Huawei P9 Plus in the test: the smartphone with the Leica camera – Hardware Tests

Huawei has also introduced the P9 Plus next to P9. With a larger memory and pressure-sensitive 5.5-inch screen, the P9 Plus is a more powerful version of P9. Special feature: The camera of the China smartphone was manufactured together with the German camera manufacturer Leica. We looked closer us Huawei P9 Plus in the test and show you the strengths and weaknesses.

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  • &# X2713; quality of the Leica photos in raw format
  • &# X2713; Superior reception power
  • &# X2713; Long battery life


  • &# X2715; Aggressive power saving automatic restricts usability
  • &# X2715; Photography post distorted images
  • &# X2715; PressTouch yet with little benefit

Cheapest offer: Huawei P9 Plus

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Huawei P9 Plus: Price and Availability

The Huawei P9 Plus is the premium version of the Huawei P9 with additional functions. These include a broader 5.5-inch display with PressTouch, a powerful rechargeable battery and more memory. While the P9 has to make do with 3 GB, the Huawei has P9 Plus 4 GB. The internal memory is 64 GB at P9 Plus, thus, it has twice the storage space. If that's not enough, can the memory with microSD cards to expand a terabyte by up.

Huawei P9 Plus: design and processing

The Huawei P9 Plus has a unibody metal housing as the Huawei P8 and 6P. The P8 has a very elegant appearance compared to other devices of Chinese manufacturers. Huawei manages the P9 and P9 Plus, further improve the design.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8028Power button and volume rocker are located at P9 Plus on the right side. / © AndroidPIT

The P9 Plus has more rounded corners than the previous models. It is even 0.7 millimeters thinner than the S7 Edge by Samsung. With these dimensions and the 5.5-inch size, it is very comfortable in the hand.

On the front are the two stereo speakers, the front camera and the proximity sensor. Like the Huawei Mate S is the display of the P9 Plus from 2.5D glass which was very elegantly incorporated into the housing.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8013The back with the dual camera and the Leica logo / © AndroidPIT

The biggest design change in this generation of devices located on the back. Like the Nexus 6P there is a dual-camera sensor with dual flash. On the back is also the fingerprint scanner and the Huawei logo. Huawei has also covered against the small P9 the back of the P9 Plus with a clear coat. Through this painting, the P9 increase over the small P9 feels slippery.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8019Infrared sensor and noise-canceling microphone on the upper side / © AndroidPIT

On the right side, the volume rocker and the power button are located. Also, here is the slot for the SIM card and the microSD card is located. On the left side there are no keys. Upstairs there is only an infrared sensor.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8000The entire P9-family Huawei / © AndroidPIT

Below Huawei has built the port for USB Type-C at P9 Plus and a headphone jack. A stereo speaker you are looking at Huawei P9 Plus vain.

Huawei P9 Plus Display

Instead of a 5.2-inch IPS display like the P9 the Huawei used P9 Plus a 5.5-inch AMOLED display. The screen dissolves in Full HD and consists of 2.5D glass. With its 1920 x 1080 pixels, the display is 401 ppi. The screen is pressure sensitive and thus the P9 Plus is the second Huawei smartphone that has a display with PressTouch.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8034Pressure sensitive and very vivid color display / © AndroidPIT

Usual brilliant is the AMOLED display, when it comes to the representations of colors. These act compared to P9 with the IPS panel stronger and livelier. Who does not like it can lend a hand in the Settings screen and set the color temperature manually. Unfortunately, the display of Huawei P9 Plus has but a typical AMOLED property: from flat angles shift the colors into green-bluish.

Huawei P9 Plus DisplayThe color temperature of the display can be adjusted manually. / © AndroidPIT

is much more interesting than the representations of content that the display is pressure-sensitive. How extensive is the integration of PressTouch in the Android OS, you can learn in the following section.

Huawei P9 Plus: Features

After Huawei Mate S the P9 Plus receives a pressure-sensitive display, which adds the usual smartphone operating another level. Instead of just have to tap and swipe, a pressure-sensitive display also recognizes the different pressure strength. Huawei uses the Press-touch technology in some apps and even on the home screen when P9 Plus. Thus, for example, the navigation keys can be completely hidden and the function is then applied to the display edge. Pressing the center of the screen edge, then you jump back to the home screen. Task Switcher and back button are on the left and right accessible on the screen edge.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 7937Faster you do not reach certain functions. / © AndroidPIT

As with Apple's implementation of Force Touch into an iPhone with iOS, including the Huawei-P9-Plus users is in some apps on the home screen a context menu. Pressing more on the icon for the camera, does not open immediately the camera app, but you can select the camera function in advance.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 7942In the gallery we can highlight details of your fingertips. / © AndroidPIT

In addition to the context menus, there are other additional pressure sensitive extensions that Huawei has implemented for the P9 Plus. So you can activate a zoom function when viewing an image in the Huawei's Gallery app to zoom Details of an image section. Unfortunately, this zoom function works only in the Huawei's Gallery app and not in other photo apps like Google Photos.

Huawei P9 Plus Pressure SettingsTo PressTouch use P9 Plus completely at Huawei, there are additional settings. / © AndroidPIT

It is interesting but that Huawei converted the top corners of the display thanks Press-touch display as shortcut keys. the left and right upper corner of the display with shortcuts on the settings can be linked to frequently used apps. So you can start on the Shortcut corner as WhatsApp or Twitter by a strong pressure.

