APK Download: So invite your APK files from the Google Play Store

Those with little memory or wants to install a game on their Android device that does not yet exist in Germany can rely on a APK Download. That is, he can download the accompanying App APK file from the Google Play Store and dragging it later on smartphone or cache on the PC's hard drive. As the APK Download works exactly, we show you here step by step.

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Smart phone message: ". Not enough memory available" Do you know that even 50503566 participants?

Sooner or later, the internal memory is sometimes full. To new place to create specific apps and files must be removed. (The Android file format Android Application Package) save for a certain time on the PC hard drive and install them at the appropriate time on the Android device simply before an app is installed on the smartphone or tablet, you can see the APK file ,

If you want to download an APK that works among other things, an extension for the Firefox browser, Chrome browser and with the help of a website. Here I show you both methods:

APK Download to PC through the browser

To download the APK file with the Chrome browser or Firefox browser from, you must download the free expansion of CodeKiem set. That you find here:

  • Download: APK extension for Chrome
  • Download: APK extension for Firefox
AndroidPIT apk downloader 123APKs download, the first step: Get you for your browser extension of CodeKiem. © AndroidPIT / CodeKiem

Since the extension asks for your device ID, is next to download the app "Device ID" at. Starts it after downloading, you will get the device ID. That you carry as much a as given there email address in CodeKiem.

After that you go to the Google Play Store. There, you see, that is up between install and add it to Watchlist now download APK. In addition You can now download the APK - in this case to the PC.

AndroidPIT apk downloader LoginWhen expanding the APK Download You must specify the device name and e-mail address. © AndroidPITDevice IDInstall on Google Play

APK Download on Android

The above-described APK Download to PC is the first step here.

  • Now go into Settings, then to safety and there allowed the APK downloads from unknown sources under the same menu item.
  • Connects then your Android device via USB to the PC. Moves the APK file to the download folder of your Android device.
  • To select the APK file, you must live in the file manager of your smartphone or tablet. If you have not yet, invite you the free app ES File Explorer down or take your choice from our overview of the best file manager.
  • Then simply select the APK file and run.
APKDownload1APK download to Smartphone: Only allow access, then the File Manager select the APK file / © AndroidPITES File ExplorerInstall on Google Play

APK Download a website

Alternatively, you can download an APK file using the site apps.evozi.com. That's how it's done:

  • Goes into the play goals and the app whose APK want your download to the PC.
  • Copy the URL address.
  • Goes to apps.evozi.com and give up there the URL name. Then simply press the blue button to Generate download link and already you can secure the APK file on your original computer.
  • The file described above include in the download folder of the Android device and select via file manager.

note Google's Terms of Use

If your APKs using these methods, you're a fugitive may be contrary to the Google Play Terms of Service. Each intervention is thus at your own risk. Here Google's policies.