For tips, tricks, strategies, deck-aids and jewels: Clash Royale

Who seeks help from Clash Royale, is right here. With us you can learn how your still going at Clash Royale successful, what tips, tricks, strategies and tactics there. In addition, you will find top recommendations as well as test-taking Clash Royale. You are also welcome to share your experiences. Update: We have new beginners tips and top tips for you.

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Clash Royale: it's your turn

In Clash Royale many paths to success and often there are little things that determine victory or defeat. Exactly these details but we unfortunately see often, and that is what this article is here. It aims to provide an overview and guidance for beginners and advanced players, so they have even more fun with Clash Royale.

Many tips are especially experienced players consider to be obvious, but please remember: Everyone has to start small.

Therefore your experiences writes in the comments, discuss with other players from Clash Royale and thereby help the readers AndroidPIT even better to be in Clash Royale. We will evaluate the comments regularly and then record them here together with the author. This Tips- and tricks articles on Clash Royale is constantly expanding.

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  • Tips for beginners
  • Deck Tips
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  • improve maps
  • Chests and jewels
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Clash Royale: Tips for beginners

  • At the beginning you should pay attention to a balanced mix in the units. but that also applies to the later game. So take on not only strong units that cost a great deal elixir.
  • do not fall into panic if you puts the opponent under pressure or when a tower is lost. Who is acting hastily, has already lost.
  • If only is one minute battle time, do not throw all the units immediately to the front. also that your towers and the Kings Tower (the tower in the center) are protected respects.
  • Try before. Just try out different combat units and then puts your tactics handle you.
  • Step into a clan one: Here you will gain cards from other clan members can donate cards and so come to Extra Gold and organize training matches. In these battles you can quite naturally try new tactics, because you will be deducted for a loss no trophies.
  • Relates the towers with one in your game. Let opponent if possible, come into range of your towers so that they can then shoot arrows or the main tower cannon.

Question to you: What tips can you give your players, starting with Clash Royale?

Tip from our readers Hannes Gutsch

Hannes suggests first use a giant and a Ranged troops. Always repeat the then best until one has won the first tower. After that, he would rely on defensive and wait to see what the opponent does.

For players from Level 3, he proposes a so-called Prince tactics. The player only sent before a force that can withstand a lot and then a troop of flying units. Hannes often used the balloon and then the prince is used. then this tactic he continues until the enemy is defeated.

Clash Royale: Deck Tips

Anyone who wants to enter a victory at Clash Royale, needs not only a sophisticated tactics, but also a good card deck. Important: The perfect deck there is not, nor is the perfect tactic. Nevertheless, to be successful in Clash Royale, you should consider these tips.

  • About Think your deck regularly. Since your units added updated and new ones that are sometimes stronger, you should always check that the units are not well matched. The perfect deck that has last forever, there is not.
  • As mentioned in the beginner tips: take on not only expensive units. Nor is it advisable to carry only affordable units in the field.
  • Rule of thumb: You should receive units that are fast, can accomplish anything against flying units that can destroy the towers quickly and units that specialize in the defensive (for example, defense towers).
  • Fits your cards to your preferences. So if you like aggressive play, take on units that can play fast. For those that choose a more defensive tactic relies on units that can withstand a lot. But again: It's the mix.

Question to you: What cards you have in your Clash Royale deck and why did you just recorded these cards (please specify level)?

Clash Royale: tactics and strategies

Those who do not respond quickly enough to the actions of the opponent and just send his forces into the field, in Clash Royale has no chance. The player should already think twice about how he wants to make a match. To give some help, you will find some simple strategies.

  • Waiting to start until the elixir meter is full (10) and then plays from your cards.
  • If you gain no good cards at the beginning or the fighters are not fast enough, it is rather the back of the field and waits for what the opponent does.
  • Shields your ranged from by strong combat units. Sent as a giant in front of and behind a bomber.
  • Secures your victory: If you have already destroyed a tower of the opponent, you are at an advantage and can respond very well to the attacks of the enemy. Especially with equally strong players it is advisable to focus on the defensive after the tower-destruction.
  • If it becomes clear that one of your towers will be destroyed, rather sends out troops to enemy tower. It often does not help to fight doggedly to a tower that has little energy. Often it is then destroyed by, for example, a fireball anyway.
  • Your towers can defend very well against many opponents. For example, if rather weak spear goblins attack from a goblin hut or a skeletal army, you need not necessarily use a fighter in defense. The tower will sometimes maybe a little damage but to get over.
  • Units, the towers quickly destroy (knights, giant etc.) are very annoying and many combat units are superior to them. To lure them away from the towers, it makes sense to provide them with a building (e.g., a goblin hut) in the way. they attack first, the new building and the player has the opportunity to build a defense.

Question to you: What strategies and tactics result in your games of Clash Royale to success?

Tip from our readers Invetalcom

According Invetalcom the combination of pork riders and Freeze spell is very effective. Instead of the pig rider you can also use the Prince. It is important, however, that the freeze Spell after the pigs rider or Prince is used.

Tips Clash Royale tricksOnly those who have the right tactics will be successful. / © AndroidPIT

Clash Royale: improving maps

In Clash Royale your cards through the use of gold can improve if a certain level is reached. Here naturally raises the question quickly, to improve what unit the Clash Royale player. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Quite simple: If you have a preference for a card, then they improved.
  • If you spend any real money at Clash Royale, will always have enough gold in general to improve the units.
  • It may be worthwhile to improve units regularly that the player might not be included in his or her deck. With improvements units are not only stronger, they later might fit a new tactic.

