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LG has introduced the G3 in May 2014. one of the best smartphones of the year. It was the first mainstream smartphone with QHD resolution and led LG's operating concept with back buttons on. There are now the successor of LG G4, but the G3 is thus automatically outdated? That and more is the LG G3 in the test.

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Cheapest offer: LG G3

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LG G3: Price and Availability

The LG G3 is to have currently at Amazon for 400 to 450 euros, depending on the color variation. These prices are for the 32 GB model.

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LG G3: design and processing

An aluminum body did not get the G3 counter suspicions prior to the official presentation, which was still in order in, 2014. But in view of the growing trend towards metal, most recently the Galaxy S6 has driven impressive, the plastic design of the G3 from today's perspective seems a bit weak. LG seems to look like in 2015, and so the successor G4 is at least in the more expensive variant is now in genuine leather and plastic provides only as a cheaper version.

But the workmanship and the finish of the G3 plastic housing are high enough to come close to the noble-looking feel of brushed metal, and so no one needs to be ashamed to be seen with this device is also in, 2015. Laudable: LG has heard the case on the critics who had complained the previous model, the LG G2, the smooth and prone to smearing and puts back the G3 to a matte finish.

lg g3 backNoble Finish: The back of the G3 is reminiscent of aluminum, although it is here to plastic. / © AndroidPIT

The control buttons on the back are also implemented better than the previous model, they are discreetly housed in the housing, the round power button in the center is surrounded by the volume rocker, a second frame connects the camera lens with the control buttons. Left and right at the same level of dual-LED flash and laser autofocus - this arrangement felt tidy G3 and sophisticated in testing the LG and contributes to the overall high-quality impression.

lg g3 infraredAn infrared transmitter on the top part of the LG G3 and the equipment - headphone jack and Micro-USB connector located at the bottom. / © AndroidPIT

Thanks to the plastic housing with removable back the unit for its size is relatively easy, but acts simultaneously stable and well-made, loose or inaccurate manufactured parts were relying not on the test of the LG G3. Nevertheless, the finding remains: With the sophistication of a Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9 the LG G3 can not keep up.

LG G3: Display

LG was the G3 of the first manufacturers with a 2K display in the market. Contrary to the assumptions of other manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and HTC have followed the trend of super high resolution immediately, a year later now but slowly. About sense and nonsense of 2K display with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches can argue it, a direct comparison we have made here:

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lg g3 display low angleGood viewing angle: The LG G3 can even be seen from oblique angles. / © AndroidPIT

Apart from the high resolution display of the G3 is also otherwise great. At full brightness it hidden in the test almost even in direct sunlight, it is easy to read. Color reproduction, contrast and viewing angles are also top - without a doubt, the G3 has also in 2015 one of the best displays on the market.

lg g3 display closeThe LG G3 display is one of the hottest on the market. / © AndroidPIT

LG G3: Features

LG is introduced with the G2 unusual placement of buttons continued on the back panel. Thus, the G-series is significantly different from the current models from other manufacturers. The operation requires some getting used to at first, but is quick easy and intuitive of the hand, in addition, the keys have a good tactile feedback, which contributes to ease of use. However, we knew that not only since the test of the LG G3. Users seem to have adopted the operating concept, at least it is clear that they do not reject it, because that LG G4 has the keys in the usual manner on the back. LG users confirm at AndroidPIT: Who is worried that back buttons could be a problem, can be absolutely reassured. This is definitely not the case. Only when taking pictures in landscape mode it is virtually impossible to use the volume button as a trigger.

Another special feature is the laser auto-focus, which is to make the G3 one of the fastest camera smartphones on the market. In fact, the focus works quickly and reliably even in low light conditions, but a significant speed advantage compared to other top devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8) we could not tell. On this point, the views and user experiences differ, however. In 2015, the laser autofocus is still an LG-exclusive feature, that is, also the G3 stands here still out.

Also on board is an infrared transmitter, which is available now in many top smartphones. So that the G3 can be used as a remote control for the home TV or stereo system.

LG G3 Software

The user interface of the G3 has been significantly reworked, and the new look is the LG smartphone good. It is away from the playful, childlike colorful surface, toward more muted colors and flat, two-dimensional icons - a design trend, follow in the smartphone sector, many of Apple over Samsung to Google.

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lg g3 quick settingsFlat icons and a discreet user interface contribute to the good impression of the user interface on the LG G3. / © AndroidPIT

The phone software G3 showed in the test some specifics, especially the great success on the Android Market established knock-on function to turn on and off the display by double tap. Introduced with the LG G2 Mini Knock Code is the logical continuation - by a previously determined typing patterns can unlock the smartphone at the same time and switch on.

lg g3 menu navigationIn the settings menu, among other things, the possibility of the navigation buttons of the LG G3 will configure itself. / © AndroidPIT

Also for individualization, the G3 offers a number of settings. One of the most useful options is the ability to arrange the navigation buttons at the bottom of itself and add the navigation bar symbols - up to five fit into the bar. This feature not heard even a year later to the broad standard, manufacturers such as Huawei but have now taken it (for example in the new Huawei P8).

