Setting [Tutorial] Custom Recovery TWRP and Root

Motorola Moto X Play (XT1562)] [! User uploaded photo

(!) Everything at your own risk neither nor do I accept Veranwortung for damage to hardware and software.
The tutorial is created to the best of its knowledge and belief, would they still errors appear they will naturally corrected.(!)

files needed

  • Motorola USB drivers Motorola Device Manager Version 2.5.4
  • mfastboot v2 + adb - Compilation of me
  • BETA-SuperSU-v2.62-3
  • TWRP-lux recovery
  • no warning with open boot loader - boot logo (optional) - corrected by me

hardware needed

  • PC with Windows ;)
  • an original USB cable (not cheap rubbish (!))
  • Moto X Play
  • Brain.exe (very important) (Nerd)

install drivers

Run Motorola Device Manager and follow


  1. mfastboot v2 + unzip - simplicity to C: \ mfastboot \
  2. (Not extract) in C: \ mfastboot \ Copy
  3. TWRP-lux {version} .img Copy \ mfastboot \: C
  4. optional unpack and log_orig_moto_x_play_1562_ds.bin Copy \ mfastboot \: C
  5. turns the Developers option free, and enables the point OEM unlock

Unlock Bootloader

Follow the instructions of the page Login via Google+ is recommended.
Do you use instead fastboot -> mfastboot, should work the same way.
Unlock Bootloader

Start your bootloader

Device still in operation

goes into the C: \ mfastboot \ directory, the Shift key down and open a command prompt

adb.exe reboot bootloader

Device off

Volume Down + Power button until you are in the bootloader

boat & flash of Recovery

  1. goes into the C: \ mfastboot \ directory, the Shift key down and open a command prompt
  2. then give the (!) boat (!) Command to test whether the recovery starts

    mfastboot.exe boat TWRP-lux-3.0.2-r2.img
  3. Now you should be in TWRP Recovery, now on reboot and then back to bootloader
    a. yes, worked
    b. no, an error in the command prompt (command again control)
  4. Now we flash the recovery (is tightly integrated into the system) with the following command

    mfastboot.exe flash recovery TWRP-lux-3.0.2-r2.img
  5. The prompt give the following from (numbers may differ)

    target max-sparse-size: 256MBsending 'recovery' (7350 KB) ...OK [0.370s]writing 'recovery' ...OK [0.172s]finished. total time: 0.545s
  6. navigated to with the volume up volume down rocker RECOVERY MODE and confirmed with the power button
  7. You should have the same screen as in the boot command
  8. oppressive now on advanced, then ADB sideload and wipes the arrow from left to right Swipe to start sideload
  9. At the command prompt You can now give the command - for installing the on

    adb.exe sideload
  10. Now you start the device again Reboot system

You now have root privileges, the SuperSu app should you now be found on your device. Now go to Google Play gates and updated SuperSu.

SuperSu will now prompt you to update the SU binary, this confirms your and starts the device new.

Bothers you at boot time to note that the bootloader is opened, etc.? Then we flash a modified original logo.

flash logo

  1. the device reset to the boot loader
  2. the command displays the boot logo is replaced

    mfastboot.exe flash logo log_orig_moto_x_play_1562_ds.bin
  3. launches the new device and the message is gone ;)