No Internet: To solve your problems with the Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi does not work, you do not get to the Internet, despite wireless connection or downloads are extremely slow, that is no reason for concern. That's already happened to us all, and there are a few solutions to eliminate wireless problems. This we show you here.

  • enhance wireless signal: So you improve your reception
  • Setting up Wi-Fi hotspot on Android

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WiFi does not work

To check, with which wireless network you are connected to you, you go in first in Android settings. In the smart phones from most manufacturers are the Wi-Fi settings in the first place. There will open a list of available networks. refers to the names of these networks as a Service Set Identifier, SSID shortly.

If your home connect a wireless router, it is usually equipped with an SSID and an associated WLAN key. The latter protects your WLAN against unauthorized access and encrypt the data transmitted between your phone and the router.

Tip: It happens that a number of routers in the area use the same SSID. So changes in the settings of your router's SSID, so that your eliminates this problem and avoids conflicts.

Authentication Error: wireless password has changed

The SSID and password typed your usually a only once in the smartphone. Then your smartphone is always trying automatic login. However, if the key should change once, you get an authentication error. In this case, you must change the SSID and on Network long in the wireless settings of the smartphone. then type in the new password.

android 60 wifi settingsJust change the wireless password. / © AndroidPIT

reboot router

If your you are sure that nothing has changed on the credentials, you should reboot the router. Often the devices run several days or weeks at a time. This can lead to the situation that the router software produces an irresolvable errors and crashes. Restarting usually helps to eliminate the problem.

Separates for the router for ten seconds from the mains. Connects him about it again, waits two minutes and check your Internet connection. This is considered the most common and reliable solution, even if it is not elegant.

AndroidPIT router wifi 3Take the router short supply when it goes on strike. / © AndroidPIT

restart Smartphone

The same is true for smartphones. With a little luck, it is sufficient to activate airplane mode for a few seconds. If not, you may have to restart but the smartphone.

Wi-Fi is slow

If your internet is suddenly slower than normal, you might have a deadbeat on the line. How do you find out this and solves the problem in the long term, we will tell you in a separate article.

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If no one at mitnutzt your WLAN, you should do a speed test on different devices. The app of the same name is available for all platforms and you should try them on different devices.

Speedtest.netInstall on Google Play

Switch off the 5 GHz frequency band

If it follows on all devices the same image, you should consult your your provider and give the problem. If a device is much slower than the rest, it could be due to the used wireless frequency. Some smart phones and routers try to connect using the 5 GHz frequency band. However, this proves with many smartphones as unreliable, slow and patchy. So make your way in the settings of your router and switches to the Wi-Fi settings the frequency range as to the router only works with 2.4 GHz.

For correct wireless channel

By switching from 5 to 2.4 GHz Your unfortunately gets a new problem that Wi-Fi can make slow. In the vicinity of 2.4 GHz, there are few (legal in Germany) WLAN channels. So in a densely populated neighborhood you should find the channel that is used least often to the WiFi Analyzer. then this you must manually set the router.

  • enhance wireless signal: So you improve your reception
Wifi AnalyzerInstall on Google Play

Wi-Fi has no Internet

You are in the WLAN, but still offline? Checks the internet connection with other devices that are connected to the same router. If they are offline, you should reboot the router. Then, if there is still no connection, you should ask a neighbor with the same provider: Maybe he has the same problem. Then you should call the service hotline and report the problem.

If the neighbor is online, or your other devices are online, you may have to switch from 5 to 2.4 GHz. In some smartphones you can set that up in the advanced wireless settings. If this is not possible, you must turn off this as mentioned above in the router.

A niche problem that occurs with Fritz box routers has been resolved in the forum. Readers Sven Kalies had to change the access profile for its smartphone Free. Only then he could again via WLAN to the Internet.

WLAN has poor reception

If you have only a dash / dot Wi-Fi access and your Internet on the smartphone's awful slow and unreliable, you can fix this easily. Step number one is a sensible positioning of your router. Should be located in the center of your home. Moreover, it should not necessarily be a reinforced concrete wall or a wall containing water pipes are between your phone and the router, as they have a shielding effect.

If your you are sure that the positioning is correct, you have to rely on a repeater system. Often the router manufacturers offer suitable, proprietary systems to amplify wireless networks. Alternatively, you can draw with integrated repeaters, as it has Sengled on offer on LED lamps. Computer Bild had tested 2,015 various repeaters and was not very happy with all. Most likely the editors nor the Fritz box manufacturer AVM model could recommend.

AmazonSengled SmartLED lamp with Wifi Repeater30,05 €Buy now

Your wireless Tips

We hope you repair your wireless connection with the tips or could you identify the problem at least. If you have more tips on what you can do if the network does not work, You may like to leave a comment.