Galaxy J7 – Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM J500FN) rooting / HELP

Dear Sir or Madam, 
I wanted time today rooten my Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM J500FN) and saw a small problem.
I did everything for a tutorial on YouTube, everything step by step.

As far as everything all Super worked .. Odin recognizes my phone .. select the file ... Click on Start .. 
Then when my phone restarts Is there normally Samung Galaxy J5 ........ in the upper left corner is also this mini magazine as the download mode.
then the screen goes black and the phone starts after a good 15 seconds.
In the video, the Home screen is about 5 seconds then switches to the Home screen and actually running normally high. 

If the phone is on, I got it, but unsuccessfully with Root Checker Try rooting did not work.

Does anyone know what can it be?
I would be very help features.

Best regards 

Hello Hannes,

which you have rooted?

with a CF Autoroot file?

You have the right caught, used the latest Samsung drivers and especially previously disabled a possibly installed GRAVEL?

On what version of Android your J5 is current?

Hello Hannes Zipperling!

Welcome here in the Forum. :)

I've moved your thread times in the appropriate area. ;)

Yes I used a Autoroot file.
The right I'm not sure I have at least all three that I've found tried.

Gravel I uninstalled before.

It is on the newest Android version. (I think 5.1.1 Lollipop?)

It is IMPORTANT to take that exactly matched your device.

For your there is an explicit CF

Try again so .... otherwise probably only helps flashing a StockROM 5.1.1. (ODIN) But then your smartphone to factory condition -> ergo safety on, which is important.

Perhaps you would have a link for this CF so it goes faster?

Et voila ....

Then choose the right file YOUR model is explicitly mentioned

Thank you very much!
I'm doing right when I am home.
then sign up again as it looks ��

Please click on the EXACT file eighth

good luck

Thank you Super worked.
Root Checker also says that it has worked.
SU is installed.

However, immediately followed by the next problem.
Have downloaded Game CIH and when I open this follows an error message.

Add a screenshot, maybe because someone can help me also.image

The same is also at Game Guardian.
I appears that Game Guardian has no root right and I should rooten my device.

Have you installed SuperSu?

If not: Just looking at the Play Store (may as a new user publish links is here) & to install.

Hi, I downloaded me just the file. However, I get after unpacking and starting the exe.Datei pointing
" Application for action can not be found"

'm switching from the iPhone and am doing very difficult for me ....

Hi, I was very pleased to discover this thread because I have the same device and my phone would like rooting. However, I would like to get me the opportunity to put it in a possibly warranty returns. Who does not. Now I have elsewhere read something from a Knox Warranty flag that supposedly counts up the rooting of a mobile phone. the site no longer think unfortunately. Is that correct ? And if so, is there a proven unroot process for the device, which allows you to reset this flag also again? Tools like Kingroot promise that they take over the unroot. But I am very skeptical about the tool and do not know if you can use it even if you have made the rooting itself in a different way. Apart from the fact that I as the subject "Warranty Flag" have found no statements.
Many greetings

Hi Ina,

Welcome to the forum (*)

the counter can not be reset, unfortunately, I personally rate of Kingroot and Co. from - my personal opinion.

Hi Ludy,

Thank you for your quick response. Then I give the search to first.
I had in the meantime even the app Triangle Away unearthed that can apparently reset the Knox flag on some devices again. But on closer reading my device because not supported. :-(

About Kingroot & Co we agree. My driver for the rooting is only the idea that I want to protect my data better. The authorization concept of Google I feel as a disaster. But it is of little help to me when I aussperre Google, but but some apps and unknown servers open the door to my data.

Since the phone is fairly new, I'll put the issue of rooting for the time being and try to seal the coarsest holes with the firewall NetGuard, which can be used without root, fortunately. The code for this app is open at GhitHub. I personally can not judge the code, but find itself already so a step inspire much confidence.

I write this here times everything in some detail there because this whole search has cost me a lot of time and I hope to be able to remove at least other people a little work with these found information similar knitted like me.

Many greetings

Hi, I have exactly this smartphone SM J500FN, but with the Android version 6.0.1 and it would rooten.
Unfortunately, I find at only Auoroot file for the Android version 5.1.1
Can someone help me there?

Hello everybody,

(Please be sure the bottom "conditions" read)
have already searched the Web, and indeed there are many guides to rooting / install of custom roms for
the J5 (SM-J500FN). I must now rooting for my boss (or Custom Rom) (SEE WHY IMPORTANT!), Is a long story.
Have already some phones rooted, but when I search for his good guide for the J5, I find everywhere only what is spammed in their comments CONSTANT that it did not work out, etc, etc.

Please please someone knows a guide that works ?? have .. Does the today until 13:00 :((

Sorry if wrong section or otherwise. :(

Here the Speccs

Device: Samsung SM-J500FN 5.1.1
Model Galaxy J5
Android 5.1.1

dpi @ SWHC3802 # 1

Thank you in advance.

########## Requirements: ROOT or Custom Rom that allows bloatware to kick so on. He just needs more memory. System apps that is, away and best system with better memory management !!! would be best, I think ne rom like CyanogenMod that he in the system itself can make updates. just knows not sooooo ##########
########## ########## ########## ########## ########## ########## ##########

And why do you insist the floor Rome rooten if eh a Custom Rom to install?

Look here for times

root is not previously required
Reactivation lock must be made and
OEM Unlocking be active (if any) must