Chaos in the phone book? So you can delete duplicate contacts in Android

Our phone book we carry a lifetime around with us, it grows and it moves from device to device. Unfortunately, there are occasional annoying duplications when setting up a new smartphones. Therefore, we show you here how to delete one duplicate contacts in Android and merge duplicates can.

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In this article we show you several variants, with which you can delete duplicate in Android contacts. One works with the standard tools of your smartphones, the other assumes that you have synchronized your contacts with Google's cloud, and the third is likely to take an app that has been designed for no other purpose than deleting your duplicate contacts.

Contacts merge with the standard Contacts app

The first and easiest way to solve the problem leads to where the problem is also created. The duplicate contacts you can quite easily edit and merge in Android. Unfortunately, it looks at every smartphone manufacturer from a little different. In our examples, we've caught us a Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and were able to durchexerzieren with Google contacts and with the TouchWiz phone book, what you have to make your to delete duplicate contacts.

merge duplicate contacts in Nexus

google contacts merging 1Finds one of the duplicate entries and opens the contact. / © AndroidPIT

The ability to merge contacts in the Google PhoneBook, hidden in the area in which your contacts edited. thus opens a contact card and presses the pen icon in the upper right corner.

google contacts merging 2In the menu for contact handling you will find the entry "bring together", / © AndroidPIT

In that view you can open the menu and finds the entry Merge. Then the phone book opens again. Similar contacts are sorted immediately up so you do not have to look far by hand the duplicates. A tip on the contact is sufficient to remove the duplication and merge the contacts.

google contacts merge 3Once tapped, your address book leads the duplicate contacts together without confirmation question. / © AndroidPIT

If you make a mistake during the merge of the contacts, you can disconnect the connection simply again. At the same location where you will find the Merge button for simple contacts, joins on the merged contacts disconnection button.

delete duplicate contacts in Samsung Galaxy

Samsung makes the course all different, but not complicated. Opens again, the People app, which is linked by default on your home screen bottom left.

samsung contacts merging 1merge duplicate contacts: And there we find even twin girls. / © AndroidPIT

Typed here on the duplicate entry and open the menu. Samsung You want to press link contacts the entry.

samsung contacts merging 2also anticipate the Samsung contacts who you want to link. / © AndroidPIT

Samsung's phone book also makes intelligent assumptions want to link together what contacts you. Whether they have been stored on the SIM card in the Google cloud, in the Samsung cloud or on the phone memory, it does not matter. The People app performs duplicate contacts together from all sources.

samsung contacts merge 3The merging duplicate contacts faster than Google, thanks to multiple choice in Samsung phone book. / © AndroidPIT

As can be seen from the multiple selection at Samsung, bringing together duplicate contacts in Android can be solved in different elegant. If you have an LG or Sony, the menu items will be called something different, but the process is not bad differ from those described above.

Delete duplicate contacts in Google Web service

Google has developed a Web site specifically for contact management, with the you can comfortably merge with mouse and keyboard on the big screen your contacts from your computer. Of course, this assumes that you have synchronized all your contacts with Google. Samsung is the device contacts to Google must also move. More about contacts back up in the cloud you can learn here.

samsung sync contactsFirst pushes all contacts in the Google cloud. / © AndroidPIT

Once all your contacts have landed on Google's servers, you can manage all devices from where you must login with your Google Account. Accordingly, now you may sit down at the computer and access the following website and login you:

  • Google contacts
google contacts websiteWhen you first open you explain Google contacts, which it has on the box. / © AndroidPIT

After a short presentation of the most important capabilities of Google contacts you can find duplicates with duplicate contacts to merge. The wizard is programmed to automatically sort the entire phone book for duplication and makes quite accurate suggestions. If they are all true at you, you can top-right merge all and look you over a tidy address book on all of your devices.

google contacts merge websiteThe new contacts site Google makes Duplicate-Delete as simple as never before. / © AndroidPIT

If you are to work and you did not yet activated the new Web service from Google, I need you torment through the old interface. But even there you will find already an assistant to delete duplicate contacts.

google contacts old websiteLess pretty, but also available: The Duplicate Finder the old Google Contacts site. / © AndroidPIT

Clicking this in the first view of the site on More > For multiple entries and merge and controlled the proposals again by clicking maximize. The blue Merge button will delete your duplicates.

Delete duplicates with an app

The slim, ad-supported app Duplicate Contacts does exactly what it says on the pack you delete your duplicate contacts. At least from the phone book. She goes through all your cloud address books with which you are connected. Whenever you delete an entry, a copy of it is stored in a VCF file. To give you a clean directory and the security that your nothing really extinguished.

Duplicate ContactsInstall on Google Playduplicate contactsDuplicate contacts that you delete are outsourced to reality in a business card file. / © AndroidPIT