Vernee Apollo Lite in the test: Ten cores are not everything – hardware tests

The Vernee Apollo Lite to score with good workmanship and a quick ten-core processor. For a price of around 200 euros, it might be a good alternative to the offerings of established brands - in the test but it has to prove what it can.

disclosed: Vernee has switched on AndroidPIT an advertorial for Apollo Lite. This review, however, is editorially independent but were not sponsored by Vernee or otherwise affected.

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  • Price and Availability
  • Design and processing
  • display
  • particularities
  • software
  • performance
  • Audio
  • camera
  • battery pack
  • Technical specifications
  • final verdict

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  • &# X2713; processing
  • &# X2713; Fast processor
  • &# X2713; Little bloatware


  • &# X2715; Unreliable fingerprint sensor
  • &overwhelmed camera in the dark; # x2715

Vernee Apollo Lite: Price and Availability

On the Vernee Apollo Lite for 240 euros to have. There you can buy (rather silver) smartphone in black and white.

Amazon.deVernee Apollo Lite€ 239.95To the shop

Vernee Apollo Lite: design and processing

Vernee sets the Apollo Lite on an aluminum housing, which appears a total of well made. On the back of the main camera and the fingerprint sensor dominate the look. Parts of Ghäuses top and bottom are discontinued. The power button and volume rocker on the right side have a good tactile feedback, but are perhaps a bit too easily.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 2have fingerprint sensor and camera in square holes / © AndroidPIT

Vernee Apollo Lite: Display

With 5.5 inches and full HD Apollo Lite comes with a good display in the house. Content represents the Vernee Apollo Lite because of the acceptable pixel density is sharp. Colors are neutral and not AMOLED colorful. On request, many image parameters with MediaTek Miravision be adapted. In the test the IGZO display shows a good display quality, but the viewing angles are not quite as far as we would wish that - white areas drift quickly into gray.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 13The Apollo Vernee Lite has an acceptable display / © AndroidPIT

The brightness of the display not entirely convinced: In direct sunlight content are difficult to detect.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Features

fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor unlocks the Apollo Lite even when the display is off. Each authentication attempt is acknowledged with a short vibration of the smartphone. Recognition quality is uneven: When the finger is slightly damp or sweat has placed on the sensor, often there is no recognition - otherwise the activation takes place rather quickly (the corresponding fingerprint is set up so far). During the test, we ran several times in the situation that the fingerprint sensor several times did not work.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 4The fingerprint sensor is not particularly reliable. / © AndroidPIT

Vernee Apollo Lite: Software

On the software side, there is a little surprise: On the Apollo Vernee Lite no bloatware is almost pre-installed. There will be some standard apps of Android and even less Google Apps. Google on delivery only the Play Store and Chrome come. A total of approximately 25.3 GB of internal storage are free without further installed apps.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 15Android Marshmallow without many additions / © AndroidPIT

The operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow in default look used. In the settings, some added features find, so you can, for example, to adapt to your wishes and there is a possibility on and off the smartphone for a determinable schedule the navigation bar.

The translation of the software into German is not complete - some menu items are therefore held in English.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Performance

MediaTek Helio X20 makes a pretty good figure. The ten-core processor has two powerful Cortex-A72 processors that perform demanding tasks. Eight other CPU cores are less power-hungry tasks used.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 11Vernee Apollo Lite / © AndroidPIT

And everyday the computing power of Helio X20 counts: chatting, surfing, Entertainment: always remain the processor of the situation and there are no interruptions or pauses.

The Apollo Lite gets along quite well with games. To test the gaming performance Riptide GP Renegade was used - that is a very topical and challenging game. In intro sequences occasionally stuttering are perceiving in the active game, the frame rate is but always in the playable area.

After benchmark values ​​you ask? As it looks, however, a little different. The values ​​are rather low in comparison - just the graphics benchmarks result in mediocre results:

  • 3DMark Icestorm Unlimited: 15672
  • 3DMark Slingshot (OpenGL 3.1): 992
  • 3DMark Slingshot (OpenGL 3.0): 1300
  • Geekbench 4: single core: 1652 / Multi-Core: 4479

but the more CPU-heavy benchmark Geekbench 4 shows that the Vernee Apollo Lite a good match should be just in everyday life - which also corresponds to our experience with the smartphone.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Audio

For music, there is a speaker that is directed downward. This can be quite noisy, but lack bass. Overall, the sound playback for games is ok, for music rather not so suitable.

Calls the Vernee Apollo Lite can of course. It even supports Voice over LTE - that is a rarity for non-network provider smartphones. but the audio quality of phone calls is satisfactory, because voices sounded at both ends somewhat tinny. Of VoLTE therefore especially the fast call set-up remains. Who has a LTE-enabled contract, can use all this country usual LTE frequencies.

Dual SIM capable Apollo Lite is also - but only in standby mode. This means that only one SIM card can be active. So who phoned SIM1, is not accessible to SIM2. Another disadvantage is that it is a hybrid carriage: There is a micro-SIM slot and a combined nano-SIM and MicroSD carriage, fits into the latter either a memory or a SIM card.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 14The Vernee Apollo Lite supports Voice over LTE. / © AndroidPIT

Vernee Apollo Lite: Camera

The camera is the Apollo Vernee Lite is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it shoots very good photos, on the other hand to operate the camera app is quite cumbersome and the adjustment of image parameters is limited. For example, the exposure adjustment hiding inconvenient in the settings menu - makes more sense here would be a regulator directly on the display. Alternative camera apps can not complete manual controls, because the Vernee not support the Camera2 API.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 16The Camera app is not very comfortable / © AndroidPIT

, At least when it is bright - high, the results of the camera are impressive though. The 16-megapixel sensor gives details properly again, only at the edges The display is something washed out, but that really stands only on closer inspection. In the dark at night, or even the images tend quickly to the noise.

A Google Photos album you can watch view more sample images:

  • Test images of the Apollo Vernee Lite

Vernee Apollo Lite Battery

Thanks to USB-C of 3180 mAh strong battery is quickly charged. This also holds through well - through a day we came loose in the test. The battery benchmark PCMark progress 4 hours and 58 minutes - no overwhelming result. However, PCMark measures only the time it takes for the smartphone battery to fall by 80 percent battery level to 20 percent. After the battery test, which ran overnight, showed a strength of Vernee Apollo Lite: The standby consumption was quite low - the next morning the battery still had 16 percent charge.

AndroidPIT apollo light review 9USB-C ensures fast charging times / © AndroidPIT

Vernee Apollo Lite: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:Number of cores:connectivity:
152 x 76.2 x 9.2 mm
175 g
3180 mAh
5.5 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi)
5 megapixels
16 megapixels
6.0 - Marshmallow
stock Android
4 GB
32 GB
HSPA, LTE, dual SIM, Bluetooth 4.0

final verdict

In our test, the Vernee Apollo Lite proposes amazingly well. We are dealing with a decent display and the performance is convincing in everyday life. The camera shoots images considerable - at least when it is bright.

Less well-liked, the fingerprint sensor, which often had problems with the pattern recognition. The Camera app is not extremely comfortable - after all, it can be replaced. This helps in low light conditions but no further, because then rushing the pictures.

Given the price three and a half stars for the Vernee Apollo Lite seems to justify - especially as the smartphone basic functions work well. There are departures for the unreliable fingerprint sensor, the mediocre acoustics and the display that is not bright enough.

disclosed: Vernee has switched on AndroidPIT an advertorial for Apollo Lite. This review, however, is editorially independent but were not sponsored by Vernee or otherwise affected.

Vernee Apollo Lite

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