The best VR games for Gear VR, Daydream and Cardboard

Virtual reality - VR for short - is to be the very big thing in the video game area and several manufacturers have already own VR goggles for consoles, PC and Android offer. Numerous VR games for Android smartphones in the Play Store and the Oculus Store already are available. With us you can learn which are the best available VR games for Android. update: New to the list is Need for Speed, Gunjack 2, VR space and Wands find.

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VR games: When the time is ripe for virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a long-cherished dream for many gamers and to this realization, have many developers have tried in the past years and decades - usually with rather little success. Either the glasses or VR helmets were too expensive, the range of games is too low or the result of too bad.

But in the past two years a lot has changed: Now there are powerful (graphics) chip, high-resolution displays and promising projects like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Google pointed Cardboard a cost VR platform that soon gets to Daydream an improved successor.

For Android gamers, there are essentially two VR platforms. Samsung has the Gear VR, which is only compatible with high-end Galaxy smartphones and was created in collaboration with Oculus. Many smart phones, however, are compatible with Google Cardboard - here Google are some important specifications of the headset before. Most VR headset for Android smartphones are a Cardboard inside, with the glasses sometimes look more like a Gear VR similar.

A third platform takes just ride on Daydream. Google's new VR platform extends Cardboard to specifications to be met by smart phones and headsets to play compatible VR apps. During Cardboard acts like a DIY solution that is not the case with Daydream. Google's own VR headset Daydream View already shows where the journey should go.

AndroidPIT Daydream View VR 0176Daydream View / © AndroidPIT

Projects such as HTC Vive or Playstation VR currently for Android smartphones not an issue because here either a PC or a game console delivers the images.

VR games for Google Daydream

Mekorama VR

Mekorama is a puzzle game where you have to run a little robot through a level. First, it is still quite easy, because usually only a few stones have to be moved, but the difficulty increases greatly from level to level. The VR Edition makes the event appear great all around you, with the controller moves your stones and has the robot path.

Mekorama VR will cost 4.29 euros, but does it no in-app purchases.

AndroidPIT mekorama vrMekorama VR / © Screenshot: AndroidPITMekorama VRInstall on Google Play

Hunters gate

Action is called for at Hunters Gate. The world has been invaded by demons and you must in this action RPG repress it and - as usual - save the world. The fun and graphically impressive. RPG elements make sure that your character is getting stronger with time and learn new skills. Thanks to the Daydream controller has quickly got used to the controller. You look from the top of what is happening, what's the comfort of playing to good - too much virtual movement must not stand her.

Hunters Gate will cost 6.49 euros.

AndroidPIT hunters gate vrHunters Gate / © Screenshot: AndroidPITHunters gateInstall on Google Play

Need for Speed: No Limits VR

Racing are particularly suitable for the thrill of speed, which is possible thanks to virtual reality. Need for Speed: No Limits VR is probably the best racing game for Daydream enabled smartphones. Thrilling races and many tuning options for the cars to make the VR experience of Need for Speed. Excitement is guaranteed. Great graphics is guaranteed. EA has even thought about the details: At the beginning you can adjust the height of your seat.

7.49 EUR Need for Speed ​​is: No Limits VR no bargain.

Need for Speed ​​™ No Limits VRInstall on Google Play

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

Gunjack 2 is not in vain in the candidate list for the Google Play Award 2017. You play a mercenary on the mining platform Kubera at the outer edge of our solar system. Your task: Attackers ward, because pirates are very interested in the mined minerals. So you sit down to a gun and shoots the attacking spaceships from space. For this you is a huge arsenal of weapons available. The control is a bit strange at first. Although the game is action-packed and fast, but your controls every movement with your views.

Gunjack 2 is 13.99 EUR not a cheap but worthwhile game.

