So you can WhatsApp on two devices use

You can only use on a cell phone at the same WhatsApp. Will you WhatsApp use on multiple devices, you must apply your tricks. We show you what you can do and recommend alternatives. Because to be honest, the effort is unnecessary.

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WhatsApp on two devices: Hard restrictions

What Apps support is clearly on the subject. As to whether you "[E] inen WhatsApp account verify several phones or with multiple numbers" can, it says very clearly:

At this time WhatsApp can only with a number, to be verified on a device. If you have a dual-SIM phone, you need to select a number on which you want to verify you with WhatsApp. There is no way to use a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers.

If you have your WhatsApp account currency exchange constantly between different devices, it may be that you will eventually excluded from the verification process. Please proceed not common between multiple devices or numbers.

Using a second number

So another number is needed. You've usually already in the house. The landline phone is wonderful for the trick. If the SMS does not arrive with the verification code, WhatsApp may resort to the call - and this maneuver we make ourselves advantage.

whatsapp two accounts landline numberType in your landline number when your WhatsApp set up. / © AndroidPIT

So Snap up your landline phone and the phone on which you want to set up the second WhatsApp. then type in the landline number in WhatsApp. Then there is an error that some did not work out something with the SMS. then presses on calls and take from the landline. Listening to the robot, which dictates you the numbers in English.

whatsapp two accounts landline number proofLet's call you to activate WhatsApp on the second device. / © AndroidPIT

Danger: With this method, your WhatsApp uses on the second device with a different number than the first on yours. This will irritate some of your contacts if they do not know your landline number. perhaps sends advance with the primary WhatsApp phone a broadcast with your landline number your friends so they know and do not mark your second WhatsApp account as spam.

You want to use WhatsApp on your tablet?

Of course you can also install WhatsApp, and may use on tablets. There are several methods for this. One of them uses WhatsApp Web. So you can remotely control the WhatsApp of the main unit from a second device has already been started. With a little skill to WhatsApp Web can also be started on a second smart phone, but the method is extremely cumbersome and ugly. So we advise you directly to an alternative.

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whatsapp web on phoneWhatsApp Web on your phone is a bad joke. / © AndroidPIT

What are the alternatives?

It is elegant, just switch to a WhatsApp alternative. Facebook Messenger and Telegram come here questioned. Both services have approximately the same number of users, so you should achieve all your friends with it. Better synchronization features and fewer restrictions make the parallel use on multiple devices with the alternatives for joy. You will not miss WhatsApp.

TelegramInstall on Google PlayMessengerInstall on Google Play