tap to tweet and then bang out the text as voice input. This SmartWatch app your skin as soon tweets out that even Donald Trump wiggle their ears.

Talon for TwitterInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear apps: Quick one-purpose apps

Wear Mini Launcher

The launcher for Android Wear brings you all the apps on the home screen. This one has no more via "ok Google" or manual search run the apps. Even the Launcher makes it look a bit more like a smart phone, the Smart Watch.

Wear Mini LauncherInstall on Google Play

Bubble Launcher

, The bubble Launcher provides not only a scrollable list of all installed apps Wear also a button to switch between open apps on the clock. Thus, he brings a kind of multitasking on your wrist. Do not let distracted by its initial performance problems. Once you've downloaded and once again hochgescrollt, you can smoothly with the launcher to work. Beautiful: The launcher places semi-transparent on your dial, so you do not lose time from his eyes.

Dice with the clock

Rolls up to six six-sided dice. Yahtzee, becoming a silent event.

Dice For Android WearInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear apps fitness apps

FitCloud Running & Cycling

The combination of Android Wear watch and smartphone thanks FitCloud to health workers and long-term observers of your improvements. Voice commands begin and end this training. Look before but better on the website to see if your SmartWatch works with the app.

FitCloud Running & CyclingInstall on Google Play

My tracks

My Tracks records your routes, speed, distance and altitude, while your travels, jogs or bike ride. You can view the data during recording, mark waypoints and listen to you periodic voice announcements of your progress.

My tracksInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear apps: Send Watch Faces

Weareal - Live 3D Watch Faces

What makes the Weareal-dial is its realistic reflection. Selects from a plurality of chargeable part, dials. They simulate metallic luster hiking in dependence on the rotation of the clock on the display. Immediately after installation, this calculation a bit jerky. After a few seconds, and repeats, however, the reflection moves sliding and realistic about the dial and gives your watch literally a new luster.

Weareal. Realistic Watch FacesInstall on Google Play

Fluid Watch Faces

Rigid Watch Faces are you bored? If so, then simply try but from the free fluid Watch Faces. That not only provide a beautiful backdrop to the Android Wear watch, but they also provide a chic watch animation. A total of five different wallpapers available.

Fluid Watch FacesIf you like beautiful animations on his watch, grabs the fluid Watch Faces. / © PineTree AppsFluid WatchfaceInstall on Google Play

Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant

This Watch Face is characterized in that it - well - is minimalist and elegant, while being careful not to give up information. So you can see not only the current time, and information on weather and battery level (pm and phone) are made. And of course you can do it Watchface also customize according to your wishes and change colors, fonts and more.

watch face minimal elegantMinimalist yet elegant, this Watch Face. / © Google Play StoreWatch Face - Minimal & ElegantInstall on Google Play

Watchmaker Premium Watch Face

You do not give you with pre Watch Faces satisfied, but want your own style on your clock to bring? Then Watchmaker Premium Watch Face is the app after you've been looking for. While there is also a selection of predefined clock faces, but actually, the app is an editor for Watch Faces, in which you can watch romp on your mood. There are no limitations to your imagination. If you this but should still be too much choice, you will find in the corresponding Google +! Community that reaches your from within the app, several thousand Watch Faces.

watchmakerFor creatives: Creates your own Watch Faces. / © Google Play StoreWatchmaker Premium Watch FaceInstall on Google Play

Street Art Watch Face

Numerous selected by Google artist will soon provide an urban touch on your Android Wear watch. Street art is the motto, as the name might imagine. In addition to the designs you can specify from the connected smartphone, whether the dial analog time, digital or "minimal" displays and whether the date should be visible. You can find a list of the artists involved in the Play Store.

google watch facesHolt Street you type on your Android Wear watch! / © GoogleStreet Art watch faceInstall on Google Play

Knight Rider Watch Face for Wear

Proper 1980s charm comes up with this Android Wear Watch Face. Who feel always like David Hasselhoff and wanted to go with a talking car on a manhunt, has come with this Watchface his dream definitely stylistically closer. Although you can not communicate with K.I.T.T via wristwatch with "Ok, Google" However one feels a bit like Michael Knight before.

knightrider watchfaceKnight Rider Charm on the Android-Wear-Smartwatch./ © TaccoTapKnight Rider WatchfaceInstall on Google Play

The best Android Wear Games

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