Top 5 on the forum: malware, video pleasure without screen, WhatsApp and more

A weekend draws to an end, but that is no reason to blow affliction. Just enjoy but the Top 5 on the forum. These revolve mainly around today malware, a topic with which determines everyone has ever employed.

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5. Whatsapp counterfeit in circulation

That you should not install any app from the Play Store Blind, is the latest example of swa00. He know back to an article in which it comes to that tens of people have installed an app that looks at first glance like WhatsApp, but it is not. If you are concerned, then uninstall the app and look the future in the Play Store not only the name of the app, but also on the developer. A look at the ratings also worthwhile to distinguish the real from the fake.

  • This WhatsApp tips and tricks can help you

4. I can video only "hear" when the screen is on?

There are moments when you want to play a video, but it can turn off the display. Inga Lena has been surprised that this is not readily possible and apparently wanted to know a solution from you. Of course, you have not let you down a long time and their inter alia, the MX Player is recommended. If your way, happy times at YouTube Music stops must leave the display turned without, we wrote this week a guide for you.

  • So your YouTube can play in the background

AndroidPit best video playerVideos do not always need picture! / © AndroidPIT

3. install apps without saying

Not only Chrome this week installed simply by itself, even Lucky Jack has a similar problem and even with two apps. As he, however, already scarce, the phone has half a year in operation, he can not imagine that this is a similar problem as with Chrome itself. But unfortunately you have told him from experience, but that it is probably on the device and it should look elsewhere.

2. WLAN authentication failure since firmware update

Not a week without a thread about updates that do not improve anything, but rather worsen. Why everyone wants to again as soon as possible updates? Since the last update on the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) has Harlequin problems that the smartphone did not want to connect with his wireless. He had already restarted routers and smart phone and deleted the wireless connection in the mobile phone and refurbished, but somehow nothing has helped. Ultimately, he had then the 2.4 GHz connection to his router and disable now has no problems, but there have been other reported the problem and maybe you have other tips?

1. Chrome - A new malware app with confusion

Probably everyone knows of you Chrome and many will also use the browser, but have you ever heard of Chrome? Forum currently more Report with a Nomu S20 Smartphone, in which repeatedly installed Chrome, though they do not want this. When the app is apparently to malware and in which device it helps apparently only a custom ROM to bottles. Did you have such a case for your smartphone even been here before and now you can help?

AndroidPIT Google chrome tips 2Chrome everyone knows, but Chrome has created some confusion. / © AndroidPIT

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