LG was one of the fastest manufacturers in terms of the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, and so is the G3 by software on the amount of time and it will certainly remain so for a year, because the LG G2 has received Android Lollipop. That is, if you now think about a G3, you need to none of the numerous new features in Google's latest system update without. Should there be any problems for you after the update, you will find solutions here:

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LG G3: Performance

The performance of the G3 is at the highest level, the Snapdragon 801 processor brings high performance in any situation, stuttering or dropouts were not found in our review of the LG G3 and in everyday use. Animations ran liquid, apps launch quickly and without delay.

In 2015, the processor is fairly outdated. There are now numerous successors, the Snapdragon 805, which the Nexus 6 (test) and the Galaxy Note 4 (Test) drives, the Snapdragon 808 hitting the LG G4 (which in all probability, however, was a stopgap measure because its stronger successor had heat problems ) and the reference chip the first half of 2015, the Snapdragon 810 potters in most current flagships (such as the HTC One M9, the Mi Note Pro and others).

Thus, the LG G3 is still powerful and should be enough users who do not insist on the very latest, but the current processors are not just faster, they are also more efficient.

LG G3 Camera

The laser autofocus LG promises very fast focusing and thus particularly fast photos - perfect for snapshots. As mentioned above, the camera is actually very fast, but can not distanced itself from the competition. In low light, the LG G3 took about one second in the test to focus, and trigger, in daylight, the camera is faster. In low light, the autofocus does not always sits in the test it happened several times that the camera triggered despite blur. This weakness but LG shares with all other manufacturers.

The picture quality is generally good and is on a level with the top cameras of Samsung's Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2 or HTC One (M8). On the smartphone display, the images appear sharp and pleasant noise, on closer inspection on the PC screen but shows that the low noise is made possible by a very strong post processing - this detail is lost at the same time. Even with very little light succeed the G3 still sufficiently bright images, strong whitening but for which payment also with strong noise.

Those who place great value on a particularly good camera should resort to a current model, and here the LG G4 stands out positively. With its particularly wide aperture significantly better images he succeed in low light, and the camera will shoot faster. In addition, the camera of the G4 can be set all the details even in convenience to the user. Such freedom lacks the LG G3.

Aspect ratio 16: 9, the G3 comes to a maximum of 10 megapixels, in the 4: 3 aspect ratio is 13 megapixels. The camera software comes with surprisingly few functions, this is where LG as well as Samsung already in S5 reduction. Four modes are available: The Magic Focus enables the subsequent determination of the focal plane, the dual-camera shoots photos at a time with two cameras, in addition to the panorama mode there are otherwise only the automatic option. Other settings include the insertion of a grid, the automatic or manual activation of HDR (without real-time preview) and the definition of the aspect ratio and resolution.

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LG G3 Battery

The battery of the G3 is not particularly strong, given the screen size and high resolution. With 3000 mAh its performance for a day of 8 extends to 24 PM. In our review of the LG G3, we have (about 45 minutes) used the device at this time to make phone calls, have pictures taken, Social apps used (WhatsApp, Facebook, about 20 percent), e-mails retrieved (the browser Chrome ) and Google Drive uses. we are never progressed beyond the period of one day, in the evening, the G3 had to urgently to the outlet. So that the battery life is average, but smartphones like the OnePlus One hold a little longer.

Those who hope that the successor G4 better off here will be disappointed. show Various battery tests that the G4 does not last longer than its predecessor. If the battery power thus be the criteria by which you decide between G3 and G4, you can safely save a few hundred Eure and pick up the G3.

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LG G3: Technical Data

Dimensions:Mass:Battery capacity:Display size:Display Technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Lightning:Android:User interface:R.A.M:Internal memory:Removable storage:chipset:Number of cores:Max. Frequency:connectivity:
146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm
149 g
3000 mAh
5.5 inches
2560 x 1440 pixels (534 ppi)
2.1 megapixels
13 megapixels
5.0 - Lollipop
Optimus UI
3 GB
2 GB
32 GB
16 GB
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
2.5 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0
lg g3 frontThe LG G3: top hardware in an attractive exterior. / © AndroidPIT

final verdict

Not only for us, the LG G3 one of the best smartphones of 2014. For the talk is great device especially his display that unconventional but practical operating concept with the buttons on the back and the consistent implementation of feedback and criticism. With the G3 LG has taken an important step forward, the proven (software) retained features and screwed to design and equipment. The battery is replaceable, a microSD slot is on board, the finish of the plastic housing is haptic much successful than in its predecessor.

is who thinks in 2015 on a purchase, does not wrong a lot, it has to be only clear that no long-distance runner you get with the LG G3 in terms of battery life (which is the successor not) and now a lot has happened in terms of processing power , Most users this difference will not stand out negatively, but it is measurable and certainly felt for power users. Especially in terms of image quality a lot has changed, so that here the G3 is definitely no longer the measure of all things in the year, 2015.

More modern and actually even cheaper alternatives exist now, just think of the Honor 6 Plus (for testing). Here you get the same size, a smaller but still sufficient display resolution, a faster processor, probably slightly better camera and a much larger battery.

Where to buy the LG G3

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