Gunjack 2: End of ShiftInstall on Google Play

Polyrunner VR

Polyrunner VR is a Endless runner that leads you through an abstract graphic landscape. You sit in a small space ship and must avoid obstacles and collect bonus points in the form of energy circles. For more game elements Polyrunner VR does not exist. Nevertheless, the game is a recommendation, because sometimes breakneck flight deposits keep a happy.

The VR game is free and contains no in-app purchases.

AndroidPit polyrunner vrPolyrunner VR / © Screenshot: AndroidPITPolyRunner VRInstall on Google Play

VR Games for Cardboard

InMind VR

The setting of InMind VR is very reminiscent of that of the film classic The Fantastic Journey. VR player is like in the movie also in the human body. The aim is to shoot in the patient's brain on neurons that psychological diseases can cause.

What distinguishes InMind VR, is the very chic for a Board Game appearance. when you have to look in that direction and the shooting mechanics, is well done.

InMindVRShooting in the brain? Why not! / © NivalInMind VR (Cardboard)Install on Google Play

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Endless Runner are very well suited for them to play with a VR glasses. Just such a game is Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the successor of Lamper VR: First Flight. Here navigated by head movements a little fireflies, and must free your firefly friends who went missing during an attack by spiders on your insect kingdom. In the game you fly through forests and caves, shoots from fireballs and use power-ups to defeat opponents. This works thanks to the intuitive control very well and chic looks the free VR game also.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is available for free in the Google Play Store. There is also a version for Gear VR, which costs 2.99 euros but.

lamper vr fireflyLamper VR: Firefly Rescue / © ArchiactLamper VR: Firefly RescueInstall on Google Play

VR Space: The Last Mission

The space. The final frontier. No wonder VR games often play in space. Including VR Space: The Last Mission. You are - as usual - the last hope of mankind. Ultimately, the story is rather unimportant. It is crucial that your wards off many attacks of enemy spaceships. And that makes you feel good - especially since the graphics are impressive. Although the game was designed for Cardboard VR goggles, there are transforms the game into a classic smartphone game a NoVR mode.

Costing? 1.99 euros.

VR Space: The Last MissionInstall on Google Play

VR games for Samsung Gear VR

Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Wars 2 is one of the VR games that are graphically impressive. In this VR game you fight in space battles with your little fighter for the victory. The action game is fun right because of the 360-degree effect of the Gear VR comes across very well. but a game controller You should also connect with your smartphone, because the control uncomfortable fast otherwise fails.

With 9.99 euros Anshar Wars 2, however, is not one of the most competitive games.

ansharwarsAnshar Wars 2 / © OZWE
  • Anshar Wars 2 at Oculus

Land's End

More for friends of puzzles is Land's End ustwo of the Monument Valley makers. Especially for the Gear VR conceived, you shall bring an ancient civilization in this game. A controller You do not need because ustwo a unique operation has been devised. Land's End graphically is kept abstract, virtual landscapes are inspired by many remote places on Earth. Action friends are not happy here.

Like many other Gear-VR games cost a Land's End a fairly high amount. 5.99 EUR the developer wants it.

Lands EndLand's End / © ustwo
  • Land's End at Oculus


Wands is a VR multiplayer game. You find yourself back in a fictitious London-1880s. However, there are magic - and you play a so-called Wielder. Endowed with your magic wand with relics that allow you spells like fireballs, lightning attacks or meteor attacks. Movement takes place in the game only via teleport, otherwise your aims by head movements.

A true story, there is not - instead, Wands focused on fighting against other players. Before a fight against real opponents via Internet but we recommend some training - both to internalize the operation, on the other hand also to find stronger spells.

The operation is done using game controllers, or Gear VR touchpad. The new Gear controller is already supported.

Wands costs 5.99 euros in the Oculus Store, is currently but decreased to 1.99 euros. There is also Wands in the Google Play Store for 1.79 euros and then supported Daydream.

  • Wands at Oculus
WandsInstall on Google Play

What VR games have inspired you? We are looking forward to your comments.

We have revised the article in April 2017th Comments refer sometimes to deleted passages.