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Cubot comes back on the Android arena. The new smartphone is called Dinosaur. It is offered for under a hundred euros. Is it therefore a bargain or rip-off? We have tested it in detail and share with you our impressions.

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Cheapest offer: Cubot Dinosaur

Best priceeBay100.62 €To the shop

Cubot Dinosaur: Price and Availability

The Cubot Dinosaur can be purchased immediately for 99.99 euros. This makes it one he best smartphones with Android marshmallow on the German market.

EFOXCubot Dinosaur€ 99.99Buy now

The smartphone is available in black, white and gold. Purely from the price you can not go wrong with the Cubot Dinosaur. If you are willing to take a little more money for a smartphone in hand, you should you but look at his weaknesses closer we explain to you in the following sections.

AndroidPIT cubot dinosaur review 2727The Cubot Dinosaur costs less than 100 euros. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: design and processing

By design, the Cubot Dinosaur again has little to offer. It is neither good nor ergonomically with one hand to operate. It is 152.3 x 77.2 x 8.8 mm too large for a hand. Although see the metal edges from not bad, but do not fulfill any function.

The focus of the 202-gram Cubot Dinosaur is so not ergonomic in the plastic housing that the smartphone can be kept really uncomfortable. Overall, the handling of the product by poor ergonomics is unpleasant. And as the simple-minded design has the not counter, the Dinosaur in this section can not score really.

AndroidPIT cubot dinosaur review 2720The Cubot Dinosaur is handy neither beautiful nor. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: Display

The 5.5-inch IPS display has 1,280 pixels with 267 ppi in 720 x. For games and movies. Extends the Who is looking for a pierced, high-contrast image, but must look elsewhere. In everyday life, but the display fell on not unpleasant; it's perfectly fine for the price.

AndroidPIT cubot dinosaur review 2723The display of the Cubot Dinosaur is reasonable for its price. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: Features

The Cubot Dinosaur is a dual SIM device with LTE support - the latter also applies to the much used in Germany LTE band 20. The battery is interchangeable, which is now considered as a special feature. During the test, we were able to format microSD card as internal memory. It supports up to 32 GB cards; in the test we were able to use a 64-gigabyte card.

Cubot Dinosaur: Software

On the Cubot Dinosaur runs Android marshmallow. However Cubot enriched the software with little extras to the basic user interface leaves the standard design. In the test, the software proves to be quite fast and stable. The number of pre-installed apps is tolerable, especially as can be apart from the Google Apps your metals irish all apps.

AndroidPIT cubot dinosaur review 2731The Cubot Dinosaur comes with Android marshmallow. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: Performance

The performance of the Cubot Dinosaur is not outstanding, but certainly adequate for the price. The built-in quad-core processor MediaTek MT6735A brand clocked at 1.3 GHz. 3 GB of RAM help you multitask. The internal memory of 16 GB you will want to expand but at an early stage with a MicroSD.

In the test the Cubot Dinosaur unfortunately crashed when playing videos and otherwise I had little trouble with the Stabiität. the manufacturer may resolve the problem with a software update.

The LTE support is optimal for Europe: 1/3/7/20 bands are supported. Thus you have in Germany, anywhere access on the 4G network provider, if available.

collate 2The Antutu score of Cubot Dinosaur is not worth mentioning. / © AndroidPIT Screenshot

In benchmarks, the Cubot Dinosaur is not convincing. Even two years older, middle-class smartphones perform better in the synthetic tests in some cases.

collate 1In Geekbench 3 benchmark the Cubot Dinosaur lags behind older devices. / © AndroidPIT Screenshot

Cubot Dinosaur: Camera

The cameras of Cubot Dinosaur enough for snapshots and video evidence, but do not provide really good results. Back you have a 13-megapixel notches with f / 2.0 and a simple LED flash. Front you have a 5-megapixel camera with f / 2,8er opening.

While real-time HDR can easily increase the contrast range, the other software features are not very useful. The beauty mode of selfie cam produces nothing but blur on skin tones.

collate 3The Beauty Mode can you you probably pay. / © AndroidPIT

The main camera focuses too late indoors or not at all. Details will be lost. Outdoors, the contrast range is too low. Bright areas burn out or dark drink from the mark.

collate 4Inside there is focus problems. / © AndroidPITcollate 5Outside's is milky or contrast. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: Battery

The replaceable battery of Cubot Dinosaur set with 4150 mAh about one-third more energy than the average smartphone battery. In the field test, the battery was still just large enough. After eight hours of work, videos and games the Cubot Dinosaur had to be recharged. That's less than one expects from such a large battery and so weak hardware.

AndroidPIT cubot dinosaur review 2717Thick body, heavy smartphone, large battery and still weak term. / © AndroidPIT

Cubot Dinosaur: Specifications

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Android:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
152.3 x 77.2 x 8.8 mm
202 g
4150 mAh
5.5 inches
1280 x 720 pixels (267 ppi)
13 megapixels
5 megapixels
6.0 - Marshmallow
3 GB
16 GB
ARM Cortex-A5
1.3 GHz
LTE, dual-SIM

final verdict

The Cubot Dinosaur is reasonably well for its price. If you are simply just looking for a cheap smartphone, and places no value on design, performance, or camera, you can confidently strike. Then it might be for you, even the best smartphone for under 100 euros.

As alternatives only devices come in question, which are more expensive to 30 euros or more. Here is particularly Moto G 2015, which shoots much better pictures and does not require the Cheetah mobile. but the much better alternative would be the Honor 5X.

Where to buy the Cubot Dinosaur

Best priceeBay 3GB + 16GB CUBOT dinosaur 4G Smartphone 5.5" Customs 4150mAh cell phone Android 6.0 WIFI100.62 €100.62 € TotalTo the shopeBay CUBOT Dinosaur 5.5 inch HD 4G smartphone 3GB + 16GB Android mobile quad-core 2SIM100.99 €€ 100.99 TotalTo the shopeBay 4150mAh CUBOT Dinosaur 3GB + 16GB 4G Smartphone 5.5" Android 6.0 Dual SIM mobile phone EU100.99 €€ 100.99 TotalTo the shopeBay CUBOT Dinosaur Gold Smartphone 3GB + 16GB mobile phone - Gold104.99 €104.99 € TotalTo the shopeBay 5.5" CUBOT Dinosaur 4G mobile Android Dual sim 3 + 16GB Quad Core 13MP smartphone EU105,99 €105.99 € TotalTo the shopCompare prices

Cubot Dinosaur

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