Huawei P9 Plus PressTouchReminiscent of iOS. / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, there are still no widely backed by PressTouch in Android. So far, the context menu can be used in very few apps. This is limited to the Huawei's own apps. Even with the shortcut corners there are to express a slight criticism, because this can only be used in the unlocked state. It would have been desirable if you had an option to use the shortcuts in the locked state or even in standby mode.

Huawei P9 Plus: Software

The Huawei comes P9 Plus, as the P9, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and EMUI user interface in version 4.1 in the trade. The software is not very different from the versions of previous models and includes the typical marshmallow functions. The Huawei sold outside China P9 Plus delivered all with Google Play and all other Google services. In China, Huawei smartphones are sold without the Google apps and services.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8005In the software, the P9 and P9 Plus not that different. / © AndroidPIT

Apart from the press-touch integration with EMUI 4.1, the smaller P9 has not changed compared to the software. Therefore, we refer here to the comprehensive test of Huawei P9.

  • Huawei P9 in the test: Professional camera with phone function

Huawei P9 Plus: Performance

The Huawei P9 Plus is a 4 Gbytes of memory and 64GB of internal memory. This is a more gigabytes of RAM and dual internal memory than the normal Huawei P9. In addition, in the smartphone the eight-core processor Kirin performs 955 his work - at 1.8 GHz per core. In addition, the Mali-T880 GPU.

Huawei P9 Plus benchmark 2The performance is the Huawei P9 Plus is very good. / © Androidpit

The performance of Huawei to assess P9 Plus, we sent it through our usual benchmark course. In this case, it was confirmed that even the P9 Plus despite 4 GB of RAM, from a pure performance point can not keep up as the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, LG or HTC G5 10 with the fastest smartphones.

Huawei P9 Plus benchmark 1But compared with the fastest smartphones the P9 Plus loses. / © Androidpit

But benchmarks are mainly synthetic in nature and may not be reflected in everyday life. But since the modern hardware of the P9 Plus for Android Marshmallow is almost oversized, there was neither in graphics-intensive games, when playing videos or only when switching apps problems. Everything went more than smoothly.

Huawei P9 Plus: Audio

In terms of music playback, the Huawei P9 Plus a little better than the smaller P9, but these are very fine nuances. Compared to smartphones such as HTC 10 with stereo speakers that Huawei is P9 Plus not comparable, but that does not interfere with P9 Plus also. This smartphone is not aimed at the musical friend, but in the smartphone photographers.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8015When P9 Plus there is only a mono speaker / © AndroidPIT

In the call quality, it looks back positive, because the P9 Plus filters the ambient noise well out so that the other person understands the owner even in difficult situations. Also the person is good to very good course. No problems so when the call quality.

Huawei P9 Plus Camera

The biggest surprise at P9 Plus, as with the P9, the camera technology. Both Huawei smartphones use two 12-megapixel sensors that have been developed together with the camera manufacturer Leica. Both cameras have an aperture of f / 2.2. The sensor takes pictures in black and white, while the other processes the color information. Both images are combined to form an image.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8031The dual-camera Leica / © AndroidPIT

Using the dual camera Huawei promises that depth of field effects can be produced, which is otherwise known only from costly SLR or system camera.

AndroidPIT Huawei P9 Plus 8050Also for selfies is a camera with 8 megapixels available. / © AndroidPIT

The 8-megapixel front camera is more than adequate for selfies and how the P9 and P9 Plus differ not in the main camera. More about the cameras are of Huawei P9 in the full camera test, or in the gallery with all test images.

  • Huawei P9 in the test: Professional camera with phone function

Huawei P9 Plus Battery

The Huawei P9 Plus has a 3,400 mAh battery, which should have a good runtime along with the power saving options of Android marshmallow and the SuperAMOLED full HD. According to Huawei, the P9 Plus will hold two days of normal use, with constant use at least one and a half days.

Huawei P9 Plus BatteryIn battery benchmark that Huawei is quite convincing P9 Plus / © AndroidPIT

Benchmark Test of AnTuTu Tester Huawei P9 Plus reaches a level of 7,785 points, which is a good value. In an endurance test with Geekbench 3, the P9 Plus could hold 6 hours and 13 minutes at a time. But these are values ​​that can be achieved with synthetic benchmarks. In the smartphone everyday Huawei held P9 Plus in my test good day and a half through before it had to be reconnected to the power supply.

Does the battery times but run out of steam, it is recharged to up to 70 percent within an hour. For a full charge, the battery takes 110 minutes.

Huawei P9 Plus: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
152.3 x 75.3 x 6.98 mm
162 g
3400 mAh
5.5 inches
1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi)
8 megapixels
12 megapixels
6.0 - Marshmallow
Huawei EMUI
4 GB
64 GB
HiSilicon Kirin 955
2.5 GHz
HSPA, LTE, Bluetooth 4.2

final verdict

The Huawei P9 Plus is a stylish smartphone that has the advantages of normal P9 including an innovative smartphone camera. Only the P9 Plus in ceramic white looks in our opinion, with its plastic look a little cheap looking. The user interface is very attractive with the default settings. But that's not what the user could not change even through customized settings.

The Huawei P9 Plus is a stylish smartphone.

Despite these shortcomings, the Huawei P9 Plus a very good smartphone. The Huawei P9 Plus is even more than a very good smartphone. The very good camera plays your qualities but only of when your mind to it, and exploits the possibilities of the Pro mode. Smartphone photographers who are familiar with ISO settings, white balance, shutter speed and exposure compensation, will have your true joy of P9 and P9 Plus.

The not yet completed integration of PressTouch is a small flaw. Anyone who buys a P9 Plus, the smartphone does not buy because of the pressure-sensitive displays, but mainly due to the larger battery, the larger display area and the Leica camera.

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