Android One: why Xiaomi has strong trump cards up its sleeve

First Android One was aimed at emerging markets. The goal was to bring a pure Android experience to every corner of the world. But of course, each user can benefit from this affordable experience. Xiaomi has finally gone with his Mi A1 all-in and it looks as though other manufacturers such as HTC will follow with his U11 Life, this example. The ability to use stock Android on a Xiaomi device for me was love at first sight. Here I will outline the benefits of Android One up on the Mi A1 once.

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no bloatware

If there is anything that hates every user with all his heart, then the bloatware. The majority of manufacturers (Samsung at the top) pack usually the software to their phone with their own apps and install fully equal partners also apps like Facebook, Instagram or other paid developers before. Who does not like the service or would simply prefer to use alternatives that has the app on the smartphone. The then eat memory, at worst battery performance.

Xiaomi, however, is a special case. The international version has usually not many pre-installed apps, but unfortunately there is usually strong delays in the development and updates. but decides your you because of the better updates for the Chinese version, the system contains numerous apps that you can not use outside China.

AndroidPIT xiaomi android one 2061On the first day with Xiaomi and Android One I felt like a kid in a candy store. / © AndroidPIT

A Xiaomi device from day one, with a nearly empty tank, is a luxury that otherwise occurs only in pixels.

Strictly speaking, we could look at Google Apps as bloatware, but the majority of us uses them anyway and others like Google Play are absolutely necessary. Of course, "Play Games". "Play Music". "Play Movies" and "playbooks" all services associated with purchased on Google Play content, especially the last three. Fortunately, these apps do not take a lot of memory and at least they can be disabled at any time.

simple user interface

One of the best things about a pure Android experience how easy it is to use the user interface. Most manufacturers personalize the background of its launcher and some even so far as to change the main Settings menu structure.

AndroidPIT xiaomi android one 2066Apps that are organized by folders or apps are in alphabetical order. / © AndroidPIT

Speaking Launcher: Some manufacturers opt for an iOS-like organization where they put all the apps on the home screen. In just a few apps installed this system works well. The more there are, the worse this organizing principle is. On my Mi 5s I had over 120 apps for professional reasons. Some were organized in folders, not others. In the end, you would have to rebuild its order completely or is it a nightmare to find a particular app. As always I install a lot of apps, and I prefer to have them in the app drawer where they are sorted alphabetically. In this way, my home screen for those will be reserved that I use most often.

And even more: There is this passion of some manufacturers to arrange the settings menu again and make. I think they try to make the navigation for the user easier, but it just does not work. Every time I change my phone to another brand, the menu is completely different. I never understood this strategy, since they all have access to Android floor and it is simple and easy for everyone to use.

AndroidPIT xiaomi android one 2069Some are the same, but others will never find. / © AndroidPIT

series optimized

I have always thought that Xiaomi has its user interface MIUI well optimized. But after I've seen some speed tests, it turned out that that's not true. In Android camp Android One is probably the easiest and most effective operating system - and that in addition to the many different Android essays. In other words, it is the version that requires the least resources and will run the fastest.

The truth is that the feeling of Android floor at Xiaomi, as I have already mentioned, love at first sight. In addition to the performance, the battery life is very respectable and is reached by hardly a high-end smartphone.

AndroidPIT xiaomi android one 2057Two lockscreens that could hardly be more different. / © AndroidPIT

Android One: Updates for two years

Each Android-One features Google's promise of two years direct updates. This is a significant advantage, but as we have seen, updates may be slightly delayed (as it was at BQ Aquaris A4.5 the case), at least security patches come on the day on which they are promised.

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In the specific case of Xiaomi Mi A1 but updates can also be delayed because not from the Software from Google. The camera and infrared control are used by Xiaomi, so the updates need to probably take a little extra round.

Class software and affordable hardware

It is undeniable that Xiaomi hardware sold at rock-bottom prices. And now, with Android One, they have a system that makes the majority of users happy - especially in the West, where it is more difficult to find these devices.

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Android One on mid-range smartphone is a great opportunity for all. Many of us have envied the pixel for its great hardware and timely updates. Now there is a way to get the same updates at half price. This is something that many users have been waiting for.

Will you buy an Android One smartphone? Perhaps the Mi A1 of Xiaomi? Betray us with a comment!