Question to you: Which units you have improved?

Clash Royale: chests and jewels

  • Chests can be opened only after a certain time at Clash Royale. Who does not want to wait, you can use jewels to shorten the waiting time. Whether you want it, everyone has to decide for himself, even if he wants to buy jewels by real money.
  • Who does not want to, so you have to wait until the waiting period has expired. After all, new jewels can also be enabled players as they earn achievements (successes). An achievement which unlocks 5 jewels you get for example, if you look at a match on TV Royale.

Clash Royale: Cheats

  • So far there are no cheats for Clash Royale.
  • Stay away from offers, where you are promised free many jewels and your need for it to specify your contact information. So fraudsters try to come to your account in order to then sell it.

Test to Clash Royale

Clash of Warcraft: Royal Tower Defense

No, Clash Royale is Clash of Clans 2. The strategy game Clash of Clans has little in common Clash Royale for Android. What share both games is the colorful graphics. And in Clash Royale have numerous fighters from Clash of Clans, as the Barbarian or the giant, a renewed appearance. The gameplay is still fundamentally different.

In Clash Royale for Android is a blend of tower defense game and card game in the style of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. is fought on a small card, the center of which is divided by a river. The fighters can get to the other side just over two bridges. Each player has three towers, which must be defended, because if the main tower is destroyed in the middle, the game is lost.

Clash Royale is an excellent mix of cards game and tower defense game

But even if the opponent in three minutes - so long is a round - a tower more than the player has destroyed the enemy is declared the winner. To prevent this, the player sends different fighters into battle and spells can go to the enemies. Was a fighter down on the pitch, the player can not control it. The warrior then searches itself off its target.

The fighters are represented by cards at the bottom of the screen. may play they are but only if enough elixir fluid, so to speak, the Mana is ready. Is a fighter then on the field, the cost will be deducted and it may take several seconds for the next piece can engage in the battle.

Therefore, the player must quickly decide which fighter he plays off when he puts it down by touch-motion and then there's the matter of the right deck.

Clash royale 1No breaks: In Clash Royale it immediately goes forth high. / © AndroidPIT

The road to success: A balanced deck

Who experience with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft or the card game Magic: The Gathering has collected knows that a good deck of cards is the key to success. Who, for example, receives only fighters who are very strong but cost a lot elixir has probably no chance against a player who relies on cheap and fast troops. it depends on the right mix, or the card selection should match the player's style.

The selection of fighters and spells is pretty neat, and the cards can be improved by gold. Gold is enabled by chests, which are available after a certain time. This can sometimes take only three hours, but also twelve hours waiting time is possible. This waiting period can be shortened by precious stones, which are also found in treasure chests. Real money the player may also invest imperative but it is not. Who waits and opens every day one or two free chests, also has a chance of good fighters and enough gold for upgrades.

Clash Royal 1Who wants to spend any real money, have to wait to be unlocked to gold and new fighters. / © AndroidPIT

And if you can open any new chest, the player simply passes against another player. With successes cups are then credited to unlock new arenas at a certain number. A new arena then switches also turn releases new fighters.

Clash Royale also offers also a kind of cinema, where the player watch the games of other players and so sometimes can learn something. An own communities we must also create or join a clan. Through joint successes the player comes faster extras and new cards.

You notice it all: at Clash Royale there is a lot to organize, recruit and unlock. But all that does not overpower the players, but after a short training period he can fully concentrate on the quick and tactical fights.

Very good game with little quirks

Many strategy games and tower defense titles for PC or Mobile, it can sometimes take a long time until the action starts really. It is quite different at Clash Royale. Here's a highlight to the next and all lines up basically in less than three minutes. So whether I'm on the offensive or defensive, the tension and the positive stress are always given.

Clash Royale is not a game with no draft. Only those who sent unleashing his troops at the decisive moment, keeps eye on the time and place to the attacks of the enemy the right unit for the defense on the field, has a chance.

The battles also make so much fun because the balancing, that is the well-known rock-scissors-paper-principle has been well implemented. No unit is overpowering and each can be turned off relatively easily with a particular fighter.

Clash Royale 3On balancing the developer should work a little. / © AndroidPIT

The allocation of the opponent should be something better suited to their own game progress. Although it rarely happens that a player has too powerful fighters, here the developers of Supercell but should again make improvements. Also a few more modes would have been nice.

Thus, besides the training and online games against other players no challenges or the like. Here, then, is also still room for improvement.

On the graphic contrast, there is nothing to complain about. The cartoon graphics just looks beautiful, and the touch control works great. Even if it is hectic, the player has his troops always under control. The background music, however, is a matter of taste. While the sounds of fighting fit very well with the players, but I personally they are very quickly gone on the nerves.

  • Clash Royale is available for download here


"Oh, a game goes." This sentence will players Clash Royale think very often, because who starts again with the game's creators of Clash of Clans, can not easily stop.

What distinguishes the title and make something special, the excellent mix of virtual card game and tower defense is. Basically the best elements of these two genres were taken out and made into a more than wholesome mixture. On top there is a beautiful graphics, intuitive controls and the Free2Play model is also fair.

What Clash Royale, however, is missing are more game modes. And balancing should also improve slightly Supercell developers.

Of these small flaws, but no one should be deterred. Clash Royale has become the hoped-hit, which will probably occupy us for a long time. But beware: There is addictive.

  • Tested with: Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 (test)
  • Price: Free2Play (with in-game purchases)
  • Players: 1
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 or higher
  • Size: 87 MB
  • Systems: Android tablets, Android smartphones
  • USK: from 6 years
  • Language: German