Spotify does not save to SD card – I’ve tried everything …

Hello everybody,

I'm getting really desperate on. I put a 32GB SD card into my HTC One M8 and already outsourced some apps. So far so good. Problems makes me, however, Spotify - it does not save hell-bent on the card, but always on the phone memory. The aim is save where the most space is the new Spotify ....

The various instructions I've tested. So Chache empty, provide quality extreme, uninstall, etc. Everything tasted. There was also the tip, the folder Spotify before reinstalling delete a PC. However, the Data folder is not Spotify folder. I do not know where the app plugging the files. Not to be found.

I hope you can help me somehow, I'm leaving tomorrow on vacation and would very much like to carry your music. Napster it's wonderful but running premium straight ...

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

I had also still on my to-do list, I am by your contribution "bright" been ��.
I proceeded as follows:
In the Spotify - settings Other cache and delete stored.
(You should log in your Wi-Fi are located) After that, the data resynchronize and the data are (for me) on the external SD card under Android / Data / ��
Regards, Klaus.

Hello and thanks,

yes that is the usual way. Does not with me. Or. work doing it already, it does not lead to the desired success. I'm really at a loss .... Teste same again with a different SD card. Since I have unfortunately only one identical model. But the other programs work with the card, too.

I can also see Settings apps in all programs "move" Select and move to the SD card. Only with Spotify, the corresponding button is grayed out and I can not select it.

I am grateful for every tip ....

How to solve this problem now actually. Have the same and desperately need an answer

The same problem with M9!

If anyone is still looking for a solution to this problem:

You can format the SD card either as mobile storage / normal removable disk OR as internal memory.
Spotify stores the offline data only on the SD card when it is formatted as a mobile storage / removable disk. You must not as "Internal memory" be formatted.

The advantages of an SD card, as "Internal memory" is formatted, you can not use so unfortunately. (E.g., moving apps on the memory card)
-6.0.1getestet with Spotify version and Android version.

PS: also appears now with me in the Spotify app a point "Storage" , where you can choose where the music data can be stored. 'm pretty sure that was not there before, but now have no desire zurückzuformatieren everything again : D. As described above, it works for me, anyway.

Mooin ...
When it comes to just get the offline music on the memory card ..
(Aldi Talk Napster)
go to Settings ... Advanced settings then .. Choose the location for your downloads ... Then select it ..

Android / Data / com / rapsody / Aldi Talks / files

So the hook to the lowest point set .. I have a lot of nerve consumed until I've strapped (because the SD card is not as before, clearly listed)

The app itself can not move to the SD man !! The app itself also need little memory .. With the previous procedure but gets her memory-guzzling music data to the SD .. With me just 48GB ... Hullahulla good luck

Android 6.0.1 one of the updates imageno one needed ��

Thank you, finally worked for me under CyanogenMod 13 save the :)


there for your problem already a solution?
For me the problem is that while spotify stores completely on the SD card, but the device memory of my Samsung J5 is still occupied with the same data. And these are 6GB.