Samsung Gear S2 in the test: An almost perfect SmartWatch – Hardware Tests

With the new gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic Samsung takes a run again to make the SmartWatch finally socially acceptable. It is apparently the round display, is the key selling point. But in reality, the secret to future success lies in a ring around the circular display. At CES 2016, Samsung had the same to announce more news regarding the gear S2: Two new luxury versions, iOS compatibility, Samsung Pay and Peanuts Watch Faces were announced at CES 2016th The details you will find in sections "design" and "software",

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Samsung Gear S2: Price and Availability

On October 8, 2015, the Gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic came in the German retail sector. The Samsung Gear S2 will cost 349 euros, the S2 Classic 379 euros. Who wants to buy a smart Samsung watch which may also bring equal more protection for the display in the form of a screen overlay that gives it namely even now.

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Samsung Gear S2: design and processing

Two luxury models in view

At CES 2016 Samsung has announced two more Gear-S2 models to appeal to fashion-conscious people. These are two variants in which Samsung used noble materials instead of plastic. One embodiment consists of 18-carat pink gold, accompanied by a leather strap ivory color. In addition, a variant of platinum even comes with black leather strap. In this case both versions on the Gear S2 Classic seem to be based with grooved clocks ring and not on the Sport version. the new Smart Watches should be available as early as February 2016, but is not yet clear how much they will cost.

samsung gear s2 luxury modelsTwo new luxury models coming soon to market. / © Samsung

Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Co. instead of Mickey Mouse

But that was not all 2016 of the South Koreans at CES Samsung had in fact announced that new Watch Faces are coming on the Gear S2 with the new luxury models, including Watch Faces with Peanuts, so Snoopy, Charlie Brown and more. Who wants to take a little look at the Watch Faces, the press conference by Samsung can look at it again in peace:

was square yesterday

Taking a look at the Gear S2 is striking that Samsung finally puts on a round design in its second generation. It also noted that the South Koreans have given a lot of effort to implement design and software harmonious. Because the user interface is also adapted to the new format circular design, but more on that later.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 26The Gear S2 is rather plain in appearance, reminiscent of an old Swatch. / © AndroidPIT

With the gear S2 Samsung goes completely new ways and adopted from the original square Gear design. While the gear S2 Classic 20mm watch band can be transformed from a department store with his standard, it is not so simple in normal gear S2. When Samsung uses its own lock, so you have access from partner manufacturers in the accessory shelf from Samsung or in the future.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 24The bracelets Gear S2 are connected via a proprietary connection to the clock. / © AndroidPIT

The bracelet of the gear S2 Classic is made of leather, while the normal Gears S2 is made of plastic. This is not only an aesthetic design feature, but also has a practical use. With the normal gear S2 and the plastic bracelet you have to worry when bathing, showering or swimming even destroy the bracelet. Thanks to IP68 certification are both also dust- and waterproof, the latter even up to a depth of 1.5 meters and 30 minutes.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 21A bath in fresh water, the gear S2 can be very well tolerated. The Classic version too, but the leather strap would suffer greatly in the version / © AndroidPIT

of course, the gear S2 Classic comes from the comfort rather approached a normal wristwatch. This is largely due to the material, but also on the much more flexible traditional pin-fixing. In the standard version of the Gear S2 the bracelet feels as if it were part of the watch case. The bracelet is flexible and comfortable to wear, but on the watch case is very rigid and can be painful for broad wrists.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 1The Gear S2 Classic is inconspicuous compared to the normal version. / © AndroidPIT

Both versions of the gear S2 are made of stainless steel and Gorilla glass and have two physical buttons. The upper key always goes back a step as the back button on your smartphone, and the bottom button functions as a Home button, which you always come back to Watch Face.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 5Operation with the bezel is intuitive and simple. / © AndroidPIT

The display responds to swipe gestures like almost every other smart watch, but the special is the rotatable display frame (watchmakers call this also like "bezel"), Which can be also navigate between screens and menus. The service is incredibly intuitive and it is surprising that so far no one has implemented this idea. In my opinion, the bezel in the Samsung Gear S2 is even superior to the digital crown at the Apple Watch as this is easier and less fiddly to use.

the normal gear S2 differ on the bezel also on the Gear S2 Classic. The latter has in the outer edge of the rotary ring small notches for optics and for the grip. It's just a small detail, but in combination with the closure of the bracelet and the material, the Classic is more like a traditional watch, while the normal gear S2 appears at first glance to be a cheaper Watch.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 22Can you discover the bezel in the Gear S2? / © AndroidPIT

Technically there is no difference between the gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic. Both are certified to IP68, so are dust and waterproof and spark even via NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. While there is the 3G version is a third version with which it is possible to make phone calls (regardless of the smartphone) via the smart watch, but this is not available in Germany. The reason lies in the e-SIM, which none of the German mobile provider supports.

Samsung Gear S2: Display

Both versions of the gear S2 use a round 1.2-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels, resulting in a high watches pixel density of 302 ppi. It lies just behind the Apple Watch with 326 ppi. The new Samsung Smart Watch exploits the entire screen, so no "Flat Tire"Phenomenon, so empty display area occurs as the Moto 360th

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 10The small AMOLED display of the gear S2 is razor sharp, guests staying at viewing angles. / © AndroidPIT

On an AMOLED display seen primarily black Watch Faces incredibly chic. Speaking dials: Of which there are already 26 factory pre-installed options with numerous customization options. Each of these dials can be adapted also for example in color, characterized then emerge even more ways to gear S2 or S2 Gear Classic individualize. Very good, is that the brightness is adjustable over ten levels, so that the SmartWatch is easily readable even in sunlight.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 12It is actually possible to type messages and emails on the display. / © AndroidPIT

Around the display Samsung has put the rotating bezel. In the case of gear S2 and S2 in the Gear Classic, this is hardly noticeable. In the Classic version, the protruding lunettes with the Tauchring a diver's watch is comparable, in which they stand out a bit from the case. However, it is Samsung managed to get added the transition from mobile display frame to the housing flowing.

Samsung Gear S2: Software

iOS compatibility and Samsung Pay

As previously speculated, the cashless payment method Samsung Pay will probably be available in 2016 in Germany. Samsung had officially been announced at CES 2016 Samsung Pay for Gear Gear S2 and S2 Classic this year. In addition, should finally be iPhone compatible with the round smartwatch in 2016th Full details for the launch of the features, there is not yet.

Tizen instead of Android

The Gear S2 uses Samsung's in-house operating system Tizen, which works especially well with Android devices. The Vietnamese Samsung blog Samsungviet reported that the gear S2 should be made compatible later this year with iOS devices. Here are iPhones have no disadvantages compared to Android smartphones and can control all functions via the Apple device using a companion app.

This information was also confirmed by SamMobile via an insider now. Nothing is known about when the iOS version will be released. Probably Samsung but hurry because Apple advertises itself with the Apple Watch and tried to lure the customers.

But apparently there are complications for owners of a Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X. Because according to Android Authority to the new update that adds functions and features on the Gear S2 not be updatable with the Nexus devices. The smartphone is in fact used to load via Gear Manager update to the smart watch. But with a new Nexus smartphone, the owner will receive an error message allegedly that the update was not possible.

Reason for this problem is the device encryption is enabled on the equipment at the factory and can not be switched off in the settings, even with marshmallow not. Thus, should also be the Motorola Nexus 6 can not load the gear S2 the update. With Marshmallow encryption is available across all devices, which could list other devices in the case of gear S2, however, which then can not pull an update on the clock.

samsung s2 gear nexus updateOwner of a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Motorola Nexus can not upgrade your gear S2. / © ANDROID AUTHORITY

Hats off to Samsung!

On the gear S2 can only praise the choice of software. With Android Wear, the rotating display frame which went really well in our Gear-S2 test, was currently simply would not be possible. Google does not operate on such a bezel with Android Wear.

But the smartwatch from Samsung can not be completely controlled via the bezel. There is more of a mixture of bezel rotate, swipe and tap on the touch panel and the two side buttons. Left-turning or wiping from left to right leads to the notifications while one turns to the right or swipe left to right immersing into the home screens and deeper levels of Tizen system. Through the tap on the icon or in the middle of the display to confirm the current assignment.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 14As easy to operate a smart watch can be. / © AndroidPIT

but the best, faster and more intuitive alternative to navigation by swiping provides the rotating frame of the SmartWatch. This has to maneuver very accurately and quickly to a desired screen without umpteen times sweep across the screen the advantage. Samsung has donated the bezel very fine scaling, so you do not is accidentally rotated too far through the menu. In addition, the Smart Watch is both a visual, and haptic signal when you have reached the end of a menu.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 11Also, switching the keyboard can be made by a rotation of the bezel. / © AndroidPIT

So you do not lose the thread when navigating, the position is marked in the menu at the top of the display. Thus, the operator is really going slightly out of hand and at no time the feeling arises that you got lost in the depths of the menu. The interface is very complex, but thanks to the intuitive user interface and navigation options, Samsung has really convinced.

Of course, the gear S2 also needs a companion app on the smartphone. If you own a Galaxy smartphone, only the Gear app must download and both connect via Bluetooth. With smartphones outside the Samsung world, there is a little more complicated, because here then the Gear plugin must be installed. both apps are on the non-Samsung smartphone, the Gear S2 or S2 Gear Classic can connect to the phone.

Samsung Gear S2 App 1Who the gear S2 with a "Non-Samsung smartphone" wants to use, requires an additional plugin, otherwise it does not work with the connection to the Smart Watch. / © AndroidPIT

The watch design on the app can be adapted, set notifications, manage apps and also send media such as photos and pictures on the internal memory of the gear S2. the latter is safe for athletes important because then the gear S2 can as an MP3 player for the gym session use.

Samsung Gear S2 App 2Almost like Android Wear can be selected, the dials and enable notifications for the apps via the App Gear. / © AndroidPIT

to contacts can be managed also via the app that you want to achieve over the gear S2. New apps for Gear S2 can be on the install their own Gear App Store and if you have once again moved the gear S2, you can bring your watch to ring. Do you have a Samsung account and the gear S2 is connected to that account, then the gear S2 can be reset or lock via this menu item if lost. However, this requires advance that the gear S2 is then connected via Wi-Fi with hotspot and thus can be controlled remotely over the Internet.

Samsung Gear S2 App 4According to Samsung, there are already 1,000 apps, but in some categories there is still pent-up demand. / © AndroidPIT

Without apps, even the best SmartWatch does not make sense. There are, according to Samsung than 1,000 apps for the round gear S2, but really a lot of useful apps, there is not. Most apps are actually Watch Faces, smaller games like a clone of Pong or news apps like ESPN for Gear S2. But Samsung will provide with security in cooperation with partners more apps for Gear S2.

Samsung Gear S2 App 3If one has moved his gear S2, then you can find it again with the Gear app or block. the order of the apps on the Gear S2 can be changed also via the app. / © AndroidPIT

At the very first Gear S Samsung has with BMW an app released that lets you retrieve data and services in a BMW-i-Auto and could adjust. Handy for the winter months, the app is definitely, as this could Preheat his electric car from BMW, while still hanging on the Storm network. The same Samsung will release in the coming weeks with Volkswagen. In a conversation with me Alf Pollex, head of infotainment and connected car has confirmed as an app at Volkswagen and even announced for November 2015 for the Gear S2.

Samsung Gear S2: Performance

With the Gear-S2-series, Samsung opens against smartphones from other manufacturers. The SmartWatch can from Android 4.4 KitKat couple, provided the device has 1.5 GB of RAM or more with any Android device. Nevertheless, Samsung has pointed out that the Gear S2 works only with the standard Google APIs, such as for dialer apps or text messages. So applications for third party without Google API might not work on your watch.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 44The Gear S2 now be appreciated with Android smartphones from other manufacturers. In this case, with a Huawei Mate p / © AndroidPIT

On Samsung's official Gear-S2 side of the South Koreans have already mentioned some products for the European market, Samsung has already successfully tested. Here you are:

  • HTC One
  • HTC One (M9)
  • Honor 6
  • Huawei P8
  • Ascend Mate 7
  • LG Optimus G2
  • LG Optimus G3
  • LG G4
  • LG Nexus 5
  • Asus Zenfone 2
  • Sharp Aquos
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Xiaomi Mi3
  • Xiaomi Mi4

Of course, Samsung also places in the Gear S2 a high value on the health Tracker "S-Health", So there are, among others, also matching Watch Faces that show about the daily deposited steps. But some software features are part of the repertoire to keep you fit. On the hardware side, the gear S2 shows off alike with features.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 7No Google Fit: Your activities are evaluated by S Health. / © AndroidPIT

The Gear S2 offers a 24-hour activity tracker, an automatic recognition for activity and also an activity alarm that rings when your is being lazy too long. Furthermore, a heart rate monitor with it, which automatically adjusts the frequency, for example during training. With the corresponding Watchface are brought out this information directly and quickly accessible to the display.

Also the repertoire includes barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ambient light sensors. it removes the technical specifications of Gear S2 but some surprise; Comparing it with Android Wear watches. For Tempo namely a Samsung's own dual-core processor with 1 GHz ensures here, the internal memory is standard 4 GB and 512 MB RAM to support the whole. The S2 also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth version 4.1, and Positioning (GPS but only on the 3G version) and NFC.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 6Standard in a SmartWatch is the Schrittzählfunktion. This the Gear S2 also. / © AndroidPIT

Both Gear-S2 variants support the cashless payment transactions via Samsung Pay. Because of security features of the mobile payment method can only be paid by SmartWatch, when connected to a Samsung smartphone. As part of the launch of the new Galaxy generation S6 Edge + and grade 5 Samsung announced to start already in 2016 with the number of services in Germany.

Unfortunately, in our test, it came to strange connection problems. I used the gear S2 with a Huawei Mate S and here I noticed during the trial period more often that the connection demolished and rebuilt automatically after a certain time. Thus I was often late notifications. My colleague Kris the problem was even greater. He has operated the SmartWatch with a Nexus 6 and also with a Yota Phone during the test of the S2 Gear Classic and both were frequent disconnections. But unlike my gear S2 Classic does not automatically put reconnect, but he had to completely reset and restore the Gear S2 Classic.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 9Thanks to the Wi-Fi gear S2 can function without SmartWatch. / © AndroidPIT

We have informed about the problems and Samsung are still waiting for feedback. It may well be that these problems was an isolated incident and can get optionally substituted by a software update to grips with it. Once we have this new information, we will integrate this course in this test.

It is also possible to connect the watch via WiFi with your router so that you do not always have to move in Bluetooth range of its smartphones. But here Samsung has yet to rectify, because you have to manually connect again with the Wi-Fi hotspot. Automatically connect to trusted hotspot would be practical and desirable.

Samsung Gear S2: Battery

The battery of the gear S2 is dimensioned to be very small with only 270 mAh, Samsung Gear S2 uses this battery very good. In the test we were able to tease out 32 to 35 hours on Wi-Fi enabled. In a pure Bluetooth connection with the smartphone there were up to 38 and 40 hours. Of course, the term depends very much on whether you frequently activated the display reads news and answers and, above all, the display is as bright set. Judging something more economical to use the display brightness, then you can tease out even over two days maturity from the gear S2.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear S2 13The battery life enabled wireless was good with 32 to 35 hours. Gear S2 longer held out with pure Bluetooth connection. / © AndroidPIT

If the battery is then times but in the end, then you load the gear S2 with the included induction charger. This is very similar to the motor 360, and as in the competition with Android Wear, the clock display turns after insertion into the loading station by 90 degrees.

Samsung Gear S 2: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:R.A.M:Internal memory:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
42.3 x 49.8 x 11.4 mm (Gear S2)
39.9 x 43.6 x 11.4 mm (Gear S2 classic)
44 x 51.8 x 13.4 mm (Gear S2 3G)
47 g (Gear S2)
42 g (Gear S2 classic)
51 g (Gear S2 3G)
250 mAh (S2 Gear, gear S2 classic)
300 mAh (Gear S2 3G)
1.2 inches
360 x 360 pixels (424 ppi)
512 MB
4 GB
1 GHz
- (Gear S2)
NFC, Bluetooth 4.1 (Gear S2 classic)
HSPA, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1 (Gear S2 3G)

final verdict

With the gear S2 Samsung has developed a truly compelling alternative to current Android Wear smartwatches. To top it: In many ways, the gear S2 is the most promising smart watch that we have seen so far. In terms of design and the intuitive bezel Samsung has just created a timeless watch for everyone. One wonders something that Apple has not come to the bezel, but Samsung. is also amazing and Apple-like that Samsung from supposedly weaker hardware ensures a completely liquid and fast Erlbenis on the Gear S2 thanks to optimized software.

Of course, Tizen will not be for everyone and diehard Google users have to do without the gear S2 are dear to apps like Google Fit and Google Now, and to change to Samsung S Health and S Voice. But honestly to new apps can get used to quickly. On the app variety Samsung has yet to work. As I say once that here already strong in background at Samsung and its partners are working. Considering that Google has also required with the first versions of Android Wear smartwatches an initial period until the apps start rolling.

Only the price could make a spanner in the Samsung, for a suggested retail price of 349, - Euro for normal gear S2 and 379, - EUR for the Classic, both of which are between 50 and 100 euros more expensive than the Android Wear Competition , But for me, the intuitive operation via bezel on the Gear S2 personally would be the impact in the price worth it.

Where to buy the Samsung Gear